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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 9:32 pm    Post subject: PCC PROJECT Reply with quote


I. Hereunder are the results of the meeting of the incorporators of the newly formed Association that will handle the project last July 30, 2005:


b. Composition of the elected BOARD OF DIRECTORS :

Chairperson - Manuel D. Baldemor
Vice-chairperson - Cornelio T. Africano
Sectretary - Flora C. Cadawas


Vicente C. Afurong Teresita T. Obial-Aquino
Pablo B. Africano Frank G. Rivera
Wilfredo S. Baldemor Raul C. Roque
Emmanuel B. Cadayona Michael N. Paelmo
Maria Rita G. Afurong Bayani Ray Acala


President - Cornelio T. Africano
Finance & Marketing - Michael N. Paelmo
Construction, Security & Maintenance- Vicente C. Afurong
Secretary - Flora C. Cadawas
Treasurer - Teresita T. Obial-Aquino
Assistant Treasurer - Maria Rita G. Afurong
Auditor - Raul C. Roque

d. The Board Members and the Officers will have two year tenure of office with re-election.

e. The President will act as Administrator of the Center during his tenure

f. The Board gives full authority and responsibility to the officers to build the edifice and to provide the facilities necessary to operate and sustain the center.

g. The President is tasked to formulate policies and design programs for
the successful operation of the Center, subject to the approval of the Board and officers of the Association.

h. The following are designated heads of the various committees
which will insure the success of the Center’s operation:

Michael N. Paelmo - Finance & Marketing
Vicente C. Afurong - Construction, Maintenance & Security

Program Directors:

Bayani Ray Acala - Painting
Wilfredo S. Baldemor - Sculpture
Maria Rita G. Afurong - Music
Frank G. Rivera, Jr. - Literature &Theater
Flora C. Cadawas - Community Affairs

The Board will scout for program directors of the other fields of Art /or invite artists to lend their expertise.

i. Two bank accounts will be opened for the Association : a dollar ($) Account with Bank of Philippines Islands , Santolan, Pasig Branch for the dollar remittance of Donors where the President and the Treasurer will be joint signatories and a Peso Account with Paete Rural Bank where the President and the Assistant Treasurer will be joint signatories. Transfer of funds from one bank to another will be done strictly by corporate or manager’s check.

II. Board decision regarding matters of concern expressed by those who have responded to the OPEN LETTER TO PAETENIANS:

1. SITE - since the early l980’s we, the proponents of the project, have considered various alternative sites for the project. Nothing came of our best efforts through the years considering the location, the minimum required size of the lot and the cost of constructing the building. The Board thus upholds the site as proposed.

2. Government Involvement - the proponents, who comprise the majority of the Board, have from the start rejected the idea of any government involvement in the project for obvious reasons that need not be enumerated. The Mayor’s promise to construct an access road on his own initiative is primarily not for the Center but for the community living within the vicinity, and thus will pass as a barangay road. To allow any government participation does not befit the purpose for which we as a people would want to have the Center established as our tribute to our artists, a memorial to our forebears, a showplace of our rich cultural heritage, a training venue for our promising artists and a thanksgiving offering to our Lord.

3. Charter Members -Any Paetenian who has given his (her) donation on
or before July 22, 2006, the target date of the inauguration of the Center, will be considered as CHARTER MEMBER of the Association under the following categories:

a. Gold Member - for donor with $ 1,000 & above with perpetual membership.
b. Silver Member - For donor with $ 500 - $ 999 with
life-time membership
c. Bronze Member - For donor with $ 100 - $ 499 with
twenty year membership
e. Contributors - for donor below $ 100 with five year

Donor’s membership will be upgraded when his donation reaches the lower limit of the next category. Member’s privileges and benefits will be the subject of future updates as they have to be defined and approved by the Board.

4. Inaugural Markers - there will be three inaugural markers: first,
the Dedication Marker with the names of the Board of Directors and the Officers who are the incorporators of the association, second, the roster of charter members according to categories (Gold –Bronze) with their respective honoree and third, the roster of contributors.

5. Design and Floor Plans of the Building

Considering the comments and suggestions on the architectural Aspects of the building, the Board has decided to adopt the following:

a. The design of the façade will be simple but elegance to have the building constructed at the least possible cost.
b. The floors will not have any enclosure except for the Office cum library and the rest rooms on the first floor and the Audio-Visual Room and the corresponding restrooms on the second floor. This will provide more space and flexibility for the Center to hold different functions. The floor will be extended by two meters along its length for better structural lay-out. Access to a possible third floor will also be provided.

c. A Welcome Arch will be constructed on the access road before the entrance of the Center. Everyone is thus enjoined to submit his suggestion or design for inclusion / or adoption in the final design of the arch. This will be constructed only after the completion of the building and with the necessary budgetary requirement.

III. SEC Registration of the Association

a. the documents were signed during the meeting by the incorporators except for one who could not attend. Arrangement has been made for his signature this coming week and thereafter the documents will be submitted for approval.

b. The P 100,000 initial bank deposit required for SEC registration was facilitated by our treasurer-in trust, Dr. Teresita Obial-Aquino last week. Upon approval of the registration of the Association and her return from her US trip, the $ dollar account will then be opened with BPI Santolan Branch.

c. All donors will be advised as to how and when to remit their donations. All donations will remain intact until the start of construction whereby all concerned will be properly informed.

With these developments, the project is very much on schedule.


- nel africano

I am posting again all my previous announcements/updates regarding the Cultural Center project for the information and ready reference of everybody:


Mahal Kong Kababayan:

Maligayang Bati sa Inyo! Perhaps I need not introduce myself anymore. You know me well as one who has long been involved in many projects of utmost importance and significance that were aimed at promoting, enhancing and preserving our rich cultural heritage. I likewise need not enumerate them. My book, PAETE: BAYANG MASINING, BAYANG PINOY, attests to them. What I need to mention perhaps is what my involvement did to me. It made my life more meaningful and significant. I had immense joy in doing my share that contributed to their success. I was unfazed with the sacrifices and difficulties I had encountered for I knew that what I was doing is for the honor and glory of our beloved PAETE.

I am now a retired Senior Citizen but my passion to do more for her seems unabated. I still have three long-cherished dreams for her to fulfil – dreams that are shared by several of our kababayans who like me have also the same concerns for Paete. We have tarried long enough that I feel time is running short for us. On my own I have taken the initial bold step to take the lead in making at least one of the dreams a reality. We take so much pride in telling our friends that our town is BAYAN NG MGA DIOS-DIOSAN - the cradle of great and creative artists. But we are silenced and often times embarrassed whenever they ask us where they can find samples of their work, for we do not have a place to show them. I thus take upon myself the task of putting up a center for the arts in Paete – THE PAETE CULUTRAL CENTER.

I consulted my friends who are experts on the matter and based on their suggestions I made a thorough study on how to fulfill the dream. I would like to share with you the highlights of this study in the annexes. I have shown and discussed it with people who could best help me in this project. Manny Baldemor enjoined me to pursue the project to its completion with his assurance of full support. Amang Vicente Afurong volunteered to do the final draft of the building plans and to supervise its eventual construction. Amama Ambo Africano would persuade the members of Banda 69 to render free labor to lessen its cost. Raul Roque would harness the assistance of PAETECH and Mayor Emmanuel B. Cadayona the resources of the municipal government. The project seems enormous and ambitious, but nothing can prevent us from accomplishing it as long as we are all determined to work together and give our share.

Several of my friends, who are with me in this project, have warned me on the possible adverse comments that would be hurled on me and the project, but I am more encouraged to go on with it with Mike Paelmo’s compliment: “Maraming Salamat sa iyo, Nel, sa pagkukusa mong pasimulan ang mahalagang proyektong ito para sa Paete. Hindi biro-biro ito, ngunit sino pa ang kikilos at gagawa nito kundi tayong mga anak niya na higit na pinagpala kaysa iba.”

I invite you then to join me in this undertaking. MAKE MY DREAM YOUR DREAM- OUR DREAM. Together let us build the CENTER – a tribute to our artists, a memorial to our forebears, a showplace of our rich cultural heritage, a training venue for our promising artists and a thanksgiving offering to our LORD for His greater honor and glory. Let the Center be our LEGACY to PAETE.


