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"From grass to glass"

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FloraLou C. Cadawas

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 7:58 am    Post subject: "From grass to glass" Reply with quote

“From grass to glass”

FloraLou C. Cadawas

IN 1987, I was assigned at the Makati Avenue Branch (corner Ayala Ave.) of the Banco de Oro (BDO). There was no Glorietta yet, no underpass walk - and the only landmardk I'd tell where my office was was the “Landmark Department Store.”

It was our side of a quiet Makati then, where parking spaces sprawled and the trees lined the space now occupied by the malls branching out of the Rustan's Ayala entrance. I sat for a while and tried to locate in my mind what we had then – lunches at Luk Yuen in Greenbelt, coffee at the Dulcinea ( where a box of pastries, eight pieces in all, cost me P100), checking on whats-the-latest at Gibson's (a school supply store) and watching “the Star for all seasons” at the Rizal Theatre on two Friday nights, where she had her “Vilma” shown.

In due time, BDO had to move out. The Rizal Theatre had to be toppled down. And it pained everyone. We, the employees (maybe because of the inconvenience of transporting our safety deposit boxes on a kariton) and our clients, mostly the illustriuos families from the exlusive villages. But I for one, felt sad, very sad, the Rizal Theatre has always been a representation of what Makati was, and tearing it down was tantamount to erasing a historic part of the place.

I am the “assigned” secretary of the Paete Cultural Center (PCC). That made me quite reluctant to accept the position. But Mr. Nel Africano, our president, in a rush, presented to me the resolutions supposedly prepared by my goodself, two days before I left for a four-month stay in the US.

Anyway, I did a presentation of the PCC at the California Paetenian Summit last July, 2005, and later was lost in my own concerns and endeavors in the land of outlets and malls. I'd read about the PCC on our website, but the secretary thing remained 'not very interesting' to me.

When I came back last December, I attended ( I had to) the center's groundbreaking ceremony. I then had the chance to see with my bare eyes the #1 reason that met the PCC's negative response from the Paeteños – that, it is located near the Quinale cemetery, or to be specific, the PCC will, on its two sides be bordered by tombs and lapida.

What a sight! Even our pictures had 'crosses' as background. That made me pretend not to be disturbed everytime people comment on its location.

But would there be any other choice? The place comes free, courtesy of the family of the late Higino Africano. Whats counts is that there is a start. Somebody has started another noble dream for the town of Paete.

That was enough consolation for me. I got into this and I have to work. Just work. Until I joined, for the first time, a meeting composed of the PCC's core group of Nel Africano, Manny Baldemor, Mike Paelmo, Raul Roque, Frank Rivera and Frank's friend Arthur Casanova (1999 MetroBank Most Outstanding Teacher awardee and author of 35 textbooks) – that the secretary thing rubbed off on me.

What made me appreciate my participation is learning what PCC is all about, which made me believe in my fellow officers' conviction.

The PCC will stand to house some of the works of our masters, but it does not only limit its role as the showcase of our material heritage. It aims the show Paete, the whole town, as the museum – the representation of our arts, culture and rich tradition. Every small ukitan or takaan shop, our Salubong, the craft stores, the Simbahang Romano, the view of the Tatlong Krus, our sing-song punto, Maytoong or the lanzones story- or why the Spaniards chose Paete as their home amongst the Baybay towns – or the reconstruction of the Ermita Church, or Luis Ac-ac's studio – is part of the Paete 'museum.' WE are all part of the museum.

In a recent squabble among our Paete website audience, was the talk about the changes that'd boost the town's tourism. PCC comes into the picture in the same breath that our local government takes its campaign towards the same undertaking. But the PCC wishes to emphasize that we are distinct from any political affiliation. We will be there even if the color changes into 'orange.'

But what have we? Levie Basa-Yap's daughter Nicole (a student at the Jubilee Christian School in New Manila, Quezon City) had in their Hekasi-History-Sibika-Social Studies-Geography subjects' requisite – a visit to Paete. These 5th graders (mostly Chinese) went home to the parents to declare that Paete is very much like Binondo! Let's not get offended (ganyan kasi tayo, tampuhin o bengador minsan), rather, let's sit down and pick up from there, take it as a constructive criticism. And check on where we have gone amiss.

