An invitation from Marra and Paul Balan
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#1: An invitation from Marra and Paul Balan Author: Cel Adao Gonzales PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:47 pm
For those who live in the midwest and has free time this coming weekend, please check out the Filipino Artists Exhibit (details listed below). Two of the four artists exhibiting their artworks are Paetenians-Paul Cainto Balan and JR Cadawas.

Congratulations to both of you.

Cecilia Adao Gonzales
Mount Prospect IL

The Filipino American National Historical Society-Wisconsin Chapter

You are cordially invited to the

"Filipino Artists Exhibit" in commemoration of

The 111th Philippine Independence Day Celebration

at The Grand Avenue Mall, Downtown Milwaukee, 2nd floor, Center Mall on Saturday, June 13 from 10am-4 pm (Opening ceremony at 10:00 am) and on Sunday, June 14 from 10am to 3 pm

Please come and visit with these celebrated and spectacular artists:

Paul Cainto Balan: A painter and three dimensional sculptor who uses personal experiences to create his art.

Tita Recometa-Brady: “Painting in the round” creates a unique architectural statement influenced by the sun and its stability and sustenance of life.

JR Cadawas: An international award-winning sculptor and carver. He has had many commissioned works in Europe and national landmarks in the Philippines.

Laura Mcglone: A freelance photographer whose unique perspective in human diversity includes focusing on breathtaking shots of exotic landscapes, the natural continuum of people’s live and the interconnection with nature.

Guests of Honor: Senator Leland Yee, Senator Alberta Darling , and Mayor Tom Barrett

Come celebrate with us,

Come shop the Grand Avenue Mall and downtown Milwaukee,

Come see The City of Festivals!

Sponsors: Chu Hai Grocery Store, The Asian Mart, The Office of Attorney Sharon Davison, Rhino Grocery Store and Cardinal Strich University. With Special thanks to Erica E. Anderson, Director of Marketing and Ralph Peterman, Vice President of The Shops of Grand Avenue.

USAP PAETE -> Paete - Carving Capital Forum

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