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Mahal Kong Kababayan:



Maligayang Bati sa Inyo! Perhaps I need not introduce myself anymore. You know me well as one who has long been involved in many projects of utmost importance and significance that were aimed at promoting, enhancing and preserving our rich cultural heritage. I likewise need not enumerate them. My book, PAETE: BAYANG MASINING, BAYANG PINOY, attests to them. What I need to mention perhaps is what my involvement did to me. It made my life more meaningful and significant. I had immense joy in doing my share that contributed to their success. I was unfazed with the sacrifices and difficulties I had encountered for I knew that what I was doing is for the honor and glory of our beloved PAETE.


            I am now a retired Senior Citizen but my passion to do more for her seems unabated. I still have three long-cherished dreams for her to fulfill – dreams that are shared by several of our kababayans who like me have also the same concerns for Paete. We have tarried long enough that I feel time is running short for us. On my own I have taken the initial bold step to take the lead in making at least one of the dreams a reality. We take so much pride in telling our friends that our town is  BAYAN NG MGA DIOS-DIOSAN - the cradle of great and creative artists. But we are silenced and often times embarrassed whenever they ask us where they can find samples of their work, for we do not have a place to show them. I thus take upon myself the task of putting up a center for the arts in Paete – THE PAETE CULTURAL CENTER.


            I consulted my friends who are experts on the matter and based on their suggestions I made a thorough study on how to fulfill the dream. I would like to share with you the highlights of this study in the annexes.  I have shown and discussed it with people who could best help me in this project. Manny Baldemor enjoined me to pursue the project to its completion with his assurance of full support. Amang Vicente Afurong volunteered to do the final draft of the building plans and to supervise its eventual construction. Amama Ambo Africano would persuade the members of Banda 69 to render free labor to lessen its cost. Raul Roque would harness the assistance of PAETECH and Mayor Emmanuel B. Cadayona the resources of the municipal government. The project seems enormous and ambitious, but nothing can prevent us from accomplishing it as long as we are all determined to work together and give our share.


            Several of my friends, who are with me in this project, have warned me on the possible adverse comments that would be hurled on me and the project, but I am more encouraged to go on with it with Mike Paelmo’s compliment: “Maraming Salamat sa iyo, Nel, sa pagkukusa mong pasimulan ang mahalagang proyektong ito para sa Paete. Hindi biro-biro ito, ngunit sino pa ang kikilos at gagawa nito kundi tayong mga anak niya na higit na pinagpala kaysa iba


            I invite you then to join me in this undertaking. MAKE MY DREAM YOUR DREAM- OUR DREAM. Together let us build the CENTER – a tribute to our artists, a memorial to our forebears, a showplace of our rich cultural heritage, a training venue for our promising artists and a thanksgiving offering to our LORD for His greater honor and glory. Let the Center be our LEGACY to PAETE.










                                                                                                                                                Annex A





I.          Project                         :           PAETE CULTURAL CENTER


II.         Location                       :           Sitio BUKOL, QUINALE, PAETE, LAGUNA

                                                            (opposite the Catholic Cemetery)


III.       Lot Area                      :           396 square meters with assessed market value of

                                                            P 800,000 (my exclusive property which I pledge to donate

                                                            to the project)  


IV.       Buildings                       :           A two storey concrete edifice with floor dimension of

                                                            16 x 12 meters; 192 square meters per floor or total floor

                                                            area of 384 square meters and  an adjacent quarters for

guest artist-in-residence with a floor dimension of 6 x 4 meters or a floor area of 24 square meters

V.                 Main Features:


A.     Ground Floor:


            1. Reception Hall                      -           36 square meters


            2. Museum Hall                        -           66        “          


            3. Library/Audio-Visual Room 30        “


            4. Office Room                         -           27        “


            5. Others                                  -           33        “


            Total                                        -         192 square meters


B.     Second Floor:


            1. Multi-Purpose Hall               -           96 Square meters


            2. Training Room # 1                -           25        “


            3. Training Room # 2                -           20        “


            4. Others                                  -           51        “


            Total                                        -          192 square meters



VI        Estimated Cost:


A.     Building :


            Ground Floor               -           P 2,000,000

            Second Floor               -               1,500,000

                        Total                -                                   P 3,.500,000


B. Equipment/Facilities  -                                       1, 500,000


C. Adjacent Quarters               -                                           240,000


             Total                                                               P 5, 240,000 ($ 97,000 )


D. Lot  ( my donation ) -                                   P     800,000


            Grand Total                  -                                   P  6,040,000



VII       Sources of Funds:


                        A. Paetenian Donations -           P 2, 620,000

                        B. Institutions/Others                -              2, 620,000


                        Grand Total                                                                  P 5,240,000