Annex A



(opposite the Catholic Cemetery)

III.Lot Area : 396 square meters with assessed market value of P 800,000 (my exclusive property which I pledge to donate to the project)

IV.Buildings : A two storey concrete edifice with floor dimension of 16 x 12 meters; 192 square meters per floor or total floor area of 384 square meters and an adjacent quarters for
guest artist-in-residence with a floor dimension of 6 x 4 meters or a floor area of 24 square meters

V.Main Features:

A. Ground Floor:

1. Reception Hall - 36 square meters

2. Museum Hall - 66 “

3. Library/Audio-Visual Room 30 “

4. Office Room - 27 “

5. Others - 33 “

Total - 192 square meters

B. Second Floor:

1. Multi-Purpose Hall - 96 Square meters

2. Training Room # 1 - 25 “

3. Training Room # 2 - 20 “

4. Others - 51 “

Total - 192 square meters

VI. Estimated Cost:

A. Building :

Ground Floor - P 2,000,000
Second Floor - 1,500,000
Total - P 3,.500,000

B. Equipment/Facilities - 1, 500,000

C. Adjacent Quarters - 240,000

Total P 5, 240,000 ($ 97,000 )

D. Lot ( my donation ) - P 800,000

Grand Total - P 6,040,000

VII. Sources of Funds:

A. Paetenian Donations - P 2, 620,000
B. Institutions/Others - 2, 620,000

Grand Total P 5,240,000

VIII. Management:

A. Policy Making Body: The Board of Directors of Paete Cultural Center Foundation, Incorporated.

Prospective Members:

Cornelio T. Africano Manuel D. Baldemor
Raul C. Roque Wilfredo S. Baldemor
Emmanuel B. Cadayona Frank G. Rivera, Jr
Vicente C. Afurong Flora-Lou C. Cadawas,
Pablo B. Africano Michael N. Paelmo
Teresita Obial-Aquino Maria Rita G. Afurong
Imelda Cajipe-Endaya

B. Executive Body: Officers of the Foundation - to be elected from the members of the Board of Directors (President, First Vice-President for Finance, 2nd Vice-President for Maintenance & Security, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor)
Annex B

Major Factors Considered in the Study:

l. Lot - the 396 square meter lot where I propose to build the center is my own property which I pledge to donate to the project. My Auntie, Nene Africano-Quiratman is also willing to donate an additional 50-
100 square meters from her adjacent lot depending on the necessity. The expanded lot (450 sqms.) would then have a total assessed market value of P 900,000.

2. Building Plans & Construction - Amang Vicente Afurong, designer and builder of the Exotic Restaurant, has volunteered to prepare the plans for the buildings and supervise their construction. He will also landscape the site to camouflage the unbecoming surroundings with ornamental trees and plants.

3. Sources of Funds -

a). Paetenian Donations – any amount of financial support would be most welcomed from any individual person or organization. I would however personally solicit financial support from at least 50 Paetenians who I know would be willing and able to give their generous support to the project. They would be my relatives, friends and former colleagues in various organizations I have been involved with. A minimum donation of $ 1,000 would insure the inclusion of the donor’s name in the inaugural marker of the edifice and his permanent membership in the would-be Paete Cultural Center Foundation, Inc. The donation could be given under the name of an individual person or family as in Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo M. Cagayat & Family; shared by the siblings as in Serafio Cagayat and Family or by members of an organization as in The Original Knights. The donor can also indicate his preference for the allotment of his donation to any hall or room that will be provided in the edifice. Each hall or room will then have its own roster of donors where their names, especially those whose donation fall short of $1,000, will be indicated.

I am confident that the amount of at least P2,740,000 ($ 50,000) which will cover the cost of the ground floor and the adjacent quarter, would come from the Paetenian Community. We are a
benevolent people who can give generous support for a worthy cause. We have shown this in the way we supported the restoration project of our church and the building of the new convent. Initially all I would need to know is your commitment to help by way of a pledge. You can manifest this in the Paete website or to The mechanics of remittance for your pledges will be made known to you also through these e-mail addresses, as soon as the PAETE CULTURAL CENTER FOUNDATION is incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For transparency, control and legality, all remittances will be coursed to the dollar account of the Foundation and monitored regularly in the website.

b.) Other Donations – I would also personally solicit from various friends and/ or institutions here and abroad for the other half of the funds required for the project. This I would do only when I feel there is not much more to expect from our end.

4. Access Road - the creek bordering the southern perimeter of the lot will be covered by a concrete water channel, flattened and cemented to serve as the access road to the center from the national road. This will be undertaken by the Provincial District of the Department of Public Works and Highways through the request and arrangement made by our Mayor, Emmanuel B. Cadayona, and finished before the start of construction.

5. Construction - This would start as soon as the pledges accumulate to $ 25, 000 or P 1,370,000 (50% of the building cost) and are remitted according to schedule.

Annex C



I.Conceptualization, Consultation / Feasibility Study April 2005

II. Project Announcement through Paete Website May

III. Funding

A. Solicitation of Pledges

1. Paetenians - June
2. Others - July

B. Remittance of Pledges August – December

C. Fundraising: Group Show of Select
Artists (EDSA SM Megamall ) December

IV. Incorporation of Paete Cultural Center Foundation July

V. Construction of Access Road October-December

VI. Construction of the Center January – June
VI. Solicitation / Gathering of Artworks & Memorabilia
for permanent display in the Center January - June

VIII. Inauguration July 22nd

Annex D

Major Contents of the Center as envisioned by the Project Proponent:

I. Reception Hall:

1. Wood Panel of the Historical Chronology of Paete
2. Woodcarving Mural of the Legend of Paete
3. Old Baptismal Fount of the Church

II. Museum:

1. Wooden Bust of Mariano B. Madrinan
2. Wooden Panel Roster of the Pambayang Bayani at mga Magiting na Anak ng Bayan
3. Wooden Panel Roster of the Outstanding Paetenians:
a. TOLP Awardees
b. Balik-Paete Outstanding Living Paetenian Awardees
4. Wooden Panel Roster of Outstanding Paetenian Artists in Chronological

a. Sculpture d. Literature g. Architecture
b. Painting e. Dance
c. Music f. Theater & Stage

5. Permanent Exhibit of Obra Maestra by Outstanding Artists
6. Paetenian Memorabilia
7. Other art works of great significance

III. Library & Audio-Visual Room:

1. Books and publications about Paete or by Paetenians
2. Original manuscripts in music & literature
3. Audio-Visual Equipment and Accessories
4. Documentary Films about Paete
5. Books, VCD/ Cassette Tape- recordings, magazines, cards etc. made by Paetenians for Sale

III. Office: Paete Cultural Center Foundation, Inc.

IV. Training Room # 1 – facilities for creative writing, painting , culinary art, etc.

V. Training Room # 2 – facilities for music composition & arrangement, instrument playing

VI. Multi-Purpose Hall
– facilities for band, dance, stage practices /or rehearsals
- venue for art exhibitions, contests and civic programs
- venue for meetings of civic & cultural groups

Annex E


I. Educational and Training Programs:

- Seminar-Workshops in the Arts
- Individual or inter-scholastic competitions in the Arts
- Exhibitions / performances in the Arts
- Hosting of renowned artists as artists-in- residence at the Center
- Showing of Classic Films

II. Operations and Maintenance Support Programs:

- Budgetary Programs (estimated initial annual budget – P600,000)
- Entrance fees from Educational tour groups & tourists
- Fundraising exhibits/ programs for the Center
- Solicitation of regular sponsorship ( Government & Private Institutions)

( $ 1,000 Donors)

Donors Honorees

1. Dr. Danilo T. Dalan - Dr. Bernardo P. Dalan & Family

2. Dr. Jaime D. Tuazon - Victor C. Tuazon and Family

3. Dr. Teresita T. Obial-Aquino - Luis C. Obial and Family

4. Efigenia C. Tuazon - Buenaventura Tuason and Family

5. Corazon U. Africano-Man - Pablo B. Africano and Family

6. Irene E. Africano-Santangelo - Tomas C. Africano and Family

7. Alex Africano Eremeyeff - Vicente C. Africano and Family

8. Michael N. Paelmo - Alipio A. Paelmo and Family

9. Manuel D. Baldemor - Perfecto S. Baldemor and Family

10. Wilfredo S. Baldemor - Sotero Baldemor and Family

11. Eliodoro C. Cadawas, Jr. - Elidoro Cadawas, Sr. & Family

12. Raul C. Roque - Amador Roque & Family

13. Emmanuel B. Cadayona - Ramon N. Cadayona & Family

14. Guillermo Q. Baisas - Mariano B. Madrinan, Milian
Baisas & Family

15. Lily Quesada - Eusebio Quesada & Family

I pledge the lot as my donation to honor the Africano Clan: Matias Africano, our patriarch, Guillermo, my great grand father, Ismael , my grand father, Higino , my father and especially my brother, Marcelo T. Africano

Artists who have pledged to donate their works for permanent display:

1. Manuel D. Baldemor - painting and sculpture

2. Fred and Wally Baldemor - painting and sculpture

3. JR (Pingkit) Cadawas - sculpture

4. Felix (Piling) Valdellon - Wooden Bust of Mariano Madrinan

5. Pablo B. Africano - Woodcarving Mural of Paete’s legend

6. Cornelio T. Africano - my collection of the works of Faustino Caday, Luis Obial, Martin Fadul, Pablo, Marcial and Marcelo T. Africano and my compilation of original manuscripts of literary and musical compositions.

**First Update re: responses /comments

Here are the responses I got from those who have read my open letter.

1. All responses are positive and very encouraging with their pledge of support. This came from Virgil, Fred, Rico, Rey, Rolly Malinis, Nat Dueñas, Fr. Benny Baisas and Amang Tomas Altamero who made a pledge for $1,000 donation.

2. I also got a $4,000 pledge from somebody close to me who requested anonimity.

3. Mayor Noel Cadayona has already solicited a Sangguniang Bayang Resolution for the construction of an access road to the site.

I hesitate to have this project discuss in usap paete because I cannot participate because of my limited knowledge of the information technology (computer literacy). If you want to bring this out in the usap paete, you can go ahead. I will update you on the responses i will recieve in the coming days.

