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Virus at PES computer lab

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Joined: 07 Jul 2005
Posts: 401
Location: Mayor Emmanuel Cadayona

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 4:59 am    Post subject: Virus at PES computer lab Reply with quote

Seventeen computers at PES central contacted severe virus. We are here right now with the computer tech trying to reformat all seventeen PCs. Forturnately, the ones from World Bank is not yet hooked to the network. (we will hook them tomorrow) We will probably complete 10 today and 7 tomorrow. I'm calling the attention of all computer lab administrators. I think there is a need for very strict supervision to see to it that students/users refrain from visiting risky websites.
Ka Noel
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Joined: 06 Jul 2005
Posts: 5060
Location: Angel C. de Dios

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 7:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As I mentioned in my closing remarks last summer, this project is a multiplication and allowing viruses to infect the computers by visiting malicious websites on the internet is a factor of zero, which can bring the entire product to zero.

I would like to reiterate that the computers of PAETECH be restricted to visiting sites within the internet resources for Paete elementary schools and the websites under, to minimize the computers' exposure to the bad elements of the internet. I would also like to suggest that the PAETEch leadership negotiate with the ISP provider for protection against viruses and hackers. Reformatting the computers means data made by students and teachers are likewise wiped out. Attention to these threats is important and I hope the administrators and teachers in the schools will enforce the guidelines I have suggested. Many thanks for your cooperation.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 11:15 am    Post subject: Small tips for avoiding viruses Reply with quote

Angel C. de Dios wrote:
> Tony;
> While we are sharing anecdotes or our own experiences,
> it may be helpful to describe actually how we get these
> viruses so that we may learn what activities should be
> avoided on computers. Saying that one had an
> experience with a virus infection is not as helpful.
> My computer is several years old and it has not caught
> a virus. How does one get a virus on a computer? To
> provide specific instances, in my opinion, would be of
> help. It is a like a list of "what not to do".

I can only list a few. Botits should be able to give us more.

1) Have anti-virus and anti-spyware software. This is to take care of the most infections.

2) Do not use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express as email client. IMO, it's preferable to use online email services offered by Yahoo! or Google and use their web option for reading / composing emails. In some cases, e.g., in a corporate environment where MS Exchange is the official mail server this is unavoidable. But also in such cases, the corporate firewall and IT take care of filtering emails/spams and maintaining the network virus-free.

3) Use office email only for "official-use" purposes. Use a web-based mail service for personal use. Do not mix the two.

4) Do not open attached documents specially MS Office docs that came via email from spurious sources, and even if the address appear legitimate. If not sure, confirm with the sender first. Usually, this is is in the form of email that appear as coming from your friend but sent by worms/viruses itself. MS Word/Excel have a built-in MACRO programming language called Visual Basic. Since this is an easy to learn programming language that can be learned even by average teenagers, and since is not compiled, meaning it can be easily viewed and subsequently modified, this is the prime vehicle for spreading viruses over the net. Other attachments that you shuld not click, .pif, .exe, .vbs, .scr. Do not for a moment be tempted to run a "cool" screensaver or program even sent legitimately by friends. True to their name, Trojan Horses arrive cute and lovely.

5) MS Internet Explorer must be avoided (there is Opera and Firefox
alternative browsers).

6) Use a pop-up blocker. Malicious sites cannot install the viruses in your computer without your help. This usually comes via a pop-up message with a misleading button. You click it and it installs itself into your machine and registry. To dismiss the pop-up button, use the close button of the browser located at the corner of the window marked "x".

7) Do not use the administrator account, specially when browsing the net. Windows XP defaults to an account with administrator priveleges if ordinary user accounts are not setup and used. This is probably the case with PES. This is the case in IES that I have seen first-hand. Admin account have write-access to all system resources, including configuration that should be off-limits to non-priveleged access. User accounts can be made and must be made with a limited access privelege.

Cool Ditch MS Windows. Smile Joke. Actually, I had to install Windows because wife is only Windows-aware.


