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PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:18 am    Post subject: CADHIT-AGBAGALA FAMILY TREE Reply with quote

Church records would confirm they are the parents of

They had three children:
A. Agbagala, Cipriano S. (Born Sep. 27, 1860)
B. Agbagala, Segunda S. (Born May 31, 1862)
C. Agbagala, Leoncia S. (Born Sep. 11, 1864)

They had 2 children:
A. Acuram, Maria S. Oct. 11, 1867
B. Acuram, Micaela S. May 7, 1872

Note: JUAN ACCURAM (father of Roman Accuram) married MARIA GAGABOGUIN.
They had three sons:
1. Santiago Accuram
2. Roman Accuram
3. Esteban Accuram

They had one child:
A. Acuram, Felipe S. Apr. 30, 1875
NOTE: Juan Accuram is the father of Roman Accuram.

They had one child who was born on 10 March 1881. His name was Gregorio Cadhit Agbagala Sahueco. He would later carry on the name Gregorio Cadhit when he joined the KKK.

NOTE: Church records only showed this entry for Gregorio's grandparents:

"(Father) Jorge Cadhit Sahueco - Anastacio Agbagala & Petrona Saldivar"

Jorge Cadhit Sahueco is a Manchurian who was brought by the waves of the rivers through the river transportation system during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. He finally settled in Paete, Laguna where he married, lived and eventually passed on when Gregorio Cadhit was 4 years old.

VI. INOCENCIO MADRIGAL married LEONCIA AGBAGALA sometime in 1885 when Gregorio Cadhit was 4 years old. They had 6 children:
A. Madrigal, Maria A. Aug. 4, 1886
B. Madrigal, Maria A. May 21, 1888
C. Madrigal, Miguel A. Sep. 28, 1890 (Miguel Borke)
D. Madrigal, Paula A. Jun. 17, 1895
D. Geronimo (Guillermo Madrigal)
E. Pedro Madrigal (Indong Tarlac)
F. Domingo Madrigal

They had the following children:
a. Mariano Madrigal Sep. 24, 1865
b. Juan Madrigal who married Maria Bagayana (daughter of Bartolome Bagayana and Lusia Daliri). Their daughter was Teodocia B. Madrigal born on Apr. 3, 1866 Juan & Maria Bagayana
c. Florencio Madrigal who married Matea Caival (daughter of Juan Cahival & Maria Candelaria ). Their children were:
c.1 Madrigal, Geronimo C. Sep. 29, 1871
c.2 Madrigal, Mariano C. Sep. 7, 1873
d. Fulgencio Madrigal who married Matea Cahival (parents unknown). Their daughter was Dominga C. Madrigal born on Aug. 3, 1875.
e. Inocencio Madrigal who married Leoncia Agbagala.

2. Years later (after the Spanish and American Occupation), Gregorio Cadhit would maintain close relations with his second brothers who would usually visit him in San Jose, Nueva Ecija.

3. Entries of the names of the children of Inocencio Madrigal are actual birthdates from church records. The Madrigals would only recognize the four sons as the female children would have passed on early in life.

The line of Lolo Goryo
GREGORIO (Lolo Goryo) CADHIT joined Andres Bonifacio's Katipunan or Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng Anak ng Bayan (KKK) at the age of 15; the year was 1896. He would eventually join the Magdiwang faction of the Katipunan; theother being Magdalo espoused by Emilio Aguinaldo.
1. Bonifacio founded the KKK on July 7, 1892 - a day after Jose Rizal's deportation.
2. On 22 March 1897, the Tejeros Convention was held to settle the dispute on the leadership of the revolutionary government. Bonifacio would not be recognized as a leader for lack of a diploma as a lawyer. He would dissolve the convention.
3. On 23 March 1897, Aguinaldo would take his oath of office as President.
4. On April 25, 1897, at barrio Limbon, Indang, a party of Aguinaldo's men led by Col. Agapito Bonzón and Major José Ignacio "Intsik" Paua caught up with Bonifacio at his camp in Indang.
5. On 10 May 1897, Bonifacio and his brothers (Magdiwang faction) were executed by Aguinaldo's men.
6. On June 12, 1898, we would have the Philippine Independence.]
7. On February 8, 1901, 6 tired guerillas led by Cecilio Segismundo, an Ilocano and Aguinaldo's trusted messenger who carried important dispatches, surrendered to the Americans. Some of the dispatches Segismundo was carrying were coded and signed with "Pastor" and "Colon de Magdalo", pseudonyms often used by General Aguinaldo. In addition, Segismundo revealed that Aguinaldo had no more than fifty guards in the village and pinpointed Aguinaldo's headquarters as the vilage of Palanan in the mountainous Isabela province in northeastern Luzon, near the Pacific Coast.
8. On March 23, 1901, General Emilio Aguinaldo was captured by the American forces led by General Frederick Funston with the help of Macabebe Scouts led by Cecilio Segismundo, in Palanan, Isabela.
The Macabebes are a certain tribal clan, natives of Macabebe, Pamapanga, who look no different from all other Filipinos, but who had, under the Spanish government, by reason of long-standing feuds with their more rebellious neighbors, came to be absolutely loyal to the Spanish authorities. When the Americans came they had transferred that loyalty to them and had become a recognized and valuable part of American military force. The American government, jubilant over Aguinaldo's capture, authorized the formal inclusion of the Macabebes into the Philippine Scouts, a special unit of the US Army.