Hereunder are the location plan and my updates on the PCC Project:

1. All responses that I have received on my Open Letter are positive and encouraging with pledge of support. These came from Rey Carolino, Virgil Madrinan, Fred Cagayat, Rico Cadayona, Aurel Kagahastian, Nat Duenas and Fr. Benny Baisas

2. Tomas and Cia Altamero are the first couple who responded with a $ 1,000 pledge among those who have read my open letter.

3. Mayor Emmanuel Cadayona has already secured the Sangguniang-Bayan Resolution for the construction of the access road to the project site. He is also attending to the SEC registration of the PCC Foundation, Inc.

4. My sister Tessie will advance her pledge to meet the required initial bank deposit for the foundation’s registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission next month.

5. My cousin Jimmy Tuazon will start sending his checks to make good his $1,000 pledge in installment up to December 2005.

6. Rico Cadayona of Illinois and Flora-Lou Cadawas of Paete will promote the project during the Southern California PI Cahpetr’s Anniversary Celebration next month.

7. An Anonymous Donor has pledged about $ 4,000 which he will make good in installment up to December 2005.

8. We have now a running total of almost $20,000 in pledges.

These are good indications that tuloy-tuloy na ang ating project. Maraming Salamat Po sa Inyong Suporta at Pagtitiwala!

Thank You!!!
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2005 8:35 am    Post subject: Thanks for the Update Reply with quote

Nel and all,

Thanks for the update. Let us all join Nel for the realization of his noble dreams and gift to Paete. If all the plans materialize, not only our town will benefit from it but all lovers of arts and culture. PCC will help preserve our town's work of arts, memorialize our great artists and give inspiration to the present and future generations to follow.

Fred M. Cagayat
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2005 8:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have posted in the mailing list my concerns regarding this project. Those concerns are shared by several key people in Paete. The choice of site and the policy not to involve the municipal government are issues that are important to me. And amidst so many pressing needs, a project such as this requires justification and soul-searching especially in the absence of synergistic avenues.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:21 pm    Post subject: Can't find concern Reply with quote


Please advise on location of the list of concern. I can't find it. Question: Why should it be on the mailing list only? Isn't it better to share your concerns with everybody to further understanding of all?

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:27 pm    Post subject: Taken from the mailing list (21 July 2005) Reply with quote

Nel Africano came yesterday while I was lecturing at Ibaba Elem.
School. Nel and I went to lunch at Exotik and we discussed his
proposed project for a cultural center in Paete. Nel is very happy
with the positive responses that he has so far received from
Paetenians worldwide.

I raised with Nel my concern regarding the location as the proposed
lot stands right at the foot of the mountain and is surrounded by a
cemetery. I suggested several possible locations: inside Paete
Central, inside IES, inside the national high school, or somewhere
within the vicinity of the plaza. With the elementary schools, this
will involve construction of the center on top of classrooms. With
the national high school, this will involve a lot behind the leaning
high school building. The space near the plaza, of course, will be
the most difficult to obtain.

Another concern I raised is the question of priorities (as most
people in this list would expect from me by now). Culture is very
important and to preserve the town's tradition in music and the arts,
it is important to have a center that is built just for this noble
objective. I suggested the above locations to build a stronger link
between education and culture. However, to make this feasible,
government involvement would be required. The municipal government
can take charge of a project that has a similar objective. And this
will entail an additional dimension to the center - economic
development. A cultural center that sits near one of the schools and
serves as a training ground for future economic enterprises based on
Paete's culture and art will bring the proposed project of Nel to
three dimensions: cultural, educational and economics.

Nel's group will be meeting next week and he promised me that he will
take into considerations my concerns and suggestions. I think this
is a huge project that requires us to reflect, discuss and imagine.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 2:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


1. The registration of the Association was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 24, 2005 under its official name : SENTRONG PANGKULTURA NG PAETE (CULTURAL CENTER OF PAETE) INC.
2. Two bank accounts were opened with Bank of the Philippine Islands, Santolan Branch, Pasig City on September 14, 2005:

a. Peso Account No. 2443-0646-91
b. Dollar Account No. 2444-0071-01

The opening of these accounts was facilitated by using the P 100,000 initial bank deposit made by Dr. Teresit Obial-Aquino for SEC registration of the Association. Of this amount, P 50,000 serves as her donation to the project and was used to open the two accounts. The other P50,000 serves as her loan to the Association for its organizational and pre-construction expenses.

3. Remittance of donation:
Dollar remittance may be done in two ways:

a. By Bank to Bank Wire Transfer through any commercial bank in the world via the BPI’s swift code: BOPIPHMM.
The check must be mailed to:

c/o PEB CENTER for Special Children
979 M.L Quezon Street, Manggahan, Pasig City 1611

All donors, especially those who have made their pledge, are enjoined to remit their donation according to the project timetable ( August – December). All donations will remain intact as deposit and will be subjected to withdrawals only upon start of the construction in January and after proper advice to all concerned through the project update.

4. Revised Building Cost Estimate:

Based on the simplified version of the building plan, as decided upon by the Board, (i.e. no elaborate external structural designs and fixed enclosures
inside the building) the revised cost estimate for the building is P2.5 million. The original cost estimate is P 3.5 million. This estimate however does not include any provision for possible price increases in the cost of materials. Thus the minimum funding requirement is $45,000.

5. Beginning with this update, subsequent updates will be issued on bi-monthly basis on the website. You may e-mail your comments /or concerns directly to or to the website. We will consider /or address them accordingly. For those who have expressed concern over the appropriateness of the site, we have considered recent suggestions for possible alternative site:

a. a swapping arrangement suggested by our Mayor of the lot with
either of the two lots donated by the heirs of Eliseo Quesada
b. a lot owned by a political rival along the highway but one rice paddy
away towards the lake.

In the light of these suggestions and of the great considerations made on the matter through the past two decades, we maintain our position to build the center according to the original plan. After proper evaluation we consider the original lot as the best and most practical site for the Center. In either of the two suggestions, we would have to spare more time, resolve more complications and source out more funds to act properly on it with less assurance of accomplishing the project. What we would like to request from you is your trust in our capability and good intention to build the center. Rest assured that we will do our best collectively to realize our project. Marami pong Salamat sa Inyong pagtulong at pagtitiwala.

Nel Africano
President, SKP, Inc.
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 7:25 am    Post subject: Cultural Center of Paete Reply with quote

nafricano wrote:
5. Beginning with this update, subsequent updates will be issued on bi-monthly basis on the website. You may e-mail your comments /or concerns. We will consider /or address them accordingly…. We maintain our position to build the center according to the original plan. After proper evaluation we consider the original lot as the best and most practical site for the Center.

Nel, I am advancing my first two cents toward the construction of the proposed Paete Cultural Center. The remaining $upport will come soon or as needed. Your project is conceived for the last two decades and I feel it must be a hell of a baby.

It is very sweet of you to entertain suggestions and comments and it is good to have ears open to suggestions and comments because you never know you might come across and pick up some golden nuggets. But as a matter of practicality, you should stick to your original plan. That is your brainchild and you should have it see the light of day and raise it according to the Nel Africano method.

Suggestions and comments will come to slam against your baby like a hurricane slamming against a building but take them as a test of the strength of your proposed project and the resolve behind it. You have thought of it more than anybody else.

I think we can learn a lesson from national elections be it in the Philippines or in the US. The winner takes 50% and change of the total votes and he goes on to govern. He knows that just about as many people did not vote for him. Yet, as a matter of practicality, he governs. He does not wait for a hundred percent approval because it never happens.

Fast forward to your baby. Count how many are supporting you. Then count how many are not. I think this is known as the Benjamin Franklin method of decision making. A thousand zero contributions still equals zero.

In my 26 years of experience with the Paetenians, I have seen a few projects rise and fall, come and go. A few worthwhile projects had been scratched because of the opposition of one or two people. These were the cases of the tail wagging the dog.

Opposing opinion intimidates due to the unrealistic desire for 100% approval. Who needs 100% approval? We are looking for something not given to us mortals. A perfect place to build the center? Nowhere in Paete! Maybe in Shangri-la or La La Land. I don't mean the La La land of Santa Glow. Wink

I think that is the problem with the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in NYC. The powers that be are trying to please and accommodate about 3,000 feelings and opinions. They know that whatever is eventually built will not please all the relatives of some 3000 victims.

Just consider the good things that happened or are happening now in Paete and abroad. Think of the recent SoCal Summit, Lamp Post project, PAETech, the Paete Website, Paskuhan, meal programs for our schools, the 425th Anniversary Celebration. All these have their critics. They don't have 100% approval rating. Crying or Very sad

Let me add something closer to home, the Paetenian Newsletter. Had I listened to negative comments it would have died in the first year of its existence, not the 21 years it lasted. We have in it 21 years of recorded Paete history the way they and I saw it.

The project is voluntary, so concentrate on your kindred spirits who share your dream and have their mouth where their money is. Don't wait for the perfect time. Now is the perfect time. Don't look for the perfect place. It does not exist.

Why does it take me so long? All I want to say is: I support you!

