Paetenians International

Volume 21    Issue 6

November-December 1998

Editorial Staff

Virgil G. Madriņan [ NJ]
Lita V. Madridejos [ IL]
Penny M. Lampa [ N.CAL]
Tirso A. Baldemor [ S.CAL]
Flora N. Filoteo [OR]
Delia C. Sunga [ONT]
Evan V. Afuang [ PT]
Nel T. Africano [ MM]
Minda E. Madriņan [Proofreader ]
Fred M. Cagayat [Treasurer]
Sonia C. Balandra [ Circulation Mgr.]

83 Grieco Drive,
Jersey City, NJ   07307-3213
United States of America

Tel.: (201) 435-5834


The Newsletter

The Paetenians International, official publication of the organization, is a bimonthly newsletter published by and for Paetenians around the world. One year’s subscription costs $15 (US). To subscribe, send name, address and $15 to the above address. We encourage our readers to give the newsletter as a gift to family and friends. Your comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome. The Editorial Staff reserves the rights to edit, abridge, or return any manuscript sent for publication. If you want unpublished manuscript returned, please send a self-stamped envelope. Thank you.


Jerry Astronimo WA;   Alfonso Caguin CA;    Lauro Dans TX;  Norma Acala Duy BC;  Myrna Mina, CA;    Doming Navarro OR;   Ross Navarro ONT;   Virginia Fadul Sagaysay CA;   Betty Adao Tejada IL; Arsenia Valdecantos PQ;   Nelia Valdellon CA;   Dita Valdellon Vivo CA.

In this issue:

Editorial - by Virgil G. Madriņan, NJ
TOLP (Ten Outstanding Living Paetenians)- by Danny Sulit
If only life can be like a computer
Paetenians Personalities
    Leonor Navarro Cadayona
    Julian Buhay Afurong
A farewell tribute to Laura Villarin - by Arnie D. Quesada, ONT
I remember Laura- by Minda Madriņan, NJ
Birthday Celebrants
A picnic for the future- by Bill Milan Adao, IL
Paetenian Album
Footprints in series- by Sampaguita
Midwest Fiesta '98 - by Bill Milan Adao, IL
Summit '98 (The Personal Side) by Arthur C. Africano, CA
The Dawn of Life- by Mike Caguin, CA
Pasko ni Flora- by Maria Navarro Andaluz, MI
Dalawang bulaklak - by Maria Navarro Anadluz, MI
Paradox of Our Age - by Odon B. Fadul
Holiday Greetings!
A certain smile- by Sampaguita '98
Paetenians in CyberSpace- by Virgil G. Madriņan
Christmas Party '98, NE- by Minda E Madriņan, NJ
Calendar of Events