July 21 to 23, 2000

at the BINGEMAN'S Campground in
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


July 29, 2000 - And now, feel the beat.. listen to the music.. hear the jokes.. see the actions.. play these Camping 2000 Videos..

July 28, 2000 -  Here is Lee Quesada's Camping story.  Feel free to publish it in any publications.

July 27, 2000 - Camping Pictures from Tom and Jet available at:


July 23, 2000 - Just arrived from the Camping 2000.  There's too many arrivals on July 21 and 22 to mention here so I'll just post their names in the PARTICPANTS list using the GUESTBOOK that Amang Tom and Inang Cia asked them to sign.   I was unable to get my Internet connection working at the campground- so we were unable to setup an Internet CyberTent.  Based on the feedbacks and comments of the Camping participants, I think it was a huge success.   These pictures from Gunnar's digital camera will speak for it:

Pictures for July 21  

Pictures for July 22

Pictures for July 23

More pictures and video footages to follow.

July 20, 2000 - The tourists went for a sightseeing tour of Niagara Falls, Ontario and then went for a Barbecue Party at Ross Navarro's house in Niagara Falls, Ontario where they were joined by the Lord Mayor of Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls Album #1
Niagara Falls Album #2
Niagara Falls Album #3
Pictures from Gunnar
More pictures to follow!

VIDEOS (to follow)

July 20, 2000 - Ver, Minda and Hillary Madrinan arrived from Jersey City. They proceeded directly to the BBQ at Ross Navarro's house in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Samson Bagalso Jr. arrived from California.  Mando Baisas and family arrived from Montreal. They are staying with Jun Paygane.

July 19, 2000 (whole day)- We went to the Martyr's Shrine in Midland, Ontario (1 1/2 hour drive), had picnic there.  Then we went to the town deck of Midland and caught the 2:00 PM 30,000 Islands Boat cruise by just a hairline.  After the 3 1/2 hour cruise, we drove to Conrad and Cristy Caiyod's place in Richmond Hill for Dinner

Midland Tour Album #1
Midland Tour Album #2
Midland Tour Album #3
Midland Tour Album #4

Videos: (to follow)

July 19, 2000 - Arrivals for today include: Fely Casilag and family from Switzerland and Lina Casilag's children. They are staying with Fely's sister, Benny Casilag.   Abel and Meden Madrinan arrived from Florida and are staying with a friend.  Aurelia Pascual with two daughers, Dalen and Felisa Pascual arrived from New York and are staying with Tess Madrinan.

July 18, 2000 (whole day)- Rey Carolino, Lee Quesada, Conrad Caiyod, Cristy Caiyod and their children Connie, Christopher were the Tour Guides for Saida and Ronnie, Jet and Tom, Jake, Vero and Gillie Anne, Mandy, Zeny and friends, Tom and Cia Altamero, Gunnar and Elena Emausson.   They started at the Casa Loma.  Then they droved to Eatons Center in downtown and had lunch in the Fastfood center.  They then started a walkathon at the underground shopping strip from Eatons Center all the way to the CN Tower/Skydome.   They ended up at the CN Tower and had a fun time at the Observation Deck. After the City Tour, they went to Jun and Sol Paygane's residence for a delicious dinner and some karaoke practice sessions. Here are some pictures/vide footages:

City Tour Album #1
City Tour Album #2
City Tour Album #3

Video Footage:
Video Footage #1
Video Footage #2
Video Footage #3

July 18, 2000 (Afternoon)- Ramon "Monching" Abary, President of the Paetenians International NorthEast Chapter, arrived with his wife.  They drove from Pennsylvania and are staying in a hotel at Yonge street.  They will be joining the Midland tour tomorrow.

July 18, 2000 - The wife of Mayor Cadayona arrived from New York.

July 17, 2000 (11:30 PM)- Susan "Jet" Caguin and Tom arrived at the Pearson Airport from California. They were met by Rey Carolino and are staying at Conrad's place in Richmond Hill.

July 17, 2000 (10:45 PM)- Mandy Adea and his 3 friends arrived at the Welcome Dinner from Montreal surviving a "tornado-like" thunderstorm along the way.

July 17, 2000 (Evening) -   Welcome Dinner celebration at Arnie and Loyd Quesada's House. These pictures and video footages tell it all:
Welcome Dinner Album #1
Welcome Dinner Album #2
Welcome Dinner Album #3
Welcome Dinner Album (Gunnar's pictures) #4

Welcome Dinner Video Footage #1
Welcome Dinner Video Footage #2
Welcome Dinner Video Footage #3
Welcome Dinner Video Footage #4
Welcome Dinner Video Footage #5
Welcome Dinner Video Footage #6

July 17, 2000 (Afternoon)- Tom and Cia Altamero arrived at the Travelodge Hotel in Mississauga after spending the night in Windsor, Ontario.  Saida Cagandahan Dulay and Ronnie Dulay arrived at the Union Station in downtown Toronto from Montreal.  They were picked up at the station by Rey Carolino and brought to Lee Quesada's flat in downtown for a transit stay. Jake and Vero Adao with their youngest daughter, Gillie Anne, arrived at the Pearson Airport from Paete. They were met at the Airport by Conrad Caiyod.

July 15, 2000 (8:30 PM)- Mandy Adea with three friends in tow arrived at the Pearson International Airport from California.   Jun Adea met them at the airport and they had dinner at Jun and Luchie's house in Mississauga.   They are currently staying in the house of one of their friends in Etobicoke.  They will drive to Montreal and Quebec City on Sunday morning and will return to Toronto on Monday in time for the Welcome Dinner.

July 15, 2000- Nena Delos Reyes Madridejos arrived from Colorado to visit her daughter Etay Madridejos.   She is staying with Etay in Scarborough.

July 14, 2000 (11 PM)- Saida Cagandahan Dulay arrived in Montreal with her husband Ronnie Dulay. Saida flew from Manila while Ronnie flew from Saudi Arabia.  They are staying at the Travelodge Hotel in Montreal until Monday. They will take a train ride from Montreal to Toronto to join us for the Welcome Dinner.

July 14, 2000 (10  PM)- Mayor Emmanuel Cadayona arrived at the Pearson Airport direct from Paete. He was fetched at the airport by his buddy, Ronnie Cadawas, and is staying at Ronnie's Scarborough residence. 

July 13, 2000 (3:40 PM)Gunnar Emausson and Elena Cagahastian Emausson arrived at the Pearson International Airport in Toronto after a 7-hour flight from Paris, France.  Their first stop-over is the Chinatown at Spadina looking for a voltage transformer.   WELCOME to TORONTO, Gunnar and Elena!  You hold the distinction of being our FIRST out-of-town visitors for the Camping 2000.  They are staying at the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Toronto.