VIII.         Management:


            A. Policy Making Body:  The Board of Directors of Paete Cultural Center Foundation,                   Incorporated.



Prospective Members:


Cornelio T. Africano                                   Manuel D. Baldemor

Raul C. Roque                                            Wilfredo S. Baldemor

Emmanuel B. Cadayona                              Frank G. Rivera, Jr

Vicente C. Afurong                                     Flora-Lou C. Cadawas,

Pablo B. Africano                                       Michael N. Paelmo

Teresita Obial-Aquino                                Maria Rita G. Afurong

                              Imelda Cajipe-Endaya



B. Executive Body: Officers of the Foundation -  to be elected from the members of the

    Board of Directors (President, First Vice-President for Finance, 2nd Vice-President

    for Maintenance & Security, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor)


                                                                                                                                    Annex B        
Major Factors Considered in the Study:


l.  Lot               -           the  396 square meter lot where I propose to build the center is my      

                                    own property which I pledge to donate to the project. My Auntie,

                                    Nene Africano-Quiratman is also willing to donate an additional 50-

                        100 square meters from her adjacent lot depending on the necessity. The expanded lot (450 sqms.) would then have a total assessed    market value of P 900,000.


2. Building Plans & Construction -


Amang Vicente Afurong, designer and builder of the Exotic Restaurant, has volunteered to prepare the plans for the buildings and supervise their construction. He will also landscape the site to camouflage the unbecoming surroundings with ornamental trees and plants.


3. Sources of Funds -  


                                    a).  Paetenian Donations – any amount of financial support would be most welcomed from any individual person or organization. I would however personally solicit financial support from at least 50  Paetenians who I know would be willing and able to give their generous support to the project. They would be my relatives, friends and former colleagues in various organizations I have been involved with. A minimum donation of $ 1,000 would insure the inclusion of the donor’s name in the inaugural marker of the edifice and his permanent membership in the would-be Paete Cultural Center Foundation, Inc. The donation could be given under the name of an individual person or family as in Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo M. Cagayat & Family;   shared by the siblings as in Serafio Cagayat and Family or by members of an organization as in The Original Knights. The donor can also indicate his preference for the allotment of his donation to any hall or room that will be provided in the edifice. Each hall or room will then have its own roster of donors where their names, especially those whose donation fall short of $1,000, will be indicated.


I am confident that the amount of at least P2,740,000 ($ 50,000) which will cover the cost of the ground floor and the adjacent quarter, would come from the Paetenian Community. We are a

benevolent people who can give generous support for a worthy cause. We have shown this in the way we supported the restoration project of our church and the building of the new convent. Initially all I would need to know is your commitment to help by way of a pledge. You can manifest this in the Paete website or to The mechanics of remittance for your pledges will be made known to you also through these e-mail addresses, as soon as the PAETE CULTURAL CENTER FOUNDATION is incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For transparency, control and legality, all remittances will be coursed to the dollar account of the Foundation and monitored regularly in the website.


                        b.) Other Donations – I would also personally solicit from various friends and/ or institutions here and abroad for the other half of the funds required for the project. This I would do only when I feel there is not much more to expect from our end.


                                    4. Access Road -         the creek bordering the southern perimeter of the lot will be covered                              by a concrete water channel, flattened and cemented to serve as                                                the access road to the center from the national road. This will be                                                undertaken by the Provincial District of the Department of Public                                               Works and Highways through the request and arrangement made by                              our Mayor, Emmanuel B. Cadayona, and finished before the start of



5.  Construction   -     This would start as soon as the pledges accumulate to $ 25, 000  or

                                    P 1,370,000 (50% of the building cost) and are remitted according to schedule.            




                                                                                                                        Annex C






ACTIVITIES                                                                                       DEADLINE



I.          Conceptualization, Consultation / Feasibility Study                                 April  2005


II.         Project Announcement through Paete Website                          May


III.               Funding


A.  Solicitation of Pledges


1. Paetenians                -                                               June

2. Others                      -                                               July


                        B. Remittance of Pledges                                                          August – December


C. Fundraising: Group Show of Select

Artists (EDSA SM Megamall )                                           December


IV.       Incorporation of Paete Cultural Center Foundation                                July


V.        Construction of Access Road                                                                October - December


VI        Construction of the Center                                                                    January – June 


VI.              Solicitation / Gathering of Artworks & Memorabilia

for permanent display in the Center                                                       January - June


VIII.     Inauguration                                                                                          July 22nd











                                                                                                                                    Annex D


Major Contents of the Center as envisioned by the Project Proponent:



