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Calabig Family Tree 2017 Update

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:35 pm    Post subject: Calabig Family Tree 2017 Update Reply with quote


The Calabig clan's oldest recorded names were that of Mariano Calabig, c1805 and Maria Caday. Previous Family Tree showed three Calabig siblings as the oldest but their parents' names were found in Usap Paete's Family Tree.
Mariano and Maria Calabig had 5 children, not just three.
I am requesting relatives who wants to send corrections or updates to email me or send it to Usap Paete. To see the previous Calabig Family Tree, go to Usap Paete, Family Tree, page 5 or go to
Sofronio C. Navarro (

Mariano Calabig c1805 and wife Maria Caday
Their children were:
Branch 1. Juan C. Calabig c1830
Branch 2. Pablo C. Calabig c1835
Branch 3. Pedro C. Calabig c1840
Branch 4. Bienvenida C. Calabig
Branch 5. Cipriana C. Calabig, 1857, no other record found.

1. JUAN C. CALABIG, husband of Dionisia Navarro.
Their children were: (Cool
IA. Leoncia N. Calabig, 1855, no other records.
IB. Simona N. Calabig, 1858, no other records.
IC. Benedicta N. Calabig, 1860, no other records.
ID. Gregoria N. Calabig, 1865, no other records.
IE. Rufino N, Calabig, 1866
IF. Maria N. Calabig, 1870, no other records.
IH. Maximino N. Calabig, 1874, no other records.

II . Luisa N. Calabig, 1878. no other records.

IE. Rufino N. Calabig's first wife was Bonifacia Agbada. Their
children were:(4)
IE1. Victoriano A. Calabig, 1891 , no other records.
IE2. Luciano A. Calabig, 1899, no other records.
IE3. Maria A. Calabig, 1893. no other records.
IE4. Pablo A. Calabig, 1897, no other records.

Rufino N. Calabig's second wife was Victoria Madrinan. Her parents were Isabelo Madrinan and Cipriana Madridejos. Their children (Cool:
IE5. Dionisio (Doni) M. Calabig, 1903. His wife was Escolastica
Their children were: Celso D. Calabig, 1925 and Nadia D. Calabig.
IE6. Francisca M. Calabig, 1906
IE7. Ladislawa (Lawa) M. Calabig, 1909. She was the wife of Jose
Paraiso of Lumban, Laguna.
Their children: Lourdes C. Paraiso, Leoncio C. Paraiso,
Leonardo C. Paraiso and Jose (Pepe)C. Paraiso, Jr., husband
of Julieta (Dita) Paelmo. Jose, Jr. and Julieta's children:
Aurelio, Paulo, Roque, Matthew, Corazon, Julia, Juan and
Joel Laurence P. Paraiso.
IE8. Gertrudes M. Calabig wife of Jose Cainto.
Their children: Marina , Renato, Joselito and Roberto Cainto.
IE9. Bonfacio (Pacio) M. Calabig, 1911, husband of Remedios
Bagongahasa. Their children: Alejandro (Dante), Gloria and
Paz Calabig.
IE10. Juanito (Nito) M. Calabig ,1915, husband of Mauricia
(Muring) Adea. Son: Manuel (Boy) Calabig.
IE11. Edilberto M. Calabig ,1917, no other records.
IE12. Matilda M. Calabig ,1920, no other records.

2. PABLO C. CALABIG, c1835, husband of Josefa Adea. Her
parents were Luciano Adea and Benedicta Africano.
Their children: (4)
2A. Felipe A. Calabig, 1863, was mayor of Paete.
Felipe's first wife was Antonia Baldemor. Their children (3):
2A1. JOSEFA B. Calabig, 1890, wife of Pedro Cadayona. Their
children were:
2A1a. ) Teodora C. Cadayona, wife of Jose Afurong. Their
children: Fred and Pat Afurong.
2A1b. Candido C. Cadayona, husband of Olympia Baisas.
Their children:
Nilda B. Cadayona, Efren and Ernesto B. Cadayona,
2A1c. Rosario C. Cadayona, wife of German Baldemor.

2A2. PEDRO B. CALABIG, 1894, husband of Felisa Paz of Pililia,
Their children:
2A2a. Hilario, 1919.
2A2b. Florentina, 1923.
2A2c. Dr. Cornelio (Cune) P. Calabig, was mayor of Paete
and husband of Charito Gomez of Pagsanjan.
Their children: Maria Rita, Cornelio Jr., Jocelyn and
John Diego.
2A2d. Atty. Juan P. Calabig, husband of Ofelia Bagabaldo.
Their children: Norma, Edgardo, Nona, Angelita
2A2e. Dr. Rosendo (Sendo) P. Calabig, husband of Clarita
Singson. Their children: Annalyn and Joseph
2A3. JUANA B. CALABIG, 1898, no other record.

Felipe's second wife was Gregoria Dans. Their daughter was:
2B2. Maria Dolores (Loleng) D. Calabig, 1909, poetess
and author and wife of Angel Aca.
Their children were: Maura, Justino, Rogelio, Angel
Jr., Cesar and Oscar Aca.

Felipe's third wife was Severina Madriguerra. Their daughter was
Maria (Maring) Calabig Absin. Maria's children:
Victoria, Demetria and Ernesto.