My experience has taught me, due to the large number of viruses out there, that each infection will most probably be unique or by
different viruses. But most viruses, being just copies called strains of existing ones, take advantage of only a few system "quirks" that
Microsoft cannot remediate without breaking the thousands of applications that could be relying on exactly the same "feature". It's these "quirks" that the most common viruses take advantage of rather than the more obscure security vulnerabilities that hardened hackers find and announce from time to time. The trick is how to tell if the file is a worm/virus or not. You cannot tell this by just a cursory look into the system directory unless you use some tools or consult the web. Usually, if I suspected a virus/worm infection (made manifest by a noticeable slowdown or a sudden pop-up ad message even when not browsing), I search for recently modified/installed files that I didn't install myself, a few days to a week old perhaps. If I needed to, will browse the net to see what info I can get about particular files. Then I will rename it first, and restart. If the file reverts back to a new copy, it's a trojan. It must be activated upon start-up so the next step is to find in the registry where the main application will be run when Windows starts. Remove the file manually then do a cold reset - using the reset hardware button rather the start->shutdown/reset menu. This is because upon reset/shutdown, each application receives a notification from Windows that it's about to shutdown. This is why your word processor will know and will prompt you to save any unsaved documents so don't do this while an application is with an open document.

In one recent case, I had to override the main application with a copy of notepad.exe as I am not sure what was the earlier registry entry. This effectively immunized my PC so next reset I can delete the payload DLL which was being protected by the main application. Eventually, I found a new "quirk" in the registry that I am not aware of before, another method how an application is bootstrapped into Windows.

If not sure, call 911.

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Joined: 01 Aug 2005
Posts: 143
Location: Thomas Cagandahan de Dios

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:23 pm    Post subject: Question Reply with quote

Does Paetech has licensed Anti-virus program? If not, do we have funds for this? If none, I suggest to download AVAST Anti-Virus program. For home users, it's free of use but for business, it's not. Oh well, I guess it's free for the schools.

I installed this in my computer at home and still now haven't any problem encountered.

I also strongly agree with the prof's advice. Web browsing will be limited for educational purposes only. This will ensure that these computers will not be infected. Please don't visit unknown websites especially adults or alike since virus scripts are embedded with it.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:44 am    Post subject: I was hurt Reply with quote

After my demonstration teaching last Friday, I taught I could get finally a good sleep. After weeks of working on the sch paper and a week long preparation for my demo, all I want is to have a worry-free sleep. But for the last 3 nights, I could hardly sleep.

I was hurt. Friday afternoon, Mr. Sarmiento approached me and said, “Pinakukuha na ni Mayor yung susi ng computer lab, kami lang daw dapat ang may susi, pati password ng mga computers." I asked myself, “Bakit?!’

Nung matapos ang sch paper last Oct 12, I went to the lab only once because my pupil said, “ Mam, nagreply si Sir Angel sa message ko, maganda, basahin nyo.” That week, after the sch presscon, I was very busy with the periodical tests and recording projects and other activities of my pupils. Saturday, I was in a mall digging the sales the whole day, gabi na ako nakauwi. Sunday sa bahay lang ako, lumabas lang ako ng bahay to attend the mass at 6 pm. Monday nagka-virus ang computers, kasalanan ko?

After all the time and commitment I dedicated to my duty as one of the sch paper advisers of PAET, ito pa ba ang mapapala ko? Don’t I deserve their trust? What hurt me most was they keep on asking the security guards and some of my staffers. Nobody asked me if I went there over that weekend. As if I won’t tell the truth. Tatlo lang naman kaming may susi. Of course, the nobody dared to ask the principal.

Why point an accusing finger on me?

I was deeply touched by Prof. Angel’s closing remarks last Aug 2. Of course I want to be a non-zero factor. Having this in mind, I insisted to my principal that the 2 Gr 6 pilot classes (70 pupils) and 5 pupils from 5 other Gr 6 classes (25) to have computer classes at least once a week. After several conferences with guidance counselor Mrs. Adefuin, Mam Martinez finally agreed. That made me really happy. Kasi talagang sayang ang computers kung 20 YPC members lang ang matututo.

