Alleluiah! Let us pay tribute to the many Paetenians and Paetech Staff responsible for the success of the Alay Computer Projects. Without them, the project would have not taken off.
Paetech Staff/supporters at work:
1 Anne Lan wrote a letter to those persons whom Ka Noel had invited to meet the first time to frame the organization for an Alay Computer sa Batang Paete project.
2 Anne Lan: she had the final cause/ final motive of how to go about the Alay Computer. Hers is the first in intention but the last in execution. Without this, there is no substantial Alay. She was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Paetenian Alliance for Education and Technology, Inc. or simply Paetech.

3 Paetech's vision: to introduce computers to elementary pupils as a learning tool.

4 Through Ka Noel, Paetenian International Chicago Midwest Chapter c/o President Joven Ortiz lent Paetech a sum for SEC registration purpose.

5 Orven registered Paetech with the SEC.

6 Vero, the Vice President for Finance, filed Paetech with the BIR.

7 Angel de Dios, through Give2Asia, donated a big sum to Paetech. This is a material cause without which Paetech could not start procuring the initial up-to-date brand new computers sufficient for a decent learning computer lab. Immeasurable and unprecedented, Angel's generosity is!

8 Sister Maria Salome Umale donated, and to top it all it came from a nun!

9 Suddenly, our treasurer noted a dollar deposit in Paetech's passbook. Ruben Cagayat, who is in Indonesia, was the donor. Ruben, a musician, is known to the Paetenian circles as: whenever there is a worthy project, Ruben gives.

10Puloy is the Chairman of Fundraising. She raised the first fund sponsored by Paetech through a joyous bingo.

11 Saida is a fundraiser, too. She belongs to the so called 'Tres Marias' with Puloy and Vero.

12 When the first computer arrived, Noel made the first sketches of the future tables.

13 Jojo, a master carpenter, designed and practically made the wooden tables of the computers using his bare hands.

14 Ross is an I.T. specialist. He helped canvas the first set of computers.

15 Nomer saw the Paete website. He volunteered to repair computers for the school. He networked the computers of the lab.

16 Rey, together with Angel, conceived of computer literacy for the children of Paete. He is web guru.

17Ka Noel was the agent cause who gathered the persons who would be the co-organizers of Paetech. With his organizing talent, there is Paetech. He is a politician, a poet and a Paetech.

18Anne Fiona was the first webmaster of Paetech.

19Lando took over as a webmaster after Anne Fiona. He shall redesign Paetech's website as needed.

20 Through Ateneo Center for Educational Development, elementary teachers trained for a week in the Paete Central lab.

21 Alan is Paetech's Board Secretary.

22 Ramon is Paetech's Executive Secretary.

23 Rogel is a Councilor of Paete. He shall accredit Paetech to the municipal government.

24 LeeQ was the first tutor to teach the teacher trainees during her vacation in Paete.

25 The Federated PTA and Paetech allied to do fundraising.

26 Nel framed the first organization chart and developed a long term plan for Paetech.

27 Connie presented various marketing options for Paetech to fundraise.

28 Tita is Paetech's treasurer.

29 Anne M is Paetech's assistant treasurer.

30 Carmen is the principal of Paete Central Elementary School. She was the pioneer in establishing the first computer lab. In this lab, Paetech regularly holds its workshop. After its morning workshop, Paetech ate indigenous, savory lunch at the Central's canteen.

31 Lily is the principal of Quinale Elementary School.

32 Vicky is the principal of Ibaba Elementary School.

33 This is the unity of will of the Paetech directors and officers. This is the soul of Paetech, the formal cause without which Paetech cannot endure.

34 Carol

Music. A song of praise or joy, especially for Christmas; can be a joyous song of celebration as in an anniversary like Paetech's.
An old round dance often accompanied by singing and laughter.
Foundation. Also Ka Raul, Paetech's president.



Ann Lan kagahastian Candelaria
Board of Directors

Ateneo Center for Educational Development
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108

  Raul Roque
Vice-Chairman and President


Rey Carolino
Paetenian E-Group
Proposal for Alay Computer



Noel Cadayona
Board of Directors
Special Envoy for Paetech Mission
to the USA


Other officers:
Nel Africano

Noel Viray
VP for Administration
Overall PTA President


Vero Adao
VP for Finance and Accting

Constancia Malabanan
VP for Operations
District Supervisor


Ramon Angeles
IES PTA President

Saida Cagandahan Dulay
Ways and Means

Tita Sadsad
PTC President


Carmen Afuang
Paete Central Elementary School

Lily Valdellon
Quinale Elementary School


Vicky Limlengco
Ibaba Elementary School

Puloy Cadayona
Fund Raising



Connie Cagahastian

Zeus Minon

Rey Carolino


Orven Caancan
IT Team Manila

Ross Dalangin

Aland Parungao

All teachers from PES, QES, and IES

PI Chapter Presidents

Municipal Mayor Emo Afurong and Council
    Special mention goes to Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D., current Chairperson of the Ateneo de Manila University’s Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS) who facilitated this training workshop on Media and Technology Applications from May 5 to 10, 2003 at the Computer Laboratory of Paete Elementary School. This workshop which was managed by the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED).
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