Mateo's first wife was Arcadia Valdellon. Their children were
2B1. Paula V. Calabig, 1887.
2B2. Lorenzo V. Calabig, 1890, husband of Maura Dalangin. Their
2B2a. Sotero D. Calabig, 1913
2B2b. Maura D. Calabig, 1915
2B2c. Miguel D. Calabig, 1917, husband of Felicitas
Their children: Gregorio, Felimon, Sigfredo Calabig.
2B2d. Andres D. Calabig, 1920
2B2e. Filemon D. Calabig, 1927
2B2f. Francisca D. Calabig, 1924

Mateo's second wife was Antonia Cadapan. Their children:
2B2g. Ana C. Calabig, 1903
2B2h. Crispina C. Calabig, 1905
2B2i. Delfin C. Calabig, 1899.

2C. JOVITA A. CALABIG, 1866, single.
2D. FRANCISCO A. CALABIG, 1868, husband of Maria Balandra.
Daughter: Rosario B. Calabig, wife of Brigido Dailo.

3. PEDRO C. CALABIG, c1840.
Pedro's first wife Estefana Aca. Their children:
2A1. Ramona A. Calabig, 1871.
2A2. Catalina A. Calabig, 1874.
2A3. Catalina A. Calabig, 1877, was the wife of Gregorio Acyatin.
Children: Juana Acyatin, Tecla Acyatin, Albina Acyatin,
Telesforo Acyatin, Petra Acyatin.
Petra Acyatin was the wife of Antonio Agravia.
(See the Agravia Family Tree, Usap Paete, Family
Tree or go to

Pedro's second wife was Fernanda Asido. Their son was
2A4. Fermin A. Calabig, 1880.
Fermin's first wife was Gleceria (Sergia) Cadornigara. Their
2A4a. Marta C. Calabig, 1908, wife of Rito A. Navarro.
Their children: Flora, Emeteria, Juliana, Pedro,
Dominador, Maria Carmen, Sofronio
andTeodoro Navarro.
(See the Navarro-Calabig 2017 Update, Family Tree ,
UsapPaete, Family Tree, page 7 or go to
2A4b. Trinidad C. Calabig, 1910. Her daughter was
Antonia Calabig. Antonia was the wife of
Esmeraldo Rebong of Victoria, Laguna.
Their children: Nestor, husband of Mitos
Cadayona ( son Micmic and ?) Joselyn, Heidi,
Abner, Willie, Gigi and Jojo.

2A4c. Lauriano (Maning) C. Calabig, 1912, husband of
Remedios Ac-ac Calabig (his second wife).
Daughter: Felicidad A. Calabig (1941-2015), was
the wife of Cesar N. Paelmo. Their children:
2A4c1. Eugene C. Paelmo , husband of Mary Amon
of Cavite.
Their children: Emmanuel, Mary John and
Joshua Paelmo.
2A4c2. Lawrence C.Paelmo of Michigan. US.
2A4d. Alberto C. Calabig, 1914-20__, bachelor.

Fermin's second wife was Felipa Madridejos. Their daughter
2A4e. Ponciana M. Calabig, the mother of Efren Bautista.


Bienvenidad C. Calabig, wife of Agustin Afuang.
Their children were: (3)
4A. Ignacio C. Afuang, (Ignang Kalamay) husband of
Segunda Bagabaldo. Their children were: (5)
4A1 Nena B. Afuang, wife of Mariano Bago (Marianong
Balayan).Their son:
4A1a. Rufino A. Bago,
4A2. Rufina B. Afuang, wife of Francisco Cadapan (Iscong
Patot). Their children: (2)
4A2a. Eliodoro A. Cadapan
4A2b. Cristina A. Cadapan, wife of Nicandro C.Navarro.

4A3. Julian B. Afuang, husband of Susana (Saning) Dailo,
daughter of Demetria Valdespina and Igmedio
Dailo. Their children: ( 8 )
4A3a. Generosa D. Afuang
4A3b. Agustin D. Afuang (Gusting)
4A3c. Romualdo D. Afuang (Manding)
4A3d. Marcelo D. Afuang
4A3e. Simeon D. Afuang
4A3f. Marcelino D. Afuang
4A3g. Virgilio D. Afuang (Ver)
4A3h. Catalina D. Afuang,

4A4. Sofia B. Afuang, (Piya), wife of Bonifacio Afunggol
(Pacio), son of Pelagia Dalagan and Gabriel Afunggol.
Their children: ( 9 )
4A4a. Silvestre A. Afunggol
4A4b. Bonifacio A. Afunggol Jr.
4A4c. Anita A. Afunggol
4A4d. Elvira A. Afunggol (Elvie), wife of Conrado Villarin
4A4e. Gonzalo A. Afunggol
4A4f. Manuel A. Afunggol (Ming)
4A4g. Magdalena A. Afunggol
4A4h. Juana A. Afunggol
4A4i. Elino A. Afunggol

4A5. Fabio B. Afuang, wife of Julita Jose, daughter Ireneo
Jose of Mabalacat. Their children: (6)
4A5a. Marley J. Afuang,
4A5b. Rogelio J. Afuang,
4A5c. Tessie J. Afuang,
4A5d. Veronica Afuang,
4A5e. Miguel Afuang,
4A5f. Alex Afuang,

4B. Maria C. Afuang, died young.
4C. Juana C. Afuang, died young.
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