I never go the lab without any reason. If not for the sch paper I would not spend hours there. Pati nga oras at araw na dapat para sa mga anak ko nasa sch ako. At least once a week, I check my mails and visit this website, minsan sa bahay, minsan sa school. I use the internet to gather news and articles for the paper, but I never wasted my time visiting any chat room and other malicious website, never! Kapag ako nagpapunta sa lab ng staffers, may pinagagawa ako for the paper.

Minsan ko na rin iniyakan ito noong ayaw ako pahiramin ng susi ng lab. That was when we were just starting to work on the paper, it was Sat, sometime last Aug. My principal decided to separate the 5 DOST computers to avoid conflict. I opposed. Working on the paper I should say is seasonal, minsan araw-gabi ang trabaho, minsan wala. I like to give the computer teacher an easier task by working on 1:1 pupil-cp ratio.

Kung sumunod sana ako sa gusto nila, hindi na ako mas nasaktan ngayon.

We are making some revisions and adding some more pages on our papers (eng and fil) before submitting them for the regional contest. Some of the articles and pictures are in the lab. If this incident did not happen, I’m very sure we are there working kahit bakasyon.

Sorry, Mam Amor, we cannot hold on anymore. We are planning to leave the paper. After this sch year. Parang ayaw ko na. If they can’t trust me anymore, I have no reason at all to stay. Sana noon ko pa sana ito ginawa. Sayang lang talaga, alam nyo naman kung gaano kahirap ang trabaho, talaga lang napamahal na sa akin ito kaya kahit full load ako at nahihirapan, di ko maiwan. (Congratulations nga po pala for winning the 2005 CMMA Best Student Organ- High School)

Sorry, Mr Ver Madriñan, I cannot attend to the essay writing anymore. The current situation is driving the teachers away from the lab. A teacher commented, “Dati di lang makapag-print, ngayon parang ayaw na rin tayo papuntahin doon.” One added, “ Bakit, hindi naman lahat ng computers doon ay sa Paetech, ah!.” One concluded, “Dapat na ngang ihiwalay ang computers ng school sa computers ng Paetech”.

Sorry, Prof Angel. The process of division not multiplication is about to happen, exactly the opposite of what you want it to be.

Sorry to my pupils and their parents. Di ko na matutupad yung promise ko na lahat ng projects nyo this semester, you’ll work on them and print them out in the lab.

Thanks and goodbye. I have no plan of visiting this website again ….not until I was healed. I post this message not to gain sympathy. I just want to say how I feel, to make me feel better so I can sleep well.

God bless you all….. goodbye!

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Joined: 06 Jul 2005
Posts: 5060
Location: Angel C. de Dios

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 6:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Juvy;

I am very sorry to hear that you are so upset because of what happened at the PES computer laboratory. As I was told, the computers needed their hard drives wiped out. When things like these happen, I would like us to focus not on blaming anyone but instead, on finding ways so that we would be able to avoid such problems in the future. The safest way to avoid viruses is to lock the laboratory and not allow anyone to use it. But, what would be the point if these computers cannot be used. It requires a balance between access and security. I am very grateful for teachers like you, who spend extra time helping our cause. I am very thankful that you also see the importance of not restricting the use of the computers to a small number of selected students. And I am saddened that this virus incident has caused you grief. I am very sorry and I hope you would be able to focus on our students and the fact that they all need us to give our very best.

I received an email yesterday from PAETEch requesting for comments and suggestions on what should be done. I did reply and made the following suggestions to the PAETEch president yesterday:

I have the following comments regarding possible policies for the use of the computer labs in PES, IES, QES and SB:

1. Two accounts should be made on all the computers; Administrator (protected with a password) and Guest (no password). All users should use the "guest" account when surfing the internet. The user "guest" will have no "write" privilege on system files. The administrator account should be used only for upgrading and maintenance of the PCs as well as downloading plugins and software. The antivirus software should be set to obtain automatic updates regularly (once a day, at least). This should not depend on the human factor, it needs to be automatic. If the Windows software on all the PCs become legitimate (per software grant from Microsoft), automatic upgrades or updates of the operating system involving security patches should be set.

