View the beneficiaries in a movie. These young boys and girls of the newly formed Young Paetech sung "Beyond Tomorrow" as re-lyrics by Pres. Raul Roque. Click here. Please wait while it downloads.


  Young Paetech Club was created to strengthen the gains achieved and to honor Paetenians who wholeheartedly contributed their resources for this project.  


Donations from these people are responsible for the successful completion of the initial phase of the project



To a Young Paetech hearing his vocation
"From a whisper's tap,
Softly, you will hear,
Young's eager heed to a call,
Early the joys of giving,
Life began a seedling,
God would bless."
From a song, "Beyond Tomorrow"
Re-lyrics by Raul C. Roque

There are varied meanings of 'tap'. One is to tap you as chosen. Another is to tap your shoulder to awaken you or get your attention. This is vocation which is giving of yourself.
To give a good is to be generous with our young life that can serve. From a seedling, time will come that a hundredfold fruits and flowers will spring. Now is the time to heed that call of giving. There is a joy in it. This is a joy of a Young Paetech boy or girl. God will bless it. Are you hearing it?
To give a good in our case is to study very well. We can start as early as now.

To a Teacher training a Young Paetech
"In a mentor's mind,
Softly, she would train,

An eager child to his time,
Drawn from the joys of teaching,
Lab is where together,
They would play..."

To a Young Paetech, a student
"Study, the book of lessons
Shared to all we knew
Is heavenward!
Slowly, the quest for knowledge,
Brought by lab we knew
Would ever bloom!"

To a Teacher training a Young Paetech
"Softly, she would train,

Lab is where together,
They would play . . ."
By its root, education means to draw from or elicit from; shall we say elicit from a child his potentials to be decisively shaped for his future.
Culture is the total development of a child's body and soul, from his physical to ethical, through intellectual and moral efforts aiming to perfect oneself and his work, then shared.
Culture is in between his spiritual side and material. If culture is practised, he is pulled upwards towards, the spiritual; if not practised, he is pulled downwards, the material.

The Way: 344. Teacher, your keenness to know and practice the best method of helping your students to acquire earthly knowledge is undeniable. But don't forget that you must have the same keenness to know and practise the Christian spiritual life, which is the only method of helping them and you to be better. St. Josemaria


The Computer, a Now Technology
"We have learned the tech
As we browsed along.
Study the book of lessons."

One perceives the power of human intelligence to subdue the world, which is what technology means, which rises to the challenge by ever new techniques of recycling the incalculable resources of the material universe.
We use a computer as new technique in our study.

A Young Paetech, a Child of God
"Life began a seedling,
God would bless."
"Is heavenward!"
A child is educated if he is a citizen whose paramount concern is the common good.

The Way 335: An hour of study, for a modern apostle, is an hour of prayer. St. Josemaria
The Way: 333 Study. Obedience: not many things, but well.
Study. Study in earnest. If you are to be salt and light, you need knowledge, ability.

The Way 350: It's not enough to be learned, in addition to being a good Christian. If you don't correct the brusqueness of your character, if you make your zeal and your knowledge incompatible with good manners. I can't see you ever becoming a saint . And despite your learning--- because of it--- you should be tied in a stall, like a mule.


A Young Paetech: share and return
this gift.
"What the firsts have shown,
As we stood to grow,
Cascade this song of the sky,

"Return this gift to the rest
Study, the book of lessons
Shared to all we knew."

Sharing is the overflow of good. Return what we have received to the community we love.


A Young Paetech prays
Is heavenward!

The Way 359: Add a supernatural motive to your ordinary work, and you will have sanctified it.

First, we are a child of God. As St. Josemaria advised, as children need not fear being laughed at when imitating great men. What a wonderful thing to be a child if he would ask a favor. It is enough for him to be a child of So-and-so not backed by any qualifications. A child who knocks at a door, knocks once and again, and many times……. and loud and long. And the anger of whoever comes to open is dispelled by the simplicity of the disturbing little creature. So you with God.


Angel Cagandahan de Dios, Ph D
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Georgetown University
37th and O Sts., NW
Washington, DC 20057
202 687 0670

He believes on giving back to the community. He was one of the first donors and contributed $10,000 and pledged another $5,000 for this project.

Mady Madrinan Rivera handing over the US$2,000 donation of the Auxiliary to the Association of Philippine Physicians in America to PAETEch representative, Ka Noel Cadayona
PI Canada Vice Chairman, Jun Adea and Chairperson Thelma Mendoza Jucaban presenting the PI-Canada's pledge to donate the net proceeds of the 20th Anniversary Dinner Dance to the AlayComputer:
Mody and Mady Madrinan Rivera handing over their donation to Ka Noel Cadayona
    Other Donors include: Jun and Gloria Caguin, Bheng Balandra Chiasson, Fely Baldemor Dresler, Francis and Terry Africano Bartolome, Phil and Sonia Adea Paelmo, Tina Rivera, Lilly Quesada, Catalino Valdellon, Luis & Elena De los Reyes,Dalen and Felisa Pascual, Hermie and Melicen Fadul.

    The original constributors include: 1 Professor Angel de Dios, Virginia, USA2. Tony Basa, Tokyo, Japan3. Anonymous 14. Rey Carolino. Toronto, Canada5. Ermie and Millicent Fadul. CT, USA6. Marie Chris Manuel, Houston, USA7. Ampy Tiongco, CA, USA8. Anonymous 29. Fred & Cora Cagayat, NY, USA10. Miichael & Goya Villarin, Philippines11. Ruben G. Cagayat, Indonesia12. Ramon and Marietta Abary, PA, USA13. Noli Cagayat Valdellon, NY, USA14. PI - UAE Chapter. United Arab Emirates15. Anonymous 316. Joy and Jay C. Guivencan, Philippines

Shayne Afunggol Basa (Bagongahasa) is such an inspired believer of Alay Computer Project. She is the youngest daughter of Paye (of talipapa ) and Lilibeth (of Ermita) Basa (Bagongahasa).

Ampy Cagayat Tiongco
Joven Ortiz
Ted Boessi
Sonia Adea Paelmo
Tom Madridejos
Letty Madridejos
Terry Africano Bartolome
JR Cadawas
Primo Basa
Mark Cadawas
Nemy Diaz
Ming Cadawas
Maddy Madrinan Rivera
Elena Emauson
Ema Paygane
Ed Paraiso
Maria Navarro
Ver & Minda Madrinan
Gi Navarro
Gloria Basa Caguin
     For a complete listing of the donors during Ka Noel's trip to the US please click here


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