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#1: The Amazing Feat Author: nacklitLocation: Teody Alberto PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:44 pm
In the book of Deuteronomy, offenses were enumerated with the corresponding death punishment. Literal death by stoning. It is being commanded, even for family members to execute the offending party.

The purpose is very clear, it is so, that, there would be no contamination among God's people, so that they would remain pure and holy.

It is so amazing, that if that law is still in effect, there would be only few who will survive if not total annihilation of human race in the surface of the planet earth.

And it is only possible through sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus, (Yeshua), so that, those punishment as clearly expressed, in the Scripture has done away with. He has taken those punishment once and for all, past present and future generation.

Now, the only remaining task for humanity is very simple, simple indeed that even a child can understand it.

Those whose mind has been set free, from traditions, and human instilled custom, shall finally realized, that God, is so loving and graceful, so kind, and suffers long, therefore, the natural response will be, "Heart of Gratitude", in the light of this truth, there shall be no more "Prejudice" and concept of "Bigotry", for we were all forgiven, a recipient of undeserved favor.

There will be no more grudge and gripes toward anyone, no more envy, and malicious intent.

For we are one people, one race, the children of the Royalty, so therefore need to act like one.

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