For old time's sake!
Virgil G. Madrinan
Quot capita tot sententiae

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A project is judged based solely on its merit. It is not based on emotional aspects or the length of time associated with the desire. A project needs to be promoted based on its sustainability, its feasibility and its impact. A project needs to be justified for the expenses are significant compared to the other needs of society. No funding agency provides capital for projects based on emotions. Generalizations, such as there is no better place, are completely unfounded and these simply misguide other people. As people who are capable of making contributions to our town of Paete and as people who are often listened to for advice and guidance, we need to be careful and thoughtful. Others rely on our good judgement and perception and we should take this responsibly.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 11:00 pm    Post subject: Ingress and Egress Reply with quote

This is a very interesting project and certainly worth the attention of all Paeteneans. I don’t know if it will succeed however; I don’t know that it won’t either. In the mean time in regards to operation sustainment I would like to know how the Board will execute the following initiatives.

1. ENTRANCE FEES FROM EDUCATIONAL TOUR GROUPS & TOURISTS. Is there really that much expected interest from the public to see CCP.
2. FUNDRAISING EXHIBITS/ PROGRAMS FOR THE CENTER. Please provide examples of these events and what is the confidence level that there will be enough interests that it will produce revenue?
3. SOLICITATION OF REGULAR SPONSORSHIP (GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS). How long will the project rely on donations? How long will items one and two develop before they make enough to make the project self sufficient?

I would like to be positive about this project and I hope it does succeed. In the mean time does the project have a “Worse Case Scenario?” In other words, there is a plan to get into this project but, is there a plan to get out? Keeping it simple let’s put it in a hypothetical example. There were three friends who would like to put up a restaurant. One said I have a lot worth 50,000, the other said I have 50,000 to build the restaurant on the lot. The third guy said I have 50,000 to buy equipment, furniture and food supplies. So the three friends put their plan to work. The restaurant got built on the lot and they have supplies to cook and serve the customers. But wait, none of the three know how to cook. So they ask another friend who is chef to join them and cook for customers. However, the three friends have no more money to pay for their chef friend’s services. Their friend said not to worry, if they let him into the partnership he’ll provide the service as part of his investment to the restaurant for six months. At that time the restaurant should be operating well to afford another cook. So all four friends now find themselves investing their asset, money and labor to operate the restaurant. Before the sixth month is over the restaurant went bust. None of them know what to do because they didn’t discuss beforehand what the disposition process of asset once they decide not to operate the restaurant anymore. Each one has put in something into the restaurant. Does the CCP have an egress plan? How would the CCP dispose of its asset once the board finds operation non sustainable?

My two cents.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 12:04 pm    Post subject: PCC_September_Update Reply with quote


Among those who pledged support to the project, the following have remitted their donation:
Mike Paelmo ( Alipio Paelmo & family) $ 1,000

Sor Salome Umale (Cornelio Umale & family) 1,000

Teresita O. Aquino (Luis Obial & family) 1,000

Tomas & Cia Afurong-Altameo 1,000

(check is sent by mail as per e-mail advice but

not yet received) ______

Total $ 4,000


When donations reached $ 27, 000, I would then recommend to the Board the early start of the construction in December instead of January to take advantage of lower prices of materials. According to the suppliers of major construction materials, prices will definitely increase next year. I am now studying alternative schemes to determine the most appropriate and economical approach in building the Center, which will be based mainly on the assumption of an accelerated remittance of donations. May I therefore enjoin everyone to send in his donation now. I would like to establish a solid basis for whatever option I would recommend. The $ 27, 000 would assure the construction of the basic structural frame of the two storey building or the completion of the ground floor. As stated in my August Update, you may remit your donation either by check payable to SENTRONG PANGKULTURA NG PAETE, INC. or by wire transfer through any commercial bank to Account No. 2444-0071-01 with Bank of the Philippine Islands, Santolan Branch, Pasig city.

3. Mike Paelmo will meet the Finance/Marketing Committee next week to come

up with a plan by which remittance of donations can be accelerated.

4. I have already prepared a list of principal items for permanent display in the

Center, namely:

a. Artworks of prominent artists

b. Bust of Mariano b. Madrianan

c. Paete Memorabilia

d. Woodcarving mural of Paete

e. Inaugural markers

f. Roster of prominent Paetenians in the different fields of Art engraved in wooden panels.

Details of these items will be provided in subsequent updates on the project.


Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 8:22 am    Post subject: PCC October Update Reply with quote

Project Upadate – October 1-15

1. Thank you for the remittances and the pledge I have received for this period:

Tom and Cia Altamero - $ 1,000
Dan T. Dalan - 1,000
Pining Tuazon-Dalan - 1,000
A friend’s pledge - 500

Our total bank deposit - $ 5,500
Confirmed pledges - $ 10,500

All remittances have so far been made through checks. Our banker-accountant, Fred Cagayat said that it would be more economical to remit your donation in peso rather in dollar, should you opt to do it through bank-to-bank wire transfer. But do whatever means is convenient for you. If you prefer to send your donation by check, kindly see to it that the check is payable to SENTRONG PANGKULTURA NG PAETE, INC. Again, our mailing address is: Sentrong Pangkultura ng Paete, Inc.
C/o PEB Center for Special Children
979 M.L. Quezon St., Manggahan, Pasig City
Philippines, 1611

Our two bank accounts with Bank of the Philippine Islands, Santolan Branch , Pasig City are:

Dollar Account Number: 2444 – 0071 – 01
Peso Account Number: 2443 – 0646 - 91

2. The Finance Committee Meeting convened by Mike Paelmo last October 14th
came up with the following fundraising ideas:

a. Group Show of Paetenian artists at the reception hall of the National
Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) in Intramuros in January ’06.
b. Stage presentation of Frank Rivera’s popular sarsuela : “Ambon, Ulan,
Baha” and “Oyayi” for the schools in Baybay towns in February’ 06.
c. Solicitation Letter to the National Commission for Culture and Arts in January’ 06.

These ideas will be studied thoroughly to determine their viability and will be attended to accordingly by the committee.

3. The Finance Committee, with the concurrence of the Chairperson and the
President, has agreed in principle to the proposed clearing (Lawag) of the site on the last week of November in preparation for a possible early start of construction of the Center’s edifice by mid-December. The final decision on this matter will be made during the next Board meeting, scheduled for November 19th. The decision would depend greatly on the accumulated amount of donations that would be remitted by that time. As I have stated in my September update, I need a solid basis for recommending an early start on the project. The sum of $ 25,000 is highly attainable with the remittance of the confirmed pledges and the contributions of those who have expressed support to the project. In this regard, may I reiterate my request for the early remittance of your support. Our dream is likely to be realized soon with our solid unity in giving our share to the project.

4. I have made a list of items that I deem are imperative for display in our center.
One of these is the wooden boards or panels where the names of prominent Paetenians in the arts will be inscribed (carved). The boards or panels will be made from the trunk of trees (langka, santol, mangga, lukban at chico-mami) that will be cut down during the clearing of the site. The listings will be categorized according to the field of art where they excelled, like Mga Natatanging Mag-uukit, Pintor , Kompositor, Manunulat, Musiko atbp. The listing per category will made part of subsequent updates.

Please email your comments/ suggestions to Maraming Salamat Pong Muli.

Nel T. Africano
President, SKP,Inc.
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 5:53 am    Post subject: Reply to your usap paete posts Reply with quote

Dear Amang Cenon,

Sa pagbasa ko po ng inyong email, natiyak ko agad na ito ay galling sa inyo. Sa paglalahad ninyo ng concerns hinggil sa cultural center project, napagtanto ko na ito ay gawa ng isang dating director ng Development Bank of the Philippines. Nagkadaup-palad na po tayo minsan nang samahan ko sina ama (Luis Obial) at ina sa pagdideliver ng Last Supper sa inyong bahay sa Philam Q.C. na inorder ni Inang Paying noong mid-sixties. Salamat at malakas pa kayo na makapagpahayag ng inyong saloobin hinggil sa proyekto.

Hindi ko na po nais na sagutin isa-isa ang inyong mga katanungan. Marahil, sapat na pong sabihin ko sa inyo na ang lahat ng mga bagay na inyong tinuran ay binigyan ko na ng matamang pansin at pag-aaral bago pa po akong magpadala ng aking “:Open Letter to Paetenians” hinggil sa proyekto. Alam ko po na sadyang malaki at mahirap itaguyod ang proyekto. Ngunit ako po ay lubusang nananalig at nagtitiwala sa pagtulong sa akin ng lahat nating kababayan na may malaking pagpapahalaga sa mayamang kultura ng ating bayan. Alam ko po ang mga limitasyon ng ginawa kong pag-aaral, ngunit alinmang pag-aaral ay silbi lamang gabay at batayan sa matagumpay na pagsasagawa ng isang proyekto.

