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This is very informative. I only know up to my lolo, Conrado Quesada. (I'm the daughter of Edgardo Quesada and Vida Imperial) I can provide updates (up to my cousins and siblings only) if needed Smile
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Joe Gene Quesada wrote:
Hi Vice,

My name is Jose Eugenio "Joe Gene" L. Quesada. I am the son of Hector and Clara Quesada. I searched for information about my grandfather, Dr. Eugenio Quesada, on google and I was directed to the page. I read the forum post on our family tree. I would like to update our family tree. I am now married to Aubrey Jane "Jing" Abellana of Davao City. We have a son named Jose Alfonso.

I'll keep in touch by registering on this site.

Thank you and Godbless.

Joe Gene

Hi Joe Gene,

Thanks for visiting our site! Pls. take another look.

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Joe Gene Quesada
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Hi Vice,

My name is Jose Eugenio "Joe Gene" L. Quesada. I am the son of Hector and Clara Quesada. I searched for information about my grandfather, Dr. Eugenio Quesada, on google and I was directed to the page. I read the forum post on our family tree. I would like to update our family tree. I am now married to Aubrey Jane "Jing" Abellana of Davao City. We have a son named Jose Alfonso.

I'll keep in touch by registering on this site.

Thank you and Godbless.

Joe Gene
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By Col. (Ret.) Frank B. Quesada USA, Associate, PMA Class ‘44

The bloodline of the Quesadas can be traced from two places in Spain. One, in the Iberian Peninsula, in Jaen, Andalucia in the South, and the other, in the vast wine country of Northern Spain, near the city of San Sebastian, adjacent to France.

Historical Origin

The surname Quesada derives from the old Latin word “caseus” meaning cheese. As a matter of fact, the surname is an ancient form of the finger delicacy, “quesadilla” (little cheese pie) which was first recorded in the year 890 and is now known worldwide.

This particular dietary staple is made from milk, quite a delicacy which helped establish a reputation at the town of Quesada where it originated. This town is located in the southern Spanish province of Jaen, Andalucia, Spain.

Queasada’s Variants

Among the variants of the surname Quesada were: Quexada, Quevedo, Quecedo, Queija, and Queijo although not a direct descendant.
From the “old blood” (originals), references were traced to the ancient Quesada family in their ancestral home located in the town of Quesada, known for their strong character, being perspicacious and refined. They have a long bloodline in Spain and in Canary Island. Most of them were voyagers, other were soldiers of fortune and seafarers, all hungering for adventures. The younger generation had a record of successful professionalism in their respective field of occupational specialties.
They carry and handed down to the succeeding generation their olden coat of arms of the original, humble Quesada family aptly recorded in the Spanish registry and in England. (See description of the coat of arms below).

Earliest Roots

Descendants of the primal Quesada were traced from Juan de Molina Quesada, son of Alonzo de Quesada, who held the prestigious position of “The Guardian of the Castle Arenas in Jaen.”
In 1568, he moved to Canary Island where he founded his town, named after himself.

Index of the Family Surnames

Other references about the Quesada family are listed in the “Indice de Appellidos Probados de la Orden de Carlos III,” as follows: Francisco Javier Quesada, Tomas de Quesada, Mariana Bernarda de Quesada, Catalina de Quesada Avillon, and Gabriel de Quesada y Requena. Last but not the least was General Ximenes de Quesada, a Spanish explorer, who commanded an expedition against the Chichiba Indians, and penetrated into New Grenada, founded the City of Bogotá in 1538.

Family Coat-of-Arms

In the olden days, distinguished families had their own coat-of-arms. The Quesadas had their own family identity (Blazon de Armas), described in the “Indice” as follows: Gules, quarto pales argent, con tres bufis de ermine sable, (translation: Gules (red) that signifies magnanimity and military fortitude).
Their crest was – “a ducal coronet or.” The family crest is a miniature of the coat-of-arms, proudly won by them as a true and bona-fide Quesada who have kept their family reputation free from blemishes. They are upright and born leaders in their respective occupations.
Many of them, in the later years immigrated to at least three continents: Latin America, the Philippines and the United States in the early days.

