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#1: Internet to the Rescue and Cine Production re: Evacuees Author: fredmcLocation: Fred Cagayat PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:25 am
Vermad wrote - "Internet to the Rescue". After reading all the postings and exchanges in the mailing list and Usap Paete, I guess the best headline should be : "Internet, phone and Text Messaging to the Rescue."

I understand that even before the text messaging connections, there were already frantic phone calls made to search for our kababayans in distress. The phone calls, mailing list, Usap Paete and the text messages all played important roles for the successful and happy conclusion, the most important thing of them all.

Again, the scenario could be compared to a Cine (Movie), a true story on the deadly Hurricane which devastated New Orleans (the Location). The main characters - the evacuees (Bagalso family and Topher Cagandahan) and hero Chef Pasia , the villain (Katrina), The supporting casts (the worried relatives in Paete who persistently called, sent text messages and posted in the internet) and the number of extras (those who helped in the rescue operation in one way or another) and the concerned mirons (that included us). The music director,( Mam Amor who chose the theme song - Wind Beneath my Wings), and the music conductor who provided the music (Super Glow/Glue). Don't forget: The producer (Babes Pascual for the plane tickets she bought), and the Director (role played by Prof Angel), the crew support (from Houston to DC area - Nestor Baldermor, Tina Manuel, and mga taga sundo sa Maryland), at marami pang iba including all those who prayed for the safety of the evacuees. This is certainly a blockbuster movie that will be replayed over and over in our Homepage and mailing list, and in our minds.Also, thank you to ABS-CBN production with the help of Sol Vanzi for featuring Paete and the homepage. Thank you all for joining the "Spirit of Paete Productions."

Yong mga hindi na-mention, pasensya na kayo. Pakidagdagan na lang ninyo, kung may kulang o mali.


#2: Additional supporting casts in Cine Production Author: fredmcLocation: Fred Cagayat PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:39 am
I forgot to mention the super texters who were involved in the rescue operations: Of course Nenett Bagalso in Paete, Aurel in Saudi, Sheba in Switzerland, and Nemie in Connecticut. Nemie was able to call Nestor Baldemor in Houston and Glo in LA. Kasali kayong lahat sa Cine.


#3: Re: Additional supporting casts in Cine Production Author: GloLocation: Gloria Basa Caguin PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 12:13 pm
YABADABADOOOOOOOOOOO!...Mang Fred in New York!... I Luv New York!
...start spreading the news...

Nemi Baldemor-Diaz in New York not CT... si Sir Ver po ang me request
kay Ms DJglo ng "Wind Beneath My Wings"...not my Mamsie Razz

...teka am gonna watch the cine again Laughing

hmmm nawala po sa billing si Ate Din (Mrs. Crisostomo Cagandahan in Texas)
d'wifey of my Kuya Tomo in Dubai who provided good phone #
to my Tita Tina Rivera Manuel in Texas (thru Nestor Baldemor).

#4: Mang Fred hi!!! Author: nievesbLocation: Nieves Agbada Bagalso PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2005 3:55 pm
Ang aming pong taos pusong pasasalamat sainyo.Salamat din po sa mga post nyo here at sa mga tulong na rin.Marami pong salamat,Muli salamat po.


#5: Ate Glo.. Author: nievesbLocation: Nieves Agbada Bagalso PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2005 4:00 pm
Laughing Hi!musta ka na?Kami heto ayos na at mapayapa na ang buhay namin here.Talagang maraming nagmamahal sa amin at alam kong kahit anong mangyari sa amin abot kamay nyo kaming tinutulungan.Thank you so much and I hope makita ko kayo ni ate Nems Para makapag pasalamat uli sa inyo.Salamat ...salamat...salamat..
Neth Bagalso

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