Dahil po sa mga limitasyong ito (lalong higit ng sa akin) na hindi naman tiyakan at tuwirang matutugunan, hinikayat ko po na makibalikat sa akin ang aking mga kaibigan na may kaalaman at karanasan sa pag-uusong ng ganitong uri ng proyekto. Nagtatag po kami ng isang association, ang SENTRONG PANGKULTURA NG PAETE, INC., na mangagasiwa sa proyekto, mula sa pasimula hanggang sa pagsasakatuparan ang mga adhikain nito sa mahabang panahon. Una po si Manuel D. Baldemor, ang pinagpipitaganang pintor ng daigdig na aming Chairperson, na may malaking kaalaman sa pangangasiwa ng isang sentro at malawak na koneksyon sa mga embahada ng maraming bansa na maaaring lapitan ng pagtulong. Gayun din po si Frank G. Rivera (anak ni Tandang Isko Rivera), ang multi-awarded writer-director ng tanghalan, na sa kasalukuyan ay “consultant” sa National Commission for Culture and Arts at malaki ang karanasan sa Cultural Center of the Philippines. Dalawa po naman ang aking kasama na makakatutok sa mga bagay na inyong tinuran. Nariyan po si Raul C. Roque ( anak na panganay ni Amang Ading Roque) isang CPA-MBA ng De La Salle University na malaki ang kaalaman at karanasan sa negosyo at sa pag-ilak ng fundo mula sa mga International Organization na may malasakit sa ganitong uri ng proyekto. Si Mike N. Paelmo, isang scholar ng Ateneo at MBA ng University of the Philippines, na aming Finance-Marketing Expert. Mayroon din po kaming mga kabataan na kasama sa Board upang sa darating na panahon ay makahahalili sa amin sa pangangasiwa ng Sentro. Dahil po sa kanila at sa aming sama-samang pagkilos, lubos po ang aking pananalig na matutugunan namain ng maayos ang lahat ng inyong agam-agam.

At sa inyong pagtulong at paggabay sa amin, lubos po ang aming tiwala na maitataguyod natin ang proyekto sa lahat nitong adhikain. Marami pong salamat sa inyong interest at pahayag na magbibigay liwanag sa mabuting pagsasakatuparan ng ating SENTRO.


Nel T. Africano
President, SKP,Inc.
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 8:33 pm    Post subject: Re: Cenon Reply with quote

Mr. Africano,

If I'm not mistaken it wasn't MR CENON, the father, who posted the comments about the project but the son, MR. CEDRIC. Am I right Amboy?

Just to make it clear for everyone.

Salamat Po!
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 9:41 pm    Post subject: ccdimacali Reply with quote


Cenon Dimacali is CLDimacali not ccdimacali. He is still a very active volunteer in the city of Oakland, California as Administrator of the Senior Citizen Activity Center, giving out lessons on three cushion billiards. He also is very active and sometimes teaches folk dancing with his lovely wife Pacita “Paying” Adao Caguin.

ccdimacali is Cedric C. Dimacali, third of his children. Husband of equally lovely Ms. Nita B. Almeda of Bo. Ibaba only sister of Atty. Gemeniano B. Almeda. Graduate of the University of Life, B.S. Conscience, major in Common Sense.

I really admire your project, its mission and vision. I really do wish it gets the attention from Paeteneans it deserves. I can also sense there’s a lot of passion going into this project and I hope that this passion does not overwhelm careful planning and logic. I for one is a firm believer in the saying “Concentrate on Success not on Failure.” This draws out positive motivation among participants. I can sense that your committee has a lot of positive motivation. I am equally a firm believer of the word “However.” The “however” word forces one to think in multi-dimension not two dimension. It forces one to look at the project at all angles. Also, with any project there are the “What If” questions. The more one can successfully answer “What If” questions the probability for success of the project increases. A thorough list of “what if” questions with successful resolutions only add credibility to the project. None of these three can act alone. You need to be positively motivated, multi-dimensional and be able to answer all “what if” questions among other things. I believe I only have one “what if” question in my earlier posting.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:23 am    Post subject: october update Reply with quote


1. Funding Status:

a. Remittances / Pledges :

- Manuel D. Baldemor (initial donation in check for deposit
in Paete.) - P 50,000
- Rico Cadayona (Pledge) - $ 1,000
- A kababayan in Europe pledged an unspedified amount
which will be known as soon as the family has agreed
on the amount of donation.

b. Cash in Bank and Confirmed Pledges:

Cash in Bank: Dollar - $ 5,500 - P 297,000
Peso - P 22,000
For Deposit - 50,000 - 72,000
Total - P 369,000

Confirmed Pledges: $ 10,500 - P 567,000

Grand Total - P 935,000

Marami pong salamat sa lahat ng nagpadala na. Gayon din po sa lahat ng magpapadala pa. Inaanyayahan ko rin po ang lahat na makiisa sa ating mahalagang proyekto para sa Paete.

2. I have answered all the comments that were sent to and/or posted in So far all responses I have received are positive. I suppose those who did not reply anymore are satisfied with my explanation.

3. The Board has decided to go ahead with the clearing (lawag) of the site on the
last of November in preparation for the eventual “ground breaking ceremony”
also on the last week of December. We hope this occasion will be graced with
the presence of some balikbayang kababayan like the couples Fred & Cora
Cagayat and Tomas & Cia Altamero.

4. Hereunder is the list of Mga Natatanging Mag-uukit:

1. Mga Maestro ng Paete ayon sa ulat ni Manuel D. Baldemor noong 1980
sa pagdiriwang ng ika-400 Anibersaryo ng Paete sa panahong 1840- 1940:

Adao, Braulio Cagayat,Dionisio
Africano, Buenaventura *
Afungol, Rufino Cajumban, Blas
Aseoche, Policarpio Dailo, Mariano
Asido, Evaristo Dailo, Timoteo *
Baet, Ireneo Dacsil, Benito
Baet, Julian Dagunton, Silvino
Baet, Benjamin Dalay, Eusebio
Bagabaldo, Rufino Sr. Edjawan, Mariano
Bague, Dionisio Limlengco, Jesus
Bague, Pablo Madrinan, Domingo
Balandra, Florencio Madrinan, Froilan, Sr.
Caancan, Jose Madrinan, Juan
Caday, Faustino Madrinan, Mariano
Cadornegara, Clemente Obial, Luis
Cagandahan, Bernardo Pagalanan, Gregorio
Cagandahan, Isaac Palatino, Juan
Saavedra. Angelo

* Maglalalik

2. Mga natatanging mag-uukit ng panahong 1940-60

Agbada, Severino Baldemor, Venerando
Africano, Diego* Bagabaldo, Rufino, Jr
Africano, Higino Cagayat, Jose
Africano, Pablo Cagayat , Justino
Africano, Marcial Cagayat, Pablo
Afurong, Vicente Madridejos, Pablo

* maglalalik

3. Mga natatanging mag-uukit ng panahong 1960-70

Bagabaldo, Teodoro Fadul, Martin
Caancan, Gregorio Madrinan, Froilan, Jr.
Cadapan, Fermin Madrinan, Jose
Caguin, Ramon

4. Mga mag-uukit ng kasalukuyang panahon (1970-2005)

Ac-ac, Luis * Baldemor, Wilfredo *
Afurong, Isaias Cadawas, Crispin
Agbada, Virgilio Cagayat, Paloy
Baisas, Jose Dailo, Vicente Balandra, Norberto * (Nonong) Dans, Esmeraldo *
Baldemor, Angelo * Edjawan, Bert *
Baldemor, Manuel * Fadul, Pio
Baldemor, Nick* Madridejos, Fermin, Jr.*
Baldemor, Norberto(Berting) Valdellon, Felix
Baldemor, Raynaldo * Valdellon, Juan
Balquiedra, Jose Limlengco, Popoy

* May sariling masining na estilo.

5. Mga Natatanging Culinary Artists: Kasalukuyang Panahon

Cadawas, Eliodoro, Jr. Navarro, Mario
Hernas, Elmer Paygane, Jun
Navarro, Rosauro

Please send in your comments/suggestions. If I miss out some culinary artists or carvers , please send their names too. Maraming Salamat Po.
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 3:54 pm    Post subject: november update Reply with quote

PROJECT UPDATE : November 1-15, 2005

1. Funding Status:

a. Remittances/Pledges:

§ Sonia Balandra remitted her pledge of $ 500
§ Rico Cadayona’s check for $ 1,000 is for mailing.
§ $ 2,000 ( Canadian) is earmarked for remittance by a relative-friend before the end of December.
§ $ 1,000 (Canadian) check remitted by Sor Soly Umale has been cleared and deposited for US $794. ( In my previous update, I had mistakenly considered the amount twice (one as deposit, the other as subject for clearing)while it was still undergoing verification with the drawee bank in Canada.)
· the P 50,000 check of Manny Baldemor was not deposited in Paete as Ma. Rita Afurong, our Asst. Treasurer and my co-signatory was not available. I had arranged it for deposit on my next trip to Paete on 2 December to open a separate bank account.

b. Cash in Bank/ Confirmed Pledges:

BPI Pasig - $ Account - $ 5,794 - P 312, 876
P Account - P 22,000
For deposit - 50,000 - 72,000

Confirmed Pledges - $ 10,000 - 540,000

Grand total - P 924, 876

Marami Pong Salamat sa Inyong Kagandahang Loob!

2. The clearing (lawag) of the site is scheduled for November 28-December 3, 2005 while the “ground breaking ceremony” is tentatively set for December 30, 2005. The fabrication of the panel boards using the tree trunks will commence thereafter.

3. We will engage the services of Engr. Viray, our Municipal Engineer or his associates to draw up the final plans for the building and to facilitate the issuance of the necessary building permit.

4. Tony “Val” Caday Ludovico of Canada has recommended the inclusion of the following in the list of Natatanging Mag-uukit who had taken residence in Binan and Sta. Rosa since the Bakya Era:

Picio Afurong, Pati Paelmo, Andres Dailo, Picio Rivera, Victor “Tony”, Manuel and Celso Baldemor-Ludivico, Miguel and Minong Dailo. I will included them in the list after I have ascertained their full name and the era or generation to where they belong.