History Tells a Tale

As early as the 15th century, there was a Navy Captain, Gaspar Quesada, in Magellan’s galleon armada, commander of the ship “Concepcion”. He was described as a resolute achiever, an independent-minded, and an determined individual, who often defied the wishes of Ferdinand Magellan.
That discrete characteristic could be noticed in almost all of his descendants. They will always defend what is right over might with no qualms standing firm and without relenting. They strive to be perfectionists.
They simply would not stand against what is inane and obtuse, and strongly uphold what is correct. They have adopted Socrates’ words, to wit: “Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds.”
A Quesada also believes that if one does not stand for something, will surely fail wanting. And that everything rises and falls on honest leadership. Likewise, no amount of money can redeem bankruptcy of character. And those men of culture are the real disciples of parity.
A Quesada emphasizes humility in life and enjoys the simple pleasures with relatives and friends. They are bereft of pretences, down-to-earth, abhor and detest hypocrisy and at times, brutally frank.
He is good-humored, who believes in goodness and humble wisdom altogether. He is quick to rise against injustice and fraud, which he holds as the minister of travesty of justice, as God-loving follower.
He easily sees through intolerance as obtuse which insults one’s ignorance. He believes that a useless life spent is an early demise.
As an achiever – he measures man’s success not on how many men served him but how many he served with humility as a virtue. He believes in God that created him in His image – with modesty that is the moral sense of right and wrong. A Quesada has that incumbent moral duty to fellowmen.

The Fifth Expedition

The Spanish Fifth Expedition to the Philippines sailed from Europe in 1564, under the command of Adelantado Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, along with Martin de Goiti. They reached Manila and tried hard to make friends with Filipinos. It was many years after the death of Magellan, when he named the archipelago Pilipinas (Philippines) in honor of a baby (Felipe) Philip II, King of Spain.
As the political and religious administration of the Philippines evolved, one illustrious Spaniard, Jose de Quesada, was named Gobernador General of the island of Leyte. He was a contemporary of Legaspi and was known to be a flamboyant roamer.
Last trail about the whereabouts of Gobernador Jose de Quesada led to Luzon. Subsequent trails followed the scent of his journey towards eastern Rizal and Laguna, traveling with Spanish friars, propagating the Roman Catholic religion.
He was likewise reported seen in Dagupan, Pangasinan, where assumed kins were identified, as Antonio Favila Quesada, a lawyer, Paquito a struttering bachelor with sisters Beatrice, Mary, etc.
A trace appeared in Aringay, La Union which was reported by Arnie D. Quesada, indicating that the oldest Quesada was a certain Arnulfo who intermarried with the Pulido family. However, very little data are available.
In Kamiling, Tarlac, it was revealed that a physician mestizo, Ramon (I) linked with Briton immigrants, the Kipping family. Ramon married Mary Serapio of Bulacan. They settled in Caloocan, Metro Manila, then migrated to the United States.

Quesada spelled with an “S”

It must be noted that this lineage of Quesada is the original Spanish-Filipino mestizo family, whose surname is spelled with a letter “s”. It must be distinguished from those who spell their surnames with a “z”, coming from a different lineage, and from other place and origin, outside Spain.

Following - is an excerpt of the unfinished in-depth research of the Quesadas made by my cousins, Odon and Amalia (Quesada) Fadul and Liza S. Quesada Gomez.

A Burgeoning Stock
The Quesadas of Paete, Laguna consisted of a handful of old bloods (pioneers) in the early century, as follows:
The Pioneers
The oldest lineage, in the 21st Century, was traced from Don Isidoro (a.k.a. Cedoro) Quesada in Paete, Laguna. There was no record of the first wife, however, was married to a second wife, Fulgencia Madridejos (a.k.a. Ceang) and sired children: (a) Maria (a.k.a. Angie), (b) Juan – I, (c) Pedro (a.k.a. Kabesang Petre), and (d) Conrado I (a.k.a. Adong).
Maria Quesada (Angie) adopted Faustina Quesada, daughter of Conrado Quesada and Dolores (a.k.a. Loleng) Cainto.
Then, branching out to Pascuala Quesada married to Clemente.
A landowner, Juan-Exequiel Quesada – I married Juana Zuarez Navarro, and had a sister Antonia (unmarried). Juan-Exequiel’s five children were: (a) Natalia, (b) Juan – II, (c) Casiano, (d) Eusebio, and (e) Roman.
(a) Natalia (Talya) married Juan Fabriga
(b) Juan (II) married Maria Madriñan (Neneng)
(c) Casiano married Estebana Madriñan (Banang)
(d) Eusebio married Concepcion Dandana (Ision)
(e) Roman – I married to Isabel Balquiedra (Sabel)