2. The computer laboratories cannot be used without supervision from the administrator. The laboratories should have at least two administrators so that this load does not become too heavy for one person and that access to the laboratories does not become too restricting or limited.

3. Malicious websites, unfortunately, cannot be known before the fact. A better guide is to provide a list of websites people could visit through these computers. This will also enable focusing these resources towards their original goal, education. The term "malicious" here is used to describe websites that can infect computers. The computer laboratories since they are accessed by minors should also be monitored for content. Some sites may not contain any virus, but they may be providing content not suitable to children. I am therefore suggesting that the computers be limited to access the sites provided by:

(a) internet resources for Paete elementary schools
(c) sites within Yahoo! (, email and news)
(d) sites within Google email (a safe search engine can be found in (a))
(e) sites within Microsoft network (, email (hotmail) and news)
(f) sites within (if this pushes through)

Since posters and members add links in Usap and the mailing list, the moderators usually visit these links and I will personally make sure that the links provided are safe and will delete any malicious web site that is posted.

The administrator(s) could add to the above list, provided that they have visited and found that such sites are safe.


Please let me add that we should try working on this together. The project is not meant to put anyone down. Problems such as these will come our way and our response should always focus on our original goals. This is a difficult project since it requires participation from everyone. That is one aspect of multiplication, every factor counts. The future of Paete is so important that we should be able to withstand challenges such as these....
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Joined: 07 Jul 2005
Posts: 401
Location: Mayor Emmanuel Cadayona

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 8:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I really don't know what Albin told you, but I think we have to sit down with him and Mam Glo regarding this issue. I never ask him to retrieve the keys from you. He offered if I'd like to have a copy of the lab key and I said it would be nice to have one. No body is pointing no fingers to no one. I'll be calling a meeting of PAETECH directors and officers, including computer lab administrators to once and for all resolve this issue. There are good suggestions from Angel and Rey regarding policies we have to adopt to avoid similar occurrence of this problem. I hope you'll find time to attend this meeting.
Ka Noel
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Arbin M. Sarmiento

PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2005 8:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thursday, October 27, 2005, Mayor Cadayona came with the tech Bong Quizon to reformat the computer units. While reformating the server Bong said, "dapat isa lang ang gumagamit ng server". I ask permission to the Mayor if it is necessary to have a password, he said "it's ok". It's already 7:00 PM then when we were still in the computer lab, I offered the Mayor about the keys, I said, "Mayor, susi kailangan nyo?" "Mas mabuti, dalin mo sa akin sa opisina" he said. Yes I offered the keys to Mayor it is because I think he need to have one, the reformating is not yet finished, we will be having no classes on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and then para pag kailangan ni Mayor ang Computer Lab hindi na siya maghahagilap ng susi.
On the morrow morning October 28, 2005, I went to the Principal office and I said to Ma'am Glo, " Ma'am kailangan po ni Mayor ng susi" Ma'am Glo decided and said "OK ibibigay ko ang susi ko na nakay Ma'am Juvy.
I never go to Ma'am Juvy for the keys, I asked first the Principal about it. When I enter again to the ofice, Ma'am Juvy was there with some of our colleagues. Ma'am Juvy approached me, she said " O, ano naman ang nireport mo kay Mayor". Nabigla ako, kase wala naman akong dapat ireport kundi kung anong nangyari sa mga computers. Nasabi ko rin na naiba na ang format naging Windows 98 na. Somebody said, Bakit naman ganun, Windows XP na, ginawa pang Windows 98. I said, "Desisyon ni Mayor", and I explained sabi kasi ni Bong mas safe yun sa mga viruses. When we are about to go home I asked Ma'am Juvy about the keys and I said "baka kailanganin na ni Mayor". Ma'am Juvy gave the keys to me.
No body is blaming Ma'am Juvy about what happened to Computer Lab. I'm so sorry if she's hurt. But I never intended to hurt her.
I humbly asked for forgiveness.
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Joined: 01 Aug 2005
Posts: 143
Location: Thomas Cagandahan de Dios

PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2005 9:33 pm    Post subject: Suggestion lang... Reply with quote

Ha? Bakit Windows 98? Wala bang license ang iskul ng XP? Mas secured ang XP kumpara sa 98. Bakit nagkaganun?

