By Lando Malinis

There is no substitute for onsite evaluation of projects. So, I took a time out from our short vacation in the Philippines to visit PAETECH Project last February 6. The visit was arranged by our able President Raul Roque. Luckily, I also met Nel Africano Paetech Director and writer of Paete Bayang Masining, Bayang Pinoy and a strong supporter of this project. He was distributing these books to the three schools. Together with Raul and Nel, we toured Quinale, Ibaba, and Paete Central computers.

Aside from direct support to computer hardware and software, my trip revealed three areas needing support from Paetenians in the Philippines and abroad:

  • Selling of the book "Paete Bayang Masining Bayang Pinoy", authored by Nel Africano. Proceeds will go to the PAETECH Alay Computer Projects;
  • Computer Applications Training CDs for Quinale Elementary School. (If available please contact Lilli Valdellon, Principal Quinale Elementary School); and
  • Support for funds to complete the Ibaba Elementary School Computer Labs. Project has been stopped and needing about 1M Phil Peso. (Contact any Paetech Officer or Victorina Limlengco, Principal Ibaba Elementary School).

Book "Paete Bayang Masining Bayang Pinoy" - aklat tungkol sa mayamang kultura ng bayan ng Paete, Laguna.

The author, Nel Africano.

Nel signing authograph for my copy of the book.

Raul Roque, President PAETECH.

Raul also writing authograph for the book he wrote entitled: Principles of "Pag-uusong" and Songs of PAETECH.

We also visited Noel Cadayona, PAETECH Director.

Lilli Valdellon, principal Ibaba Elementary School with Lando Malinis, Nel Africano, Raul Roque, and Anne Mendoza, Head QES Computer Laboratory.

Computer Lab, Quinale Elementary School.

Nel and Anne touring the lab.

Lilli thank you for that very delicious lunch you gave for us.

Victorina Limlengco, principal Ibaba Elementary School with Raul and Nel. Thank you for that bibingka you gave us for snacks.

School children with teacher session.

It seems children are enjoying the computer training.

Still at Ibaba.

Raul, Vicky, Lando, and Nel.


Ibaba computers are housed at the principal's office.

Here is the unfinished 2-storey building. The computer lab will have to be housed at the second floor because of the flood problem at the school's location. (sometimes chest depth).

Another view.

Raul, Nel, and Vicky infront of the unfinished building.

Here is the unfinished second floor of the Ibaba Computer Lab building.

Entrance to Paete Central.

Paete Central neat road and buildings.

Paete Central computer lab.

Teacher and Paetech Scholar.

The group picture at Paete Central did not turn out good. My apology to the following:
Estelita Sadsad, Paetech Treasurer;
Juvy Alberto, Master Teacher, Paetech Scholar;
Gloria Bagamano, Guidance Coordinator, Paetech Scholar;
Teresita Vitor, Master Teacher, Paetech Scholar;
Alan Parungao, Teacher III, Computer Teacher.


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