About Paetearticle written by Marie C. Pruden describing the town of Paete, Laguna.

FRED BALDEMOR'S SAN LORENZO RUIZ STATUE GOES TO NEW YORK- article written by Benjamin Afuang about Fred Baldmor's donation of the statue of San Lorenzo Ruiz to the St. Patrick Cathedral in New York on September 16, 2001.

Freedom at Dawn -  a true story of how Filipino guerrillas, in a joint liberation campaign with the US 11th Airborne Division rescued all the 2,146 American and allied POWs safely on February 23, 1945 in Los Baños, Laguna [Luzon], that earned the commendation of Gen. Douglas MacArthur as narrated by Colonel Frank B. Quesada, USA, Ret. (Date added: December 19,2000)

PAETE- by Eugenio C. Quesadaan informal narration of the life and labors, joys and sufferings of the people of Paete, Laguna, Philippines. Published in 1956.

Tayangtang ni Karyong Badoan anatomy of a famous bench and its journey into cyberspace. Written by Connie Cagahastian.

Paumanhin sa Bayan kong Mahal - a  poem written by Aurea Rocamora Peregil of Missisauga, Ontario, Canada.

Ver Navarro's Poems - a   collection of poems composed by Virgilio "Ver" Navarro of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Halina Katoto, Magmirindal kita - a poem written by Manny Pagalanan, editor-in-chief of Ayukod..

Dama Ko-Dama Mo-Dama Natin - a poem written last October 1, 1999 by Simeon "Somy" Asido during his trip to Los Angeles, California.

Maytoong - a poem written in April, 1999 by Simeon "Somy" Asido about his barrio in Paete, Laguna.

Small Town, Big Business - an article about Sinagtala Acupan, proprietress of Alfredo Woodcrafts written by Junjie Echevarria.

Ako'y Taga Paete -a very touching poem written by the late Cesar Cajumban.

Paete On My Mind -article written by Marie Cagahastian Castillo-Pruden for the July 1994   Paetenians International Northern California's 10th Anniversary souvenir program.

The Paete Phenomenon: Two Weeks Before Curtain Call -article written by Bertrand Melendez Quesada in the May 1, 1991 Leisure Section of the Business Star.

Roots planted firmly on Paete soil -an essay written by Bertrand Melendez Quesada for the 1997 Souvenir Program of the Paetenians International Canada Chapter Souvenir Program.

Paete: The Once and Future Village - the eleventh of twelve essays commissioned by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company to promote a better understanding of the Filipinos by visiting the villages that foster their society written by Juan Quesada, Jr.

Lanzones - article written by Ver Madriñan, editor of the Paetenians International Newsletter, last February, 1999.

Paetenians International Newsletter- November/December 1998 Issue - the November/December 1998 edition of the PAETENIANS INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER.

Casile Ambush - article written by Sancho Madridejos narrating an event that happened during World War II in Paete, Laguna .

Manuel Baldemor-Maginoong Anak ng Paete - article written by Cornelio Africano.

Tilamsik ng Diwa - Part 1 - article written by Cornelio Africano-tugon sa mga tula't obra ni Manuel Baldemor.

Tilamsik ng Diwa - Part 2 - article written by Cornelio Africano-tugon sa mga tula't obra ni Manuel Baldemor.

Paete Memorabilia 2004 - a book consisting of 400 pages published in conjunction with the Balik Paete celebration in December 2004.

Tulang Handog Para Kay Aurel "Batang Patio" - a poem composed by Fred Cagayat and read by Mam Amor Kagahastian during Aurel's funeral on May 16 2006

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