It is a good sign na pinupuntahan tayo. Kaswerte nga natin dahil “given' na yan, na mayaman tayo sa kultura at makasining ang ating mga mamamayan, huwag nating upuan ang mga ganitong puna. Pagyamanin natin ang inihain sa atin ng ating mga dada, on a silver platter pa nga. Ipinanganak na tayo sa ganitong 'luxury,' kumbaga. Huwag natin pabayaan at baka damputin tayo sa kangkungan, Maigi nga kung sa lanzonesan. Ey pati lanzones ay wala na rin. Samantalahin kung anong meron tayo ngayon, ang tangi nating asset, na tayo ay taga Paete, isang bayan na kay raming naiintriga na ano nga bang meron tayo talaga?

Let us not hate changes, for they happen. An old adage says, “There's nothing permanent but change.” Very true. Oftentimes we are afraid that we get unseated from where we are comfortable. Ayaw nating mabago ang ruta natin. Pero kung sa ikauunlad bakit hindi?

I cried when the Rizal Theatre was brought down by a bulldozer, but was easily consoled when one Ayala advertisement appeared on the papers. It said “From grass to glass.” (01-20-2006)
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 11:41 am    Post subject: Re: "From grass to glass" Reply with quote

Wow, Floukay.....Yes!!! indeed....our Vision of Paete......This is the same topic we, Sister Mary and I are talking about....."tourism" in Paete.......we talked about her house....could it be the future balikbayan house "inside" the town of Paete? In God's will, in God's time.....I told her about my concern on the quality of our air in Paete, which is a "must be improved"......she told me about the city of Intramuros, here.....which I haven't seen.....she said, "dapat mong makita".....may umpisa, may pagbabago, dapat ay may pagkakaisa, dapat ay magtutulungan, dapat ay may tunay na pagmamahalan, dapat ay merong mga isinasakripisyo, dapat na mawala ang puso at pag iisip na baluktot......salamat sa lahat na aking naririnig....negative man o positive.....may halo mang pulitika or wala.....hindi "sana" kundi laging sabihin ay "dapat" isang pagbabago, bago maganap, kailangan ay pagkakaisa..........hindi dapat na mangibabaw ang kasabihang Paete na "KAHIYAAN NA"..... Kaya may pag-asa......My vision of Paete......

Tahimik, naglalakad ang mga tao, or merong tricycle man ay "di padyak"....may kalesa din...pero kanya kanyang bawa't harapan ng bahay ay may kanya kanyang specialties.....hindi buko pie, kungdi "bibingkang hipon" na nakakahon at mainit pa.....merong bahay na ang special nilang tinda ay "minanok".....dun sa kabila naman ay ang famous na "biringhe"......dun sa isang bahay, ay may art na "face painting"......merong paper mache, merong may ukit, merong bakya, merong painting, merong mga web designers, at iba't iba pa....mas maganda ang Paete kesa sa Vigan!! Habang naglalakad ako nun sa Vigan, ay naiisip ko ang Paete.....dapat ay meron din tayong "seniors center"......para may pinagkakaabalahan din ang mga matatanda....meron tayong sariling version ng Sonia's garden....meron tayong lugar sa bawa't bahay na pwedeng magtanim ng mga organic na prutas/vegetable.....for "freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables".....lalo na ang ating bundok....napakayaman.....