Atsaka kung sa paggamit lang ng server, hindi lang yaon ang dahilan kaya nagkavirus lahat ng pc. Lahat pwede tamaan ng virus. Sa nakita ko kasing setup ng laboratory, walang user authentication na nangyayari.

Ang aking suggestion ay magsetup at magdedicate ng isang computer sa laboratory na magsisilbing network server talaga. Magdagdag ng isa pang network card para dito. (isa patungo sa internet at isa sa LAN). Sa setup na ito, lahat ng internet access ay dadaan dito. Kumg may license ng win 2003 advance server, pedeng i-install dito. Kung ala man, pede na ang linux.

Hihingi rin ako ng technical recommendation mula sa isang tao ko dito na network administrator ng aming kumpanya kung anu ang mas mabuting setup para sa laboratory.

Kagaya nga ng pagbibigay diin sa sinabi ni professor tungkol sa zero factor, magtulong-tulong po tayo para patuloy na tagumpay ng PAETECH.

Maraming salamat po.
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Joined: 04 Aug 2005
Posts: 28
Location: Ross Dalangin

PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 6:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My tips:

1. You must have a Firewall. A firewall is set up to protect a computer or network from intrusion.
2. Protect your computer with spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a firewall, and keep them up to date.
3. Don't download binary attachments
4. Don't go to porn or crack sites
5. Avoid File and Printer Sharing if Possible
6. Scan first the file before executing it
7. Spyware and Adware will slow down the computer or even, in some cases, cause the computer to stop working
8. Never enter your personal information in a pop-up screen.
9. If you think there's a virus in your PC disconnect it to the network and ask the administrator to scan all PCs.
10. Always backup your data
11. Use strong password. Combination of letters and numbers...eight characters above. Ex. p@ssw0r56d pescen7r4l
12. Filter Your Spam
13. Uninstall keyloggers
14. Don't Share Music and Movies
15. Don't click on links within emails that ask for your personal information.


One of the biggest fears of having computers are viruses, viruses are malicious programs designed entirely for destruction and havoc. Viruses are created by people who either know a lot about programming or know a lot about computers.

Once the virus is made it will generally be distributed through shareware, pirated software, e-mail or other various ways of transporting data, once the virus infects someone's computer it will either start infecting other data, destroying data, overwriting data, or corrupting software.

The reason that these programs are called viruses is because it is spreads like a human virus, once you have become infected either by downloading something off of the Internet or sharing software any disks or write able media that you placed into the computer will then be infected. When that disk is put into another computer their computer is then infected, and then if that person puts files on the Internet and hundreds of people download that file they are all infected and then the process continues infecting thousands if not millions of people.


The majority of viruses are contract by floppy's by bringing information from one source and then put onto your computer. VIRUSES can infect disks and when that disk is put into your computer your computer will then become infected with that virus, a recent survey done in 1997 by NCSA given to 80 percent of PC users showed that 90% of PC users contract viruses by floppy diskettes.

In the survey done above it showed that the other 20% of viruses were contracted by email attachments and over the Internet. This means that you received an email with an attached file and opened the file. Or downloaded a file over the Internet.


Your computer can be infected even if files are just copied. Because some viruses are memory resident as soon as a diskette or program is loaded into memory the virus then attaches itself into memory.

Can be Polymorphic. Some viruses have the capability of modifying their code which means one virus could have various amounts of similar variants.

Can be memory / Non memory resident. Depending on the virus can be memory resident virus which first attaches itself into memory and then infects the computer. The virus can also be Non memory resident which means a program must be ran in order to infect the computer.

Can be a stealth virus. Stealth viruses will first attach itself to files on the computer and then attack the computer this causes the virus to spread more rapidly.