5. I am happy to announce that my second book, MGA NATATANGING ANAK NG PAETE, is now under publication by the UST Publishing House. The book is a sequel to my first book. It features prominent Paetenians in the arts and select Personalities, whose extraordinary success in their profession and/or field of endeavor has brought honor and glory to Paete. It also contains up to date narratives on the recent historic and cultural events in Paete particularly the Balik-Paete 2004 and the 425th Paete Foundation Anniversary Celebration. The book is enhanced with photos of the obra maestra of our artists particularly the illustrations of Manny Baldemor and photos of his grand prize winning obras.

The book will be launched by mid-December. I intend to have the book on sale during the Ground Breaking Ceremony as a fundraising activity for the project.

It will have a very limited edition that I enjoin all those who are interested to have a copy to post their reservation at I will post the price after the book launch.

6. Hereunder is the list of Mga Natatanging Pintor/Ilustrador for wood panel # 2:

Dans, Josep (1850) - Pintor ng mga Fresco

Panahong 1940-55

Acala, Abraham - Pintor ng Larawan
Madrinan, Froilan, Sr. - Pintor/Eskultor
Limlengco, Jesus - Pintor, Eskultor

Panahong 1956-69

Cadang, Jose - Ilustrador
Cajumban, Daniel - Ilustrador
Dailo, Diego - Pintor ng kartelon
Pasawa, Eusebio - Pintor ng kartelon
Tomas Rocamora - Ilustrador

Mga Pintor at Ilustrador na may sariling masining na estilo sa kasalukuyang panahon: (1970 – 2005)

Ac-ac, Luis
Acala, Bayani Ray Baldemor, Monar
Balandra, Nonong Baldemor, Walter
Baldemor, Angelo Baldemor, Wilfredo
Baldemor, Irene Caguin, Ramon
Baldemor, Mailah Dans, Araceli Limcaco
Baldemor, Manuel Endaya, Imelda Cajipe
Balan, Mario Rivera, Frank

I would appreciate your comments/suggestions on the aforementioned update.

Nel T. Africano
President, SKP Inc.
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2005 4:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


1. Funding Status :
a. Remittances / Pledges
-Dr. Dan Dalan sent $ 390 (cash) thru my sister, Dr. Tessie Obial-Aquino in addition to his previous remittance of $1,000.
-Manny Baldemor gave another posted check for P 20,000 in addition to his two other checks totaling P 50,000.
-There was no remittance from the confirmed pledges.
b. We could not open an account with Paete Rural Bank without the approval of the bank manager who was absent when we came in. I then deposited Manny’s first check for P 25,000 with BPI Santolan, Pasig.
c.Cash in bank / confirmed pledges
BPI $ deposit $ 6,184 P 334,000
P deposit 47,000
Checks for deposit 45,000 P 426,000
Confirmed pledges $ 10,000 540,000
Total P 966,000

2. I clarified with Sonia Adea-Paelmo, outgoing President of PI-Southern California, the major concerns about the project, i.e. the location, municipal government involvement and security. She seemed satisfied with my explanation. She then assured me of her full support; promised to take the matter up in the next chapter meeting when she turns over the presidency to Delia Cagayat and gave excellent suggestions to improve the fundraising efforts. I gave her two letters: one that expresses my thanks and appreciation for her support; the other, a solicitation letter of support from the general membership of the chapter through the newly elected president.
3. The clearing ( lawag ) of the site was done as scheduled. Preparation for the Ground Breaking Ceremony is now in progress. I have drafted the program and Uweng has given 100 cards for invitation. These will be ready for distribution on 18 December.
4. The final building plans will be drafted by Arch.Paelmo and Engr. Roque. These will be ready for the application of necessary municipal permit before the end of the month.
5. I will recommend to the Board the start of construction on 16 Januanry 2006. Hopefully, we would have then the complete remittances of the outstanding confirmed pledges that would make P I million available on hand for a good start. I am also confident to raise the P 1.4 million needed to completely construct the first floor. I will be sending solicitation letters to other prospective donors from whom I expect to receive positive response.
6. My second book, MGA NATATANGING ANAK NG PAETE, will be launched on 12 December at the UST Aquinas Research Center. I will make the book available for sale during the Ground Breaking Ceremony as a fundraising activity for the project. The book features select outstanding artists, personalities in the Paentenian International and Matanglawin newsletters, the TOLP and the NATATANGING Anak ng Paete awardees, the Pambayang Bayani at Magiting na Anak ng Paete and narratives on the recent historic and cultural events in Paete. The book is enhanced with vintage photos and illustrations by Uweng, especially his three AAP grand prize winning obras.
7. Hereunder is the list of Mga Natatanging Manunulat for wood panel # 3:
Manunulat Pinagkakilanlan
Aca, Dolores Calabig nobelista ng Liwayway Magasin
Africano, Luis G. “Opera” May-akda ng diskurso ng Flores de Mayo at ng Salubong
Africano, Cornelio T. may-akda ng PAETE: Bayang Masining, Bayang Pinoy at ng MGA NATATANGING ANAK NG PAETE
Afuang, Benjamin Editor ng mga pahayagan at magasin
Bagabaldo, Ananias manunulat ng kuwentong pang-tanghalan at pampelikula sa LVN Pictures
Cagahastian, Diego manunulat ng kuwentong pampelikula at News Editor ng The Manila Bulletin
Caguin, Moises manunulat ng kuwentong pang-tanghalan at pampelikula sa Libran Pictures
Cadang, Jose P. manunulat ng kuwentong pang- tanghalan
Dalay, Lino manunulat ng kuwentong pang-tanghalan
Dalay, Felix manunulat ng kuwentong pang-tanghalan at pampelikula
Filoteo, Flora Navarro- Editor ng Matanglawin Newsette
Madrinan, Virgilio G. Editor ng Paetenians International Newsletter
Pantaleon, Virgilio P. Sports Editor ng pahayagan at former Press Undersecretary
Pedrosa, Carmen Navarro- may-akda ng The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos at kolumnista ng Philippine Star.
Pruden, Maria Cagahastian- manunulat sa pahayagan at magasin
Rivera, Frank G. Palanca awardee sa maikling kuwento, may-akda ng mga aklat ng dulang pang-tanghalan, manunulat ng mga kuwentong pampelikula
Rivera, Nervido G. Palanca awardee sa maikling kuwento, manunulat ng kuwentong pampelikula

Nel T. Africano
Pangulo, SKP,INC.
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:04 pm    Post subject: December Update Reply with quote


Project Upadate for December

1. Funding Status:
a) .Remittances:
i.Protacio Cagandahan sent through courier service his donation of P 20,000.
ii.Rico Cadayona remitted his pledge of $ 1,000 in its peso equivalent of P 53,000 through his brother-in law, Atty. James Villafranca.
iii.Ruperto V. Belen sent in $1,000 for Jaime Z. Belen and family, courtesy of Mike Paelmo
.Marami Pong Salamat !
b). Cash on Hand:
US Dollar Deposit - $ 6794 -P 360,000
Peso Deposit P 165,000
Petty Cash Fund Allocation P 20,000
Total P 545,000

c). Confirmed Pledges $ 10,000 P 530,000
GrandTotal P 1,075,000
Peso-Dollar Exchange rate @ P53/ dollar

d).Expenses incurred for the Lawag and the Ground Breaking will be
posted in the next update.

I would like to reiterate my thanks to the following early donors:
Gold Donors: ($ 1,000)
Tom and Cia Altamero Sor Solly Umale
Rico Cadayona Ruperto V. Belen
Pining T. Dalan Dan T. Dalan
Manny D. Baldemor Teresita T. Obial-Aquino
Silver Donors ($500)
Protacio Cagandahan Sonia C. Balandra

2.Ground Breaking Ceremony:

The festive Ground Breaking Ceremony was held as scheduled last 30 December, attended by a good cross-section of our town’s citizentry. Mayor Emmanuel B. Cadayona and Chairman Manuel D. Baldemor, with their respective spouses, First Lady Evelyn Cadayona and Delia D. Baldemor, jointly did the honors of symbolically breaking the ground. The Mayor, the Chairman and the President took turns in giving their addresses to the enthusiastic crowd composed mainly of the members of the Sangguniang Bayan, the directors and officers of the association, the Matanglawin Ladies – Flora Navarro-Filoteo and Lydia Fadul, the Southern Californian Guests – Arthur Africano and Lourdes Valdecantos, the descendants of notable Paete Artists like the Baldemors, the Cagandahans, the Cagayats, the Madridejos, the Africano siblings, our energetic fundraiser- supporters – Saida Cagandahan-Dulay and Flora Lou Cadawas.and the Center Architect, Garyphil Paelmo. The simple ceremony was emceed by Raul C. Roque amidst the live music provided by Banda 69. Frank G. Rivera and his buddy, Dr. Arthur Casanova, arrived just in time for the sumptuous merienda of biringhe, lumpiang-hubad, puto and menudo prepared by Inang Lucia Grajera-Afurong

3.Our Chairman, Manny Baldemor has given me the go signal to proceed with the construction of the Center as soon as we have widened the access road and have secured the necessary building permits. He also requested me to arrange for a general meeting with the key representatives of the various sectors of our community to discuss the importance of the Center and to solicite ideas in drawing up programs for implementation by the Center for the benefit our our young and promising artists once it is established. I have programmed all these for accomplishment this January and have targeted February 6th as the starting date of construction.