I.                    Reception Hall:


1.      Wood Panel of the Historical Chronology of Paete

2.      Woodcarving Mural of the Legend of Paete

3.      Old Baptismal Fount of the Church


II.                 Museum:


1.        Wooden Bust of Mariano B. Madrinan

2.        Wooden Panel Roster of the Pambayang Bayani at mga Magiting na Anak ng Bayan

3.        Wooden Panel Roster of the Outstanding Paetenians:

a.       TOLP Awardees

b.      Balik-Paete Outstanding Living Paetenian Awardees

4.        Wooden Panel Roster of Outstanding Paetenian Artists in Chronological Sequence:

a.        Sculpture                           d.  Literature                             g. Architecture

b.        Painting                              e.   Dance

c.        Music                                f.    Theater & Stage

5.        Permanent Exhibit of  Obra Maestra by Outstanding Artists

6.        Paetenian Memorabilia

7.        Other art works of great significance


III        Library & Audio-Visual Room:


1.      Books and publications about Paete or by  Paetenians

2.      Original manuscripts in music &  literature

3.      Audio-Visual Equipment and Accessories

4.      Documentary Films about Paete

5.      Books, VCD/ Cassette Tape- recordings, magazines, cards  etc. made by Paetenians for Sale


III.               Office: Paete Cultural Center Foundation, Inc.              


IV.              Training Room # 1 –  facilities  for creative writing, painting , culinary art, etc.


V.                 Training Room # 2 – facilities  for music composition & arrangement, instrument playing                                                            

VI.              Multi-Purpose Hall –  facilities for band, dance, stage practices /or rehearsals

                                             -  venue for art exhibitions, contests and civic programs

         -  venue for meetings of civic & cultural groups




                                                                                                                                    Annex E






I.                    Educational and Training Programs:


-           Seminar-Workshops in the Arts

-           Individual or inter-scholastic competitions in the Arts

-           Exhibitions / performances in the Arts

-           Hosting of renowned artists as artists-in- residence at the Center

-           Showing of Classic Films


II.                 Operations and Maintenance Support Programs:


-                     Budgetary Programs (estimated initial annual budget – P600,000)

-                     Entrance fees from Educational tour groups & tourists

-                     Fundraising exhibits/ programs for the Center

-                     Solicitation of regular sponsorship ( Government & Private Institutions)


                                           EARLY PLEDGERS

( $ 1,000 Donors)




          Donors                                                       Honorees


1.         Dr. Danilo T. Dalan                              -                       Dr. Bernardo P.  Dalan & Family


2.         Dr. Jaime D. Tuazon                             -                       Victor C. Tuazon and Family


3.         Dr. Teresita T. Obial-Aquino                -                       Luis C. Obial and Family


4.         Efigenia C. Tuazon                                -                       Buenaventura Tuason and Family


5.         Corazon U. Africano-Man                    -                       Pablo B. Africano and Family


6.         Irene E. Africano-Santangelo                -                       Tomas C. Africano and Family


7.         Alex Africano Eremeyeff                       -                       Vicente C. Africano and Family


8.         Michael N. Paelmo                               _                      Alipio A. Paelmo and Family


9.         Manuel D. Baldemor                            -                       Perfecto S. Baldemor and Family


10.       Wilfredo S. Baldemor                           -                       Sotero Baldemor and Family


11.       Eliodoro C. Cadawas, Jr.                     -                       Elidoro Cadawas, Sr. & Family


12.       Raul C. Roque                                      -                       Amador Roque & Family


13.       Emmanuel B. Cadayona                        -                       Ramon N. Cadayona & Family


14.       Guillermo Q. Baisas                              -                       Mariano B. MadrinanMilian

                                                                                                Baisas & Family

15.       Lily Quesada                                        -                       Eusebio Quesada & Family


I pledge the lot as my donation to honor the Africano Clan:   Matias Africano, our patriarch, Guillermo, my great grand father, Ismael , my grand father, Higino , my father and especially   my brother, Marcelo T. Africano




Artists who have pledged to donate their works for permanent display:



1.         Manuel D. Baldemor                -           painting and sculpture


2.         Fred and Wally Baldemor         -           painting and sculpture


3.         JR (Pingkit) Cadawas               -           sculpture


4.         Felix (Piling) Valdellon  -           Wooden Bust of Mariano Madrinan


5.         Pablo B. Africano                     -           Woodcarving Mural of Paete’s legend


6.         Cornelio T. Africano                 -           my collection of the works of Faustino                                                                                       Caday, Luis Obial, Martin Fadul, Pablo,

                                                                        Marcial  and Marcelo T. Africano and my                                                                                             compilation of original manuscripts of literary

                                                                        and musical compositions.














N.B. The location plan will be posted in the next e-mail.





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