Viruses can carry other viruses and infect that system and also infect with the other virus as well. Because viruses are generally written by different individuals and do not infect the same locations of memory and or files this could mean multiple viruses can be stored in one file, diskette or computer.

Can make the system never show outward signs. Some viruses will hide changes made such as when infecting a file the file will stay the same size.

Can stay on the computer even if the computer is formatted. Viruses have the capability of infecting different portions of the computer such as the CMOS battery or master


VIRUSES can effect any files however usually attack .com, .exe, .sys, .bin, .pif or any data files. Viruses have the capability of infecting any file however will generally infect executable files or data files such as word or excel documents which are open frequently.

It can increase the files size, however this can be hidden. When infecting files virtues will generally increase the size of the file however with more sophisticated viruses these changes can be hidden.

It can delete files as the file is ran. Because most files are loaded into memory and then ran once the program is in memory the Virus can delete the file.

It can corrupt files randomly. Some destructive viruses are not designed to destroy random data but instead randomly delete or corrupt files.

It can cause write protect errors when executing .exe files from a write protected disk. Viruses may need to write themselves to files which are executed because of this if a diskette is write protected you may receive a write protection error.

It can convert .exe files to .com files. Viruses may use a separate file to run the program and rename the original file to another extension so the exe is ran before the com.

It can reboot the computer when a files is ran. Various computers may be designed to reboot the computer when ran.


The following are possibilities you may experience when you are infected with a virus. Remember that you also may be experiencing any of the following issues and not have a virus.

Once the hard drive is infected any disk that is non-write protected disk that is accessed can be infected.

Deleted files
Various messages in files or on programs.
Changes volume label.
Marks clusters as bad in the FAT.
Randomly overwrites sectors on the hard disk.
Replaces the MBR with own code.
Create more than one partitions.
Attempts to access the hard disk drive can result in error messages such as invalid drive specification.
Causes cross linked files.
Causes a "sector not found" error.
Cause the system to run slow.
Logical partitions created, partitions decrease in size.
A directory may be displayed as garbage.
Directory order may be modified so files such as COM files will start at the beginning of the directory.
Cause Hardware problems such as keyboard keys not working, printer issues, modem issues etc.
Disable ports such as LPT or COM ports
Caused keyboard keys to be remapped
Alter the system time / date
Cause system to hang or freeze randomly.
Cause activity on HDD or FDD randomly.
Increase file size.
Increase or decrease memory size.
Randomly change file or memory size.
Extended boot times
Increase disk access times
Cause computer to make strange noises, make music, clicking noises or beeps.
Display pictures
Different types of error messages


The most commonly used method of protecting against and detecting viruses is to purchase a third party application designed to scan for all types of viruses. A list of these protection programs are listed above.

Alternatively a user can look at various aspects of the computer and detect possible signs indicating a virus is on the computer. While this method can be used to determine some viruses it cannot clean or determine the exact virus you may or may not have.

If you have Windows95 / Windows 98 you can click on start, settings, control panel, system, and under system go to performance and determine if the file system is 32-bit. If the file system is running in MS-DOS compatibility mode check the box indicating what is running in MS-DOS compatibility mode to determine if the master boot record has been modified. If the Master boot record has been modified its a good possibility that you may have a virus on the computer.

Another method is to check fdisk. In fdisk choose four to display the partition information if you have multiple partitions such which have scrambled text such as % or strange characters this can be another indication of a virus on the computer.


The following text is comments we have heard that are absolutely not true or are false spreading rumors.

"If I download a file onto a disk I don't have to worry about a viruses." - This is not true, just because you place a file on a disk does not mean that your hard drive cannot be infected. Because around half of the computer viruses are memory resident the virus will load itself into memory and will then infect your hard drive and data on the diskette.

"If I buy sealed software I don't have to worry about viruses." - This is not always true just because the program may be surrounded in plastic doesn't mean that it cannot be infected with a virus. When the software is written to the diskette is when the virus will be attached to the diskette. While this does not happen frequently it is still a possibility.

"If I just by registered software I don't have to worry about viruses." - This is not always true because there have been cases were company's did not know that there was a virus on there software and accidentally shipped software that had viruses on it. While this does not happen frequently it is still a possibility.