Upon the approval of General MacArthur, who succeeded Otis as military governor, Funston secretly prepared in Manila an expedition for the capture of Aguinaldo.

On the night of March 6, Funston’s party quietly slipped out of Manila Bay on board the gunboat Vicksburg and landed dawn of March 14 at Casiguran Bay. From there, they marched overland through the forests and reached Palanan in the afternoon of March 23, 1901.

In addition to Segismundo and 79 Macabebe Scouts, Funston included in the column five American Officers and four Tagalogs:
8.1 Hilario Tal Placido. Hilario Tal Placido had been a Lieutenant Colonel in the Philippine army and knew Aquinaldo personally.
8.2 Lazaro Segovia (Spanish Interpreter)
8.3. Dionisio Bato, and
8.4. Gregorio Cadhit

9. On 1 April 1901, April Fool's Day Aguinaldo took his oath of allegiance to the United States of America. On a proclamation he issued on 19 April 1901, he appealed to all Filipinos to accept the “sovereignty of the United States.”

History and circumstance would bring Gregorio Cadhit to San Jose, Nueva Ecija.

In 1902, there was an uprising by an organization named �Sta. Iglesia� headed by a notorious bandit, �Apo Ipe� (Felipe Salvador) who hid in the environs of San Jose. The aim of this organization was the nightmare of the town until Sgt. Gregorio Cadhit of the constabulary detachment of San Jose killed the notorious bandit leader.

He would meet the Yusi family of San Jose, Nueva Ecija and eventually marry the eldest daughter. His first wife would fall to an illness that led her to tell Gregorio Cadhit that he must marry one of her sisters, Urbana Yusi.

The Construction of the Municipal building and the construction of more roads leading to the barrios were launched by Gregorio Cadhit (1916-1919). He was re-elected to office in 1919 to 1922. During his term in 1919 to 1922, he initiated the construction of one of the buildings of the public market.

ATTY. GREGORIO A. CADHIT would pass the bar exams on 17 December 1927.

VII. GREGORIO CADHIT and URBANA YUSI would have three children:
1. A daughter who would die at a young age.
2. Hernando Cadhit who would also die at a young age
3. George Cadhit, who will be the only child who lived

VIII. GEORGE YUSI CADHIT would marry ROSALINA LINSAO from Pandi, Bulacan and would raise 10 children:
1. Gregorio Cadhit (deceased). Survived by 3 children
a. George Cadhit
b. Kristin Ann Cadhit
c. Allan George Cadhit
2. Hernando Cadhit (deceased) married Remedios Cherreguine Lauchengco on 17 December 1972. They have two children
a. Christopher George (TOBBIE) Cadhit
b. Roselyn Alison Cadhit
3. Honorina Cadhit (single)
4. Romulo Cadhit (single)
5. Dennis Cadhit with 2 daughters
a. Charrie Cadhit
b. Charlie Cadhit
6. Orlando Cadhit with three kids
a. Michael George (Priest in Columbia)
b. Tingkay
c. Bodjie
7. Winston Cadhit with one child
a. Tristan Jorge
8. Gerardo Cadhit with 2 kids
9. Lourdes Cadhit (single)
10. Daniel Cadhit with 2 kids

1. ATTY. GEORGE Y. CADHIT; San Jose, Nueva Ecija would pass the Philippine Bar Exams on March 28, 1949; Roll No. 1091.

Tobbie Cadhit, descendant of the line of Jorge Cadhit Sahueco.
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