In this regard, may I enjoin you all, especially those who have made their pledges, to send in your donations now. We need your support to build the Center as our legacy to Paete. Act now. Extend your generous support and feel proud of being part of this noble undertaking. We would appreciate, however, any amount you can give. Please send your check payable either to Sentrong Pangkultura ng Paete, Inc. or to Cultural Center of Paete, Inc. at:

Sentrong Pangkultura ng Paete, Inc.
C/o PEB Center for Special Children
979 M.L.Quezon St., Manggahan, Pasig City
1611 Phlippines

Maraming Salamat Po sa Inyong Pagtulong at Pagtitiwala!

4.My second book – MGA NATATANGING ANAK NG PAETE – is now on sale for P400 a copy. It is only available in Paete with Mareth Afurong, our Asst. Treasurer, at the residence of Vicente and Lucia Grajera-Afurong in Ibaba. Proceeds from the sale will be for the benefit of the Center. The book has a very limited edition of only 200 copies. Secure your copy now. I have featured in the book no less than 100 prominent Paetenians and have mentioned more than 200 names, relevant to the narratives. You could be one of them. Those who have read the book averred it is better than my first. Make your order or reservation now. Your order will be served on first come-first serve basis.

Nel T. Africano
SKPI President
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 2:15 am    Post subject: January Update Reply with quote


I. Funding Status:
A. Remittance
$ 503 from a relative-friend in Switzerland was remitted in honor
of her parents.
B. Pledges :
- Mike N. Paelmo pledged P 12,000 as seed money for the next foundraising project.
- Confirmed pledges still remain at $ 10,000 (P520,000).
C. Funds Available :
1. Cash on Hand :
US Dollar Deposit $ 7,300 @ P52/$ P 379, 756
Peso Deposit 185, 900
Total P565, 656
2. Less Withdrawals for expenses/expenditures:
- Organizational Expenses P 14,400
Pre-construction Expenses 27, 517
Acquisition Cost- Paete Book II 59, 400
( for fundraising )
Total P 101, 317
3.. Cash Balance P 464, 339
D. Breakdown of Expenses/Expenditures:
1.. Organizational Expenses:
- SEC registration P 3, 700
Notarial Fess 1,700
Transportation 4, 000
Meeting / others 5, 000
Total P 14, 400
2.. Pre-construction Expenses:
Lawag (site clearing / cleaning) P 4, 627
Ground Breaking Ceremony 11,000
Transportation 4,000
Grand meeting / others 6, 100
Total P 27, 517
3. Book Acquisition Cost (reimbursable with sales proceeds) P 59, 400

Total Disbursements P 101, 317

E. Please note that the disbursements were applied only on the peso donations that came from Manny Baldemor and Dr. Tessie Obial-Aquino The dollar and peso donations from our kababayan abroad amounting to P 464, 339 remain intact. This amount will serve as initial funding to start the construction of the Center.
II. Important Developments:
A. SKPI Core Group - Calling the Board and the executive officers to a
meeting proved difficult and costly. Besides action /or decision to address important matters concerning the project are delayed. The Core Group, composed mainly of directors and officers residing in Metro Manila, namely Manny & Fred Baldemor, Mike Paelmo, Raul Roque, Frank Rivera, Flora Lou Cadawas and the undersigned, is thus formed to resolve this problem. We can be convened easily by mere texting or phone call in a place most convenient for all of us.
B. Grand Consultation-Information Meeting:
The core group had their first meeting at Max-Galleria last 11 January and discussed the Chairman’s (Manny) concern on the church frescoes and his concept of Paete as a living museum. A five hour consultation-information meeting was thus held in Paete last 28th January with twenty select representatives of our community in attendance. Hereunder are the highlights of the meeting:
a). Manny first expounded on the importance and necessity of a cultural center in Paete, its role as a cultural hub where programs and policies will be defined and formulated for the promotion and preservation of our rich cultural heritage. He went on to explain his concept of Paete as a living museum, giving emphasis on the many things we can proudly show and offer to tourists and prospective investors. What is needed is to properly package what Paete already has. And the Center is the proper institution to study and make recommendation for whatever is best to be done.
Manny also called the attention of the Parish Pastoral Council, Guido Bagayana, on the urgent need to adopt measures in protecting the church frescoes – the only remaining unique attraction of Paete. He also endorsed his proposal to convert the baptistery, the choir area and the belfry as a mini-museum where religious icons could be exhibited periodically on festive occasions to enhance the town as a must-see tourist attraction.
b.) Guido Bagayana responded with openness to the proposal and extended his invitation to the two of us ( Manny and the undersigned ) to join the council in drawing up actions plans pertinent to the council’s church maintenance program which we readily accepted.
c). The Open Forum brought out relevant and important information about the citizenry’s efforts in promoting and preserving Paete’s culture and arts.
- Mario Balan and Joven Cajipe of the Parish Pastoral Council are currently doing research and documentation work regarding the church history.
- Fermin Madridejos has Pandayan Sining Group focusing on the visual
- Arts.
- Lino Dalay, one of the Philippine representatives to the UNESCO, volunteers to help in soliciting financial support from the organization for Paete’s cultural projects.
- Inang Luming Baldemor shared her experiences about her recent tour of the Mission Valley of California and suggested to adopt similar tourist facilities she had seen in Capistrano.
- Dr. Nilo Valdecantos offered to sponsor a fundraising group show of Paetenian artists.
- Cherry Ferrer, QES teacher and foremost authority on Paete Folkdance, pledged to turnover all her collection of books, notes and clippings about our native dance to the Center’s future library.
- Representatives of the different schools like Mr. Kagahastian and Ms. Ibanez requested for teaching materials about Paete’s culture and arts in order that they can include the subject in their curriculum.
C. Management and Maintenance of the Center
For my part as president, I expounded on the following:
a). Management Group – the composition of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers of Sentrong Pangkulura ng Paete, Inc, the aasociation that will manage the affairs of the Center, is quite impressive. The group is led by prominent artists and professionals like Manny Baldemor, Fred Baldemor and Frank Rivera who can design and provide excellent programs for the Center. To assist me in attending to my duties as president are seasoned professionals like Mike Paelmo and Raul Roque who are experts in Management and Finance. The youth is also well represented in the group with Mareth Afurong, a UP graduate in Music and Bayani Ray Acala, a UST graduate of Fine Arts and an acknowledged painter in the country’s art circle. I would also propose the expansion of membership of the youth with the inclusion of Dr. Nilo Valdecantos, Mario Balan, Joven Cajipe, Lino Dalay and Cherry Ferrer as an understudy group for future leaders of the association.
b). Funds for Construction – I openly expressed my thanks and appreciation to all our kababayan who have sent in their generous donations for the construction of the Center. I also expressed confidence that the other $ 10,000 confirmed pledges will be remitted soon to augment the present cash position which would enable us to construct the first floor of the Center. I also presented fundraising projects like Frank Rivera’s Zarzuela Benefit Show, the Group Show of Paete Artists and the solicitation of support from individual donors to generate the local counter-fund which would ensure the complete construction of the P 2.5 million cultural center.
c). Maintenance Support – Once the Center is operational, we will undertake income generating projects and activities for the maintenance support of the Center, foremost of which is the solicitation of financial support from both local and foreign institutions, which will be handled by our experts, Mike Paelmo and Raul Roque. We believe however that is highly improbable for us to receive solicited aid from them unless we have done first our part in putting up the Center.
d). Tourism Program of the Municipal Government – The municipal government is aggressively working on a comprehensive tourism program for Paete. One aspect of this program is to provide an eco-tourism map of Paete. Unaware of this program, the core group had also conceived of the same map.
When I conferred the idea with our mayor and learned about his program I pledged the support of our organization by way of directing our own program in consonance with the eco-tourism program which our mayor is espousing for our town.
e). SKPI as civic and cultural organization - I emphatically announced that SKPI is purely a civic and cultural organization. It is non-political and non-sectarian. The Center as its name implies will be put up for Paete, not for the association nor in honor of a single person, family or clan. It will be owned by Paete but legally and solely managed by SKPI. Its mission, as Mike Paelmo aptly puts it, is to honor our artists, to celebrate life with our glorious tradition and to promote, preserve and enhance our rich cultural heritage.
f). In response to the request of the school representatives, I instructed Mareth Afurong to initially give a copy of my Paete Books to each of the schools for their reference.
III. Deferment of Construction
The start of construction, which is scheduled for 6 February, is deferred to 6 March for two reasons:
1. The widening work on the access road is still in progress. Its completion is
imperative for the easy and fast delivery of construction materials to the site.
2. The building permit is likewise undergoing process. Its issuance depends on
the complete submission of the building plans.
We hope all these will be completed before 6 March. We will post in the next update the approved perspective of the Center and the plan for the First Floor.

Nel T. Africano
SKPI President
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 9:53 pm    Post subject: February Project Update Reply with quote

February Update

I. Funding Status:

A. Remittances:
1. A relative-friend in New York remitted $ 500 in its peso equivalent of P 25,650 by wire transfer directly from BPI-New York to BPI-Santolan, Pasig.
2 Dr. Jaime D. Tuazon remitted $200 as the first installment on his
$ 1,000 pledge.

