Journal of Chemical Education (ACS) grants videos to PEQMNHS
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#1: Journal of Chemical Education (ACS) grants videos to PEQMNHS Author: adediosLocation: Angel C. de Dios PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2006 1:21 pm
The Journal of Chemical Education (the educational division of the American Chemical Society) has sent copies of the "Chemistry Comes Alive" videos (seven volumes) for the exclusive use of PEQMNHS.

A description of "Chemistry Comes Alive" is available here:

And sample movies are here:


Description of JCE videos from the Journal of Chemical Education

Using JCE Video
The Journal of Chemical Education has published an outstanding collection of chemical imagery, both video and pictures, that can be readily incorporated into your own classroom presentations. In keeping with JCE tradition, this video collection, Chemistry Comes Alive! (CCA!), contains very high quality imagery and is available at low cost. It is the goal of this workshop to introduce you to this collection and show you how to incorporate it into your classroom.

Sources of JCE Video
JCE video can be found on JCE Software Chemistry Comes Alive! CD-ROMs and at JCE Online. For the purposes of this workshop, we will focus on Chemistry Comes Alive!

Finding JCE Video in Chemistry Comes Alive!
Several methods exist for finding a video clip or image to suit your purpose in Chemistry Comes Alive! Currently, the methods available depend upon the volume of CCA! you are using. Each volume of CCA! provides a table of contents, keyword index, and text book cross-reference. Volumes 5 and later also provide keyword searching.
The CCA! home page at JCE Online consolidates the table of contents. keyword index, text book cross-reference, and keyword searching for all five volumes to provide a single source for finding CCA! video and pictures regardless of the CD-ROM volume on which the picture or image resides.

Transferring Files from CCA! CD-ROMs
In order to use video clips or pictures from Chemistry Comes Alive! in your own presentations, you generally will need to transfer the appropriate files from the CCA! CD to your hard disk.

Incorporating JCE Video into PowerPoint or Other Office Applications
Using JCE video within any of the Microsoft Office suite of applications is accomplished in several ways, each with advantages and disadvantages. Focusing on PowerPoint, we will demonstrate various methods of introducing JCE video and pictures into slide show presentations and outline the advantages and disadvantages of each. The methods deployed apply similarly to each Office application.

Incorporating JCE Video into WWW Pages
Using JCE video and pictures in WWW pages is also accomplished in various ways dependent mostly upon the application used to author the HTML.

Examples of Using Chemistry Comes Alive! Imagery
Several outstanding examples of incorporating CCA! video and pictures have been published by JCE Software. One or more of these titles may be demonstrated.

ChemPages Laboratory
General Chemistry Multimedia Problems
Solid State Resources
Periodic Table Live!
General Chemistry Collection

#2: Thanks to you, Prof. Angel Author: mhel PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 8:34 am
Prof Angel,

This would not have been possible without your help. And now we are in the process of exploring the use of these videos in the classroom. Everybody is excited and eager to view them, including the teacher -me of course. After the exam this end of Jun, we hope to come up with a workable viewing schedule as soon as possible.

Again, our heartfelt gratitude.


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