These are Paete children and they have a dream. Let us help them achieve that dream.

Pictorial: Lando's Visit to Paetech-

News Article -

  • Washington Post OnLine News - Phuong Ly, Staff Writer (March 4, 2004 Issue) - Moving Forward, Giving Back
    U.S. Immigrants Become Homeland Philanthropists
    - features Alay Computer Donor Professor Angel De Dios.


This website is dedicated to the Batang Paete!

It features the great story of success of the Alay Computer Project - Paete Model.

Trace the successful path from the project proposal to the physical computers now plugged at Paete Central, Quinale, and Ibaba Elementary Schools. It includes the beneficiaries, benefactors, and implementors - the three main actors that played a key role in this project. An appreciation corner is included to feature letters/speeches of thanks for this initial success.

More importantly, it includes a vision section to suggest the emerging direction to where the project might go from hereon.

Please continue to support us till the full realization of the goals of this Project for the children and people of our beloved Paete.

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