B. Confirmed Pledges:
1. Outstanding pledges - $ 9,300
2. Seed money for fundraising – P 12,000

C. Cash on hand:
There had been significant improvement in the dollar-peso exchange rate in the last six months from P55-51 per dollar. As a result our dollar deposit of $ 7,300 had an opportunity loss of some P 25,000. A week before the declaration of the State of National Emergency, I transferred $ 6,500 in its peso equivalent of P334,750 (P51.50 / $1) to the current account as a preventive measure against its diminishing value in peso. Last Tuesday (Feb.28th) I transferred by check P 330,000 to the current account in Paete Rural Bank for the construction of the Center which started yesteday (March 6th) Hereunder therefore is our cash position:

Dollar Deposit - $ 1,000
Peso Deposits:
BPI-Pasig - P 101, 233
Paete Rural Bank P 350, 000
Standby (petty cash) fund - P 10, 000
Total - P 461, 233

II. SKP Construction:

The construction of the Center started yesterday (March 6th). Based on the work schedule that Amang Vicente Afurong, who will supervise the work, and I have drawn up, we have determined the following:

1. Our funds will only suffice for the construction of the basic
structure of the first floor, i.e. the foundation, columns, beams and 2/3 of the second floor concrete slabs. The second floor slabs will serve as temporary roof of the first floor until the entire building is completed.

2. The work will last for 60 days or up to the first week of May.
Work is expected to stop unless we receive additional funding.

III. Measures to sustain the construction:

1. The complete construction of the first floor, based on our estimate, will cost P 1.5 million. Our present funding would only meet almost half of the cost. The other half however could readily be met with the timely remittance of the $ 9,200 outstanding confirmed pledges. In this regard, my we request those who have made their pledges to kindly remit their donations within the month in order that we could insure the completion of the first floor.
2. I have already made follow-ups on the confirmed pledges and also have sent additional emails or letters of solicitation to kababayan who I believe could also help like our previous donors.
3. I would propose another fundraising scheme whereby many of our kababayan, who believe in the project, could readily and favorably respond. I amount that I would solicit would be significant and affordable to would-be donors. I will announce the scheme as soon as I am fully convinced of its viability, possibly within the month. However, I would welcome and appreciate any suggestion from you on how we could effectively and expeditiously raise the necessary funds to finish at least the first floor of the Center.
4. The other fundraising schemes that I have mentioned in the January update would also be carried out according to schedule.

Nel T. Africano
SKPI President.
Cornelio Tuazon Africano
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 2:57 am    Post subject: march update Reply with quote


I. Funding Status:

A. Remittances:
1. Dr. Jaime Tuazon remitted another $200, making a total of $400 for his $ 1,000 pledge.
2. From the family of Tandang Rito Navarro:
a. Flora C. Navarro-Filoteo -$200
b. Sofronio C. Navarro - P 5,000


B. Confirmed Pledges:
1. Outstanding pledges - $ 8, 800
2. Seed money for fundraising - P 12,000

C. Cash on Hand:
Dollar Deposit (maintaining balance BPI – Pasig ) -$ 800
Cash on hand - 600 $1, 400
Peso Deposits
BPI – Pasig ( CA maintaining balance P 27, 000
Paete Rural Bank 203,000
Petty cash 10,000 P240, 000

II. SKP Construction:

A. Work Progress - The foundation work has been completed with
concrete tie-beams already in place. The re-enforcement steel bars (RSB)
for the fourteen (14) posts have also been erected for eventual concreting.
Setting up of the initial two layers of concrete hallow blocks between the
posts of the perimeter walls is in progress.

B. Cost of Construction - the following are the expended cost of construction:

Materials and supplies - P 150, 000
Labor - 75, 000 P 225, 000
NB. All monetary figures are un-audited and are rounded off to the nearest

Work will continue until we have expended our remaining funds of about
P 270,000.inclusive of the $ 600 cash on hand. Amang Vicente and I have estimated that this amount would be sufficient only up to the concreting of the eight (Cool posts and the floor slab above the stage section of the first floor. With this section done, without the corresponding perimeter walls, the area could be used already for the Kademya of the brass band. ( floor layout of this Section).

2. We hope to complete the first floor of the Center as per the perspective
drawn by Amang Vicente. The billboard of the perspective is now on
display at the entry of the access road.

We still need at least P 1 million to finish the first floor of the Center to have it functional. May we therefore appeal for your continued support in order that we would not have any stoppage on its onstruction. We greatly relay on your help, particularly from those who have made their pledges.

Hereunder are the two perspectives of the Center drawn by Arch. Garyphil
Paelmo for your information and appreciation;

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 3:01 am    Post subject: MAY - JULY UPDATE Reply with quote


I. Financial Report: Unaudited

Donor Remittances:
1. Dr. Jaime D. Tuazon - $800

2. Larry and Cora Africano-Man P 40,680

Maraming Salamat Po sa Inyo!

Donations Todate:
U S Dollars:
Total Receipts $ 8,194

BPI S/A Deposits 804

Amount Withdrawn $ 7,390

Peso Equivalent P 380,140

Total Receipts P 265, 280

Loan 50,000 * 315,280

Total disbursable donations in pesos P 695, 420

Cash on Hand: Pesos
BPI Current Account P 50,400

Paete Rural Bank C/A 25,000

Petty Cash 3, 4127 ( P 78,817 )

4. Amount Disbursed P 616,603

Project Cost:
1. Organizational P 14,400

2. Pre-construction 29,417

3. Fundraising 69, 513* P 113,330

- Materials/Supplies 272,210

- Labor 231,063 503,273

Total Disbursement P 616,603

5. Unpaid Material/Supplies P 108,890*

Total Project Cost P 725,493

Accounts Payable:
1. Unpaid M/S Deliveries P 108,890

2. Loan 50,000 P 158,890

Cash on Hand: Maintaining Balances of Accounts
1. US Dollar Deposits $ 804 @ P51/$ P 41,004

2. Bank Deposit Balances 78,817 _P119,801

Notes on asterisked items:

1.The loan of P 50,000 was provided by my sister, Dr. Teresita T. Obial-Aquino

as initial working capital of the association. This amount is different from her

donation of the same amount to the association as mentioned in my previous


2. The fundraising costs comprise the prepaid cost of the 200 copies of my book,

Mga Natatanging Anak ng Paete, which are intended for sale/or give-away to

Donors. (P59,400 for acquisition cost plus P 10,113 for mailing cost todate =

P 69,513) We still have an inventory of 120 copies.

3. The cost of unpaid material/supply deliveries in only an estimate based on the

prices of previous deliveries. Actual billings are not yet submitted by our

supplier, Guilver Trading. We will request for deferment of collection until

we have sufficient funds to pay but will promise to settle the account before

the resumption of work.

Construction Status:
As reported in my last update, the construction work would be focused only on the first floor of the proposed three- storey building of the Center. We have then estimated that our funds would only cover 50% of the cost of the first

Floor. Work had stopped last July 5th as we have already expended our funds. We are glad to report that work accomplishment is exactly in accordance with our estimate. Moreover, the floor area was expanded from the original dimension of 180 square meters to 216 square meters to provide adequate space for the stage section of the floor. This explains the unpaid material/supply deliveries. The work was achieved primarily through the close supervision of Amang Vicente Afurong who had rendered his services gratis et amore. We will provide pictures of the work done in our next update.

III .Fundraising Program:

To insure the continuity of the project, we will then embark on a more aggressive fundraising program. I will propose to the Board the following:

Activities which Raul Roque and I will jointly handle:
Follow-up some $ 5,000 in confirmed pledges, which are still deemed collectible.
Continue my second wave of individual solicitation for the remaining 15 names in my list of prospective Paetenian donors who may wish to be included in the inaugural marker. All donors of the first wave of my individual solicitation are assured of inclusion in the inaugural marker. I will propose to the Board to call them FRIENDS OF PCC. Minimum target for this activity is $ 10,000.
Campaign for a $100 donation per family. The donor will receive a complimentary copy of my second book, mailed directly to the donor’s home. I am now working on the list of 100 donors who I will send email requests. Target amount is another $ 10,000.
Solicit donations from foreign NGO’s and philanthropists. I have made some listings of them and will soon send them our solicitation letter. A modest target is $ 10,000.
Study the viability of the following:
Benefit Presentation of Frank G. Rivera’s two most popular zarzuelas, AMBON, ULAN, BAHA and OYAYI in Paete in collaboration with all the schools and their respective PTA organization. Ticket sale is targeted at P 1 million with 50% net proceeds to be shared accordingly by all parties involved.
Group Show of Paetenian Artists at the Artists’ Corner of SM Megamall. Target sale is also P 1million with 50% net proceeds.
This fundraising program is aimed at generating some P3 million to insure the completion of the PCC project and will be carried out up to February 07 when we will resume the work. The above update will serve as my agenda for the Board Meeting in August.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Encouraging update, Nel. Thank you very much. I'm glad to see that your dream is getting close to its realization. Sana marami pang mga kababayan natin ang makakita ng kagandahan ng iyong layunin.

Congratulations and thanks to all PCC officers and supporters.

God bless.

Rico Cadayona
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