Another family branch from Paete, Laguna that linked Manila stemmed from Conrado II Quesada, married to (1st) Anacleta Villanueva and (2nd) Dolores Laureana Cainto.
The other clan was headed by Kapitan Pedro Quesada (a revolutionario who was the last man to submit to American colonial rule), a philanthropist who donated a huge water spring called Benditang Tubig (blessed water) that furnished the town of Paete for a century, and a lot for the Paete Catholic Church. Kabesang Petre was a pioneer Free and Accepted Mason along with Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, Gen. D. MacArthur and the Teflon pioneers of Free Masonry in the Phillipines.
Pedro Quesada (Petre) married Cirila.
Juan (III) Villanueva (Adong) Quesada, former pre-war Presidente (Mayor) of the town of Paete for many terms before the war – married Modesta A. Aseoche.
Eugenio C. Quesada Sr., a doctor, pharmacist and chemist married Engracia Asuncion of Bulacan.

There was one famous American traced in the United States also from direct Spanish lineage who belonged to the Latino-American immigrants and who was close to the Quesadas of the Philippines. He is Lieutenant General Elwood R. Quesada, fondly called “Pete” by his peers in the air force service: an outstanding Quesada with an unparalleled record in the military history of the United States Air Force in World War II and thereafter.

*This is an abridged version of two articles written by Col. (Ret.) Frank B. Quesada:
1) Spanish Roots of the Quesada Family and 2) The Quesada Family Tree. Both articles, along with a number of historical insights about the people and town of Paete, can be viewed in their entirety in the Articles Section of the Paetenian’s Website (

The pages that follow consist of:
• Detailed List of all families in the Quesada Family Tree submitted by Lily Quesada from Sancho Madridejos’ journal.
• Various articles submitted by families in the QUESADA FAMILY TREE wherein individual families provide information on their Quesada roots and heritage.