Malaking fund raising ito Laughing Wink pero magagawa.....lalo na pag nagkaisa ang International Paetenians na pagsama samahin ang fund para magkaroon ng International Federation of kung magkakaroon tayo ng "investment" para ang fund natin ay mas lumago para matupad ang ating Vision Of Paete... Idea Wink

FloraLou C. Cadawas wrote:
“From grass to glass”

FloraLou C. Cadawas

I cried when the Rizal Theatre was brought down by a bulldozer, but was easily consoled when one Ayala advertisement appeared on the papers. It said “From grass to glass.” (01-20-2006)
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 11:57 am    Post subject: AVIARY Reply with quote

what i miss in the old glorietta/greenbelt was the aviary which had to go with the toppling down of rizal theater. i do miss this place. i used to hear mass at the small chapel adjacent to it. i remember yung altar dun na hi-tech pag consecration part na ng misa. haven't been there for quite some time.never thought of checking kung ano nang nangyari sa chapel na 'yun kasi nauubos lagi ang time sa mall during the last few times that i've been to makati.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 2:13 pm    Post subject: Maraming Salamat Po sa Proyektong Ito Reply with quote

Wala akong masasabi sa iyong tinukoy kundi Amen at Bow, lahat ng iyong sinabi tungkol sa Proyektong ito ay napakalaking halaga di lang para sa Bayan ng Paete kundi pati na sa mga mamayan. Libreng lupa at iba pang mga donasyon mapa pera man or mga painting, sculpture at iba pa.

Di kaila na sa bawat proyekto ay me kokontra at minsan ay mabuti rin kung ang pag kontra kung ito ay nasa lugar, pero kung ang layunin nito ay para lang sirain ang magandang hangarin ay hindi po maganda. Napakagandan ng hangarin ng Pryektong ito sa pamumuno ni Kang Nel Africano ,Mramaing salamat po sa inyong lahat .

Para sa akin ay tama ang iyong tinuran na huwag mo na lang pansinin ang mga taong walang ginawa kundi ang maging negatibo. Basta ang mabuti ay suportahan ang proyekto at di magtatagal at kapag nakita na nila (mga kontra) na tagumpay ang proyekto ay Bai Na! sila na mismo ang magpo-promote ng Bayan ng Paete.

Muli maraming salamat sa iyo Lou at sa mga opisyales. Mabuhay kayo at ang bayan ng Paete. Maging proud sana ang bawat isa na darating ang oras na isa na tayo sa dadayuhin ng mga turista tulad ng Vigan. O bayan ng Paete, Bayang Masining, Bayang Makata, Bayang Karirikit na Kababaihan, napakasarap mong mahalin. ay buhay Homesick na naman. Bai Bai. Di lamang Lamp Post ang gagayahin , tiyak na magiging ehemplo tayo ng ibang bayan.

Kumusta po muli sa inyong lahat.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Way back in my university days, sa Arts & Letters, UST, nasa classroom kami taking up "Humanities", may isang nagbanggit ng Paete and its carvings. Ang comment was that it's getting commercialized and ang quality ng art is diminishing. I was so helpless, thinking to myself "what about the other art works that are not seen". Dahil ang nakikita nila ay ang isang side lang of the business, not the great works of our artists like Manny Baldemor, Luis Ac-ac and some of our great Paetenians...hindi lamang ako nabigyan ng pagkakataon na patunayan ang lahat ng's about time that we have to show these many beautiful art works through the PCC...I think this project will be a success if given the right funding and time and effort.
More power to the PCC organizers!
"God's love speaks to me in the birds and streams, in my quiet and busy moments, in all things."
Emma Balandra Caguin
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 5:52 pm    Post subject: memories of greenbelt and makati Reply with quote

I have been away from the Philippines since 1985 ( so many moons ago). I remember the Glorietta, and the aviary. There would be some activites for kids at the Glorietta and my mom would take us there. Wasn't there also the Ayala museum? I remember a field trip to the Ayala museum and all these dioramas.....memories. Of course, I was very young then, so the world seemed bigger. We used to go to SM ShoeMart all the time. Is that still there? Is the jewelry store La Elegancia still around? That was my mom's most favorite store...suki ng La Elegancia. I'm just curious since its been such a long time. Makati was a fun place to go to for the malls (Shoe Mart, Rustan's), movies (The Quad), and food. I was not aware of the little chapel, I wish I had known about it. If anyone has a picture to share, I'd love to see it.

Very Happy
Joanna Ac-ac Camba-Colon
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