"If I don't download anything off of the Internet I don't have to worry about viruses." - This is not always true while you may not be on the Internet you still can be infected by viruses on diskettes and or CDs.

"If I just read my E-mail, I will not have to worry about viruses." - Not true there are viruses out there that are distributed through e-mail also files can be attached with e-mail.

"If I don't get on the Internet I don't have to worry about viruses." - This unfortunately is not the case over 90% of users contract viruses with floppy diskettes the other percentage is over the Internet.

"You can contact viruses from just looking at web pages." - Another rumor that is spreading around. You cannot contract a virus just by looking at a web page however can contact a virus if you were to download a file from that web page.

"You can contact a virus by reading your e-mail." - Not fully true, by just opening an e-mail message to read its contents you can not contract a virus, unless that e-mail message contains an attachment and you were to save that attachment to your hard drive or another storage media. Our recommendation to help prevent virus through e-mail would be to not open files that contain attachments from individuals you do not trust / know. Extra Note: A new virus called the Bubble boy can infect computers by a user just opening their mail however requires the user be using Internet Explorer 5.0, Windows 98, and Microsoft Outlook.


Macro viruses are becoming a big threat to the computer community, a macro virus is a virus designed in a word processor, which is just a macro designed to destroy, corrupt, infect, erase files or delete files or data on the hard disk drive. These viruses are fast becoming a threat, because they are so easily created and capable of transmitting extremely fast and with a lot of older virus scanners not being able to detect them these are growing fast there are now over 1000 different macro viruses. Because these are becoming such a threat virus companies are becoming aware of this and with new virus scanners are also having the capability of scanning for macro viruses.
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Joined: 07 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 1:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the input. PAETECH will have a meeting today to discuss the problem.
Ka Noel
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ma'am lili

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:23 am    Post subject: PAETECH Meeting with the Pres ka Noel etc... Reply with quote

The agenda is just a refresher to the Quinalians. We were not aware of the "past" issue because teacher ann and me were the organizer of the Division INSET in Englsh & Filipino during the semestral break, besides, our mind was focused to the very beautiful project of QES PTA SY 2004-05 project led by Pres. Emerito Gajitos ... my most requested project: the tiles flooring of our now cozy computer lab during that time. Being the District of Paete coordinators of English & Filipino, we were so busy and excited to show to all the Paete teachers the use of the LCD projector during the lectures and demo teaching. WoW! ang daming time, effort, and money na-i-save. Bukod sa naging very clear ang lectures. Pati audience, ang tahimik at nakikinig (hindi tulog) Again I am so grateful to the donors and leaders of the PAETECH. Syempre kay Prof Angel.. nag-multiply po muli! Gusto ko ring mag-invite para makita ang pakikiisa ng aming mga magulang sa project na natapos nila sa aming paaralan. Di man computers ang alay nila, napakaganda naman ang pinagtulungan nilang maisagawa na paglalagyan nito. As I also say, "Structuring classroom is a a key to effective instructions." Also, My million thanks to the Paetenians Southern California Chapter for sponsoring also thet Adopt - a -Meal project in QES. My very generous classmate, Sonia Adea-Paelmo with hubby, delivered to us your very kind support to our indigent/malnourish pupils. In behalf of the Quinalians, We really praise and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for being so gracious to us!!!! GOD BLESS YOU MORE! More prayers and love to all!
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Ma'm Lili, please send us pictures of the renovated QES computer classroom. Again, many thanks to QES-PTA, under the leadership of Emer Gajitos. Thank you very much for sharing our dream of improving the primary education in Paete.
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I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand

Ching Tau Wink

Virgil G. Madrinan
Quot capita tot sententiae
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 10:20 pm    Post subject: Re: PAETECH Meeting with the Pres ka Noel etc... Reply with quote

Nice to hear that. Keep it up!

PBB!!! Paetenians Bilib at Bigatin! Akala nyo Pinoy Big Brothers noh!

Paete!!! Kaya natin ito!!!

-- Thom
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