A. Conrado Quesada (Adong) m. Anacleta Villanueva (1st)
1) Juan Quesada (Juan Adong) m. Modesta Aseoche
a) Felipe Quesada
b) Josefina Quesada m. Feliciano Pantaleon
b-1) Virgilio Pantaleon m. Virginia Gonzales
b-1a) Pilita Pantaleon m. Edgardo Garcia
b-1b) Leon Feliciano Pantaleon (Bingo) m. Milagros
b-1c) Maria Teresa Pantaleon
b-1d) Maria Isabel (Maribel) Pantaleon
b-2) Dante Pantaleon m. Nenita Gonzales
b-2a) Maria Nida Pantaleon
b-2b) Danny Ramon Pantaleon m. Ma. Teresa Tumac
b-2c) Feliciano Felix Pantaleon m. Rachel Evangelista
b-2d) Maria Isabel Pantaleon
b-3) Lourdes Pantaleon m. Danny Clark
b-3a) Laya Clark
b-3b) Dakila Clark
c) Enriqueta Quesada m. Maximiano Bicierro
c-1) Raul Bicierro m. Milagros Naval
c-2) Ermilo Bicierro m. Clarita Yson
c-3) Rosa Bicierro m. Renato Camorongan (?Amoronjar?)
d) Asuncion Quesada m. Filomeno Cadayona
d-1) Manuel Cadayona m. Flora Baesa
d-2) Pedro Cadayona († ng bata pa)
d-3) Conrado Cadayona († ng bata pa)
d-4) Juan Cadayona († ng bata pa)
d-5) Anacleta (Chita) Cadayona m. Ruben Serrano
d-6) Benedicta (Baby) Cadayona († ng dalaga)
d-7) Concepcion (Ching) Cadayona m. Raul Caguin
d-Cool Catalina Cadayona m. Cristeto Santos
e) Amparo Quesada
f) Gertrudes Quesada m. Federico Lazaro
f-1) Augusto Lazaro m. Isabelita Alonzo
f-2) Renato (Bogie) Lazaro
f-3) Maria Eva († ng dalaga)
f-4) Federico Lazaro, Jr. (Tobo) m. Cristina Yaptinchay
g) Juanito Quesada, Jr. m. Minda Luz Melendez
g-1) Augusto Juan Quesada (Tito) m. Cecilia Manggay
g-2) Mari Luz Quesada m. Lito Tiongson
g-3) Bertran Felipe Quesada (Bo) m. Donna Marie Castro
g-4) Emma Rose Quesada m. Froilan Medma
g-5) Rosanna Modesta Quesada
g-6) Ronald Noel Quesada m. Martina Gonzales
A-a. Conrado Quesada (Adong) m. Dolores Cainto (2nd)
2) Faustina Quesada m. Maximino Asido (1st)
a) Hilario Asido (Dadio) m. Isabel Adefuin
a-1) Maximino Asido
a-2) Flor Asido
a-3) Hilario Asido, Jr. († ng bata pa)
2.1)Faustina Quesada m. Urbano Adao (2nd)
a) Dolores Adao m. Florentino Acu
b) Avelino Adao m. Soledad Casilag
3) Eugenio Quesada m. Engracia Asuncion
a) Conrado Quesada (Dading) m. Catalina Villanueva
a-1) Eugenio Quesada II m. Socorro Manzo
a-2) Edgardo Quesada m. Vida Imperial
a-3) Grace Quesada m. Ponciano Manalo
a-4) Elizabeth Quesada m. Luis Jose
b) Angelita Quesada (Angeling) m. Bienvenido Ejercito
b-1) Sylvia Ejercito
b-2) Victoria Ejercito
b-3) Cielito Ejercito
b-4) Bienvenido Ejercito, Jr.
b-5) Regina Ejercito
b-6) Tina Ejercito
c) Augusto Quesada (Tito) m. Antoinette (Netty) Hurkman
c-1) Monica Quesada
c-2) Michelle Quesada
c-3) Peter Quesada
d) Hector Quesada m. Clara Leonor
d-1) Angelica Quesada m. Jeff Schubert
d-2) Jose Eugenio Quesada
d-3) Beatrice Quesada
d-4) John Paul Quesada
B. Maria Quesada (Mariang Angge)
C. Pedro (Pitri) Quesada m. Cirila Baisas
C-1) Clodualdo Quesada († ng bata pa)
C-2) Pablo Quesada († ng bata pa)
C-3) Paula Quesada († ng bata pa)
C-4) Eugenio Quesada (ampon)
C-5) Bernardo Baisas (ampon)
D. Juan Quesada m. Juana Navarro (kapatid ng Antonia Navarro-Tandang Tonya)
D-1) Natalia Quesada m. Juan Fabriga (Juan Lata)
D-1a) Gregorio Fabriga († ng binata)
D-1b) Modesto Fabriga m. Santos Baldemor
1b-1) Faustino Baldemor m. Sofia Valdellon
1b-2) Romualdo Baldemor m. Victoria Garbo
1b-3) Emiliano Baldemor m. Merly Afuang
1b-4) Luis Baldemor m. Corazon de la Birhen
1b-5) Digno († ng bata pa)
1b-6) Julieta Baldemor m. Romeo dela Cruz
1b-7) Josefina Baldemor
1b-Cool Natalia Baldemor m. Rico Cajumban
1b-9) Jean Baldemor m. Renato Alhambra
1b-10) Antonio Baldemor m. Myrna Samantero
1b-11) Elmer Baldemor m. Emmie
D-2) Casiano Quesada m. Estebana Madriñan
D-2a) Dominica Quesada m. Millan Baisas
2a-1) Marina Baisas m. Danilo Sulit
2a-2) Bienvenido Baisas (Franciscan Priest)
2a-3) Guillermo Baisas m. Cecilia Lopez
2a-4) Francisco Baisas m. Evelyn Umali
2a-5) Aurea Baisas m. Vince Michael
D-2b) Eliseo Quesada m. Potenciana Castañeda
2b-1) Carmencita Quesada m. Leonardo Fulgado
2b-2) Nora Quesada m. Rolando Catiis
D-2c) Cresenciana Quesada m. Leopoldo Kagahastian
2c-1) Florence Kagahastian m. Prospero Ongkingco
2c-2) Felixberto Kagahastian m. Tess
2c-3) Lucille Kagahastian
2c-4) Crispin Kagahastian m. Marissa
D-2d) Amalia Quesada m. Odon Fadul
2d-1) Marlene Fadul m. Hector Espino
2d-2) Cedric Fadul m. Nida Flores
2d-3) Bobby Fadul m. Isabelita Villaluna
2d-4) Casiano Fadul m. Josefina Salvador
2d-5) Mario Fadul
2d-6) Corazon Fadul m. Francisco Artizada
2d-7) Jean Fadul m. Edmund Arce
D-2e) Gloria Quesada
D-2f) Margarita Quesada (Sor Exaltacion, O.P.)
D-3) Juan Quesada (Neneng) m. Maria (Neneng) Madriñan
D-3a) Antonia Quesada m. Fermin Dailo
3a-1) Panfilo Dailo
3a-2) Fermin Dailo, Jr.
3a-3) Rosario (Charito) Dailo
3a-4) Owen Dailo
3a-5) Oswaldo Dailo
3a-6) Alex Dailo
D-3b) Matilde Quesada m. Jose Afuang
3b-1) Guadalupe Afuang m. Domingo Baldemor
3b-2) Edith Afuang m. Alejandro Eldarico
3b-3) Tita Afuang m. Miguel Gutierez
3b-4) Jose Afuang, Jr. m. Delia Nunez
3b-5) Roberto Afuang m. Fe Lambatam
3b-6) Fe Afuang m. Benitez Roque
3b-7) Juanita Afuang m. Gilbert Cagandahan
3b-Cool Mauricio Afuang m. Liza Madridejos
D-3c) Belen Quesada m. Melanio Aquino
3c-1) Cirio Aquino
3c-2) George Aquino
3c-3) Urbana Aquino
3c-4) Flordeliza Aquino
3c-5) Antonia Aquino
D-3d) Eugenio Quesada († sa Bataan, WW II)
D-3e) Melencia Quesada m. Cirilo Afuang (Eling Langit)
3e-1) Cecilia Afuang
3e-2) Magdalena Afuang
D-4) Eusebio Quesada m. Concepcion Dandana
D-4a) Bernardo Quesada († ng binata)
D-4b) Lourdes Quesada m. Jose Acu Carolino
4b-1) Reynaldo Carolino m. Tina Pilar
4b-2) Emiliano Carolino m. Jenny Clemente
4b-3) Judy Carolino
4b-4) Lucy Carolino m. Romeo Adea, Jr.
4b-5) Leo Carolino
4b-6) Joseph Carolino
D-4c) Arnulfo Quesada m. Lydia Maria Borlaza
4c-1) Arnold Bernard Quesada
D-4d) Reynaldo Quesada († ng bata pa)
D-4e) Lily Quesada (Nurse & IT)
D-5) Roman Quesada m. Isabel Balquiedra
D-5a) Francisco Quesada m. Lourdes Valt Martinez
5a-1) Ma. Peachy Quesada (Kambal)
5a-2) Ma. Cherry Pie Quesada (Kambal)
D-5b) Nestor Quesada m. Nina Vergara
5b-1) Edgar Quesada m. Agnes Herrera
D-5c) Orlando Quesada m. Angelina Villaraza
5c-1) Maria Isabel m. Amado Evangelista
5c-2) Maria Cecilia m. Wilfredo Malay
5c-3) Orlando Quesada, Jr. m. Rowena Beltran
5c-4) Dennis Mauro m. Kim Elefan
D-5d) Romulo Quesada m. Lolita Villacorta
5d-1) Renwick Quesada m. Caroline (divorced)
5d-2) Bradford Quesada
5d-3) Russwyn Quesada m. Kelly
D-5e) Sonia Quesada m. Tirso Calaranan
5e-1) Ludette Calaranan m. Joseph Idqueval
5e-2) Raymund Calaranan
5e-3) Ma. Melody Anne Calaranan
5e-4) Ma. Myra Calaranan m. Reggie Bangoil
5e-5) Ma. Mirabel Calaranan
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mutuk wrote:

Napakalaki at napakakapal ( nung lists Laughing ) ng pagkakataon para sa request mo ng Quesada Family Tree. Inaantay ko lang yung reply ni TLee dun sa private email ko sa kanya.

Vice Mutuk

HELLO Vice Mutuk, and VennB!
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Ang Angkan ng mga Quesada dito sa Paete ay buhat sa katauhan ng Isidoro Quesada (Tandang Cedoro) na pinakamatanda ng pulangang ito.

Ang naguing boong Familia ni Isidoro Quesada sa dalawang veces niyang pag aasawa.

Isidoro Quesada sa una niyang pag aasawa cay _______.
Isang babae ang naguing anak
I. Pascuala Quesada,

Isidoro Quesada sa ikalawang veces niyang pag aasawa cay Fulgencia Madridejos (Ciang) capatid nina Bernabela Madridejos, Venencia, Maria at Jose Madridejos.
Naguing mga anak dito (4)
II. Maria M. Quesada (Mariang Angue),
III. Juan M. QUesada ,
IV. Pedro M. Quesada (Matandang Petre),
V. Conrado M. Quesada (Adong),

Naging Familia ng bawat isa:

Isidoro Quesada sa una niyang pag aasawa cay _______.
Isang babae ang naguing anak
I. Pascuala Quesada,
naguing asawa ni Clemente Adea, pinsang boo ng magkakapatid na Agaton, Teodorico, Damaso, Anacleto, Roberta at Marcela Adea.
Dalawa ang naguing anak
1. Maria Q. Adea,
naguing asawa ni Conrado Acala (Ado) capatid nina Tomasa, Maria, Gelacio at Maria Acala.
Naguing mga anak (4)
A. Juan A. Acala,
B. Doroteo A. Acala,
C. Rosario A. Acala,
D. Melecia A. Acala,

2. Romualda Q. Adea, naguing unang asawa niLeon Afu, capatid nina Juanzo, Pedro, Marcelino at Gabriela Afu.
Naguing mga anak (3)
A. Felix A. Afu,
B. Dionesia A. Afu,
C. Hilario A. Afu,

Isidoro Quesada sa ikalawang veces niyang pag aasawa cay Fulgencia Madridejos (Ciang) capatid nina Bernabela Madridejos, Venencia, Maria at Jose Madridejos.
Naguing mga anak dito (4)
II. Maria M. Quesada ,
kilala sa ngalan na Manang Angue, mataas at maputing babae, ay nagpatandang dalaga. Ito ang nagpalaque at nag alaga cay Faustina C. Quesada na anak ni Conrado Quesada sa ikalawa niyang asawang si Laureana Cainto (Loleng).

III. Juan M. Quesada , naguing asawa si Juana Navarro, capatid nina Maximeno Navarro, Rufino at Antonia Navarro.
Naguing mga anak (5)
1. Natalia N. Quesada (Talia), naguing ikalawang asawa ni Juan Fabriga (Juan Lata) balo ni Catalina Gajo.
Isang babae ang naguing anak
A. Modesta Q. Fabriga, naguing asawa ni Santos baldemor na anak nina Juliana Palatino at Francisco Baldemor.
Naguing mga anak (11)
i. Faustino F. Baldemor,
naguing asawa si Sofia Valdellon na anak nina Maria Adefuin at Calixto Valdellon.
Naguing mga anak (7)
1.) Tirso V. Baldemor,
2.) Virginia V. Baldemor,
3.) Victor V. Baldemor,
4.) Francisco V. Baldemor,
5.) Josie V. Baldemor,
6.) Nelia V. Baldemor,
7.) Rey V. Baldemor,

ii. Romualdo F. Baldemor, naguing asawa si Victoria Garbo na anak nina Casimira Aseoche at Roman Garbo.
Naguing mga anak (7)
1.) Melecio G. Baldemor,
2.) Lucila G. Baldemor,
3.) Marissa G. Baldemor,
4.) Romvic G. Baldemor,
5.) Romualdo G. Baldemor,
6.) Romualdo G. Baldemor (?),
7.) Malou G. Baldemor,

iii. Emiliano F. Baldemor, naguing asawa si Marietta Afuang na anak nina Matea Jose at Fabio Afuang.
Naguing anak
1.) Gerald A. Baldemor,

iv. Luis F. Baldemor, naguing asawa si Corazon dela Virgin na taga Batangas.
Naguing mga anak (3)
1.) Digno Baldemor,
2.) Catalina Baldemor,
3.) Lucia Baldemor,

v. Digno F. Baldemor, namatay na bata pa.

vi. Julita F. Baldemor, naguing asawa ni Romeo dela Cruz taga Visaya.
Naguing mga anak (3)
1.) Bernardita B. dela Cruz,
2.) Shirley B. dela Cruz,
3.) Concepcion B. dela Cruz,

vii. Josefina F. Baldemor, naguing si Pio Panopio na isang taga Batangas.
naguing anak
1.) Cecilia B. Panopio,

viii. Natalia F. Baldemor, naguing asawa ni Teodorico Cajumban na anak nina Silveria Bernabe at Benito Cajumban.
Naguing mga anak
1.) Maria Leova B. Cajumban,
2.) Matilde B. Cajumban,
3.) Claudet B. Cajumban,
4.) Sylvia B. Cajumban,

ix. Jenne F. Baldemor, no info.
x. Antonio F. Baldemor, no info.
xi. Elmer F. Baldemor, no info.

2. Juan N. Quesada (Juang Nening),
3. Casiano N. Quesada (Casi),
4. Eusebio N. Quesada (Cebio),
5. Roman N. Quesada,

IV. Pedro M. Quesada (Matandang Petre), naguing asawa si Cirila Baisas, capatid nina Juana, Brigida, Bruna at Mariano Baisas.
Walang naguing anak ang mag asawa ngunit may dalawang palaque.
1. Dr. Eugenio C. Quesada, pamangking boo dahil anak ng capatid niyang si Conrado Quesada. Naging asawa nito ay si Engracia Asuncion na isang Bulakenya.
Naging mga anak (4)
A. Conrado A. Quesada,

B. Angelita A. Quesada, naging asawa si Bienvenido Ejercito.

C. Augusto A. Quesada,

D. Hector A. Quesada, naging asawa si Clara L. Quesada.
Naging anak
i. Jose Eugenio L. Quesada, naging asawa si Aubrey Jane Abellana of Davao City.
Naging anak
1.) Jose Alfonso A. Quesada,

2. Bernardo Baisas, palaque ng Pedro M. Quesada (Matandang Petre). Siya ay anak ng Maria Baisas (Angueng Colot). Naging asawa nito ay si Luisa Rivera, anak ng mag asawang Leoncia Acu at Mariano Rivera.
Naging mga anak (6)
A. Olympia R. Baisas,
B. Antonia R. Baisas,
C. Juanita R. Baisas,
D. Sinforosa R. Baisas,
E. Lorenzo R. Baisas,
F. Cecilia R. Baisas,

V. Conrado M. Quesada (Adong), naguing unang asawa si Anacleta Villanueva na isang taga Pagsanjan, Laguna.
Isa ang naguing anak
1. Juan V. Quesada (Juang Adong),

Naguing ikalawang asawa ni Conrado Quesada si Laureana Cainto, capatid nina Antonia at Ana Cainto.
Dalawa ang naguing anak dito.
2. Faustina C. Quesada, (Feb. 16, 1886-June 24, 1967)naguing unang asawa si Maximeno Asido (Meno) anak nina Federica Galacgac (Kikay) at ______ Asido at capatid naman nina Paula, Juana, Leoncia, Francisca at Potenciana Galacgac.
Isang babae ang naguing anak
A. Hilario Q. Asido, naguing asawa si Severina o Isabel Adefuin (Benang) na anak nina Francisca (Isca) Cadayona at Catalino Adefuin.
Naguing mga anak (4)
i. Maximiano A. Asido (Max),
ii. Catalina A. Asido,
namatay na bata pa.
iii. Florita A. Asido,
iv. Hilario A. Asido, namatay na bata pa.

Nabalo si Faustina Quesada, naguing ikalawang asawa si Urbano Adao (Bano) May 25, 1867-dec. 23, 1973, balo ni Mercedes Alqueros (taga Mauban, Quezon) at capatid ni Eugenio Adao.
Dalawa ang naguing anak dito
B. Dolores Q. Adao (Loleng), naguing asawa ni Florentino Acu na anak ni Domingo Acu.
Isang babae ang naguing anak
i. Cecilia A. Acu,

C. Avelino Q. Adao, naguing asawa si Soledad Casilag, pinsang boo ni Clemente Casilag.
Naguing mga anak (5)
i. Victoriano C. Adao,
ii. Aurea C. Adao,
iii. Francisco C. Adao,
iv. Eduardo C. Adao,
v. Juanito C. Adao,

3. Eugenio C. Quesada,

To be continued Embarassed
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Maraming salamat Bise. Maghihintay ako... he he he

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Napakalaki at napakakapal ( nung lists Laughing ) ng pagkakataon para sa request mo ng Quesada Family Tree. Inaantay ko lang yung reply ni TLee dun sa private email ko sa kanya.

Vice Mutuk
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Meron bang pagkakataon dito sa Quesada
family tree? Thanks.

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This would be a nice additional one to know the Quesada Family Tree of Paete, Laguna thru the courtesy of Vice